Blast off!

Well, this is two days in a row.  Maybe I can keep this up–we’ll see.
Job–Last day before the practice test.  The kids are SO unaware.  It took several attempts to prove to the kids that even a wrong answer that get points if they try their hardest.  It’s so hard to do this when these kids are so used to being wrong.  They’re used to doing poorly, they’re used to failing.  They don’t even expect to do well.  I hope the practice does OK.
Fam–Haven’t talked to a soul.  They don’t communicate as much now that they’re spending every waking minute working on getting their house and the office back in order.  C spends all his time studying–he’s probably getting ready for finals right now.
Friends–ordering bridesmaid dresses for e’s wedding right now.  We’re going to look HOT!  I’m really looking forward to the bachlorette party.  We’re going to go to the horse races and wear big hats and drink mint juleps.  Yay!  Other than that.  Nothing new.
Good Lord–i’m apparently totally out of the loop because I just found out that Nick and Jessica have split.  I’m so upset!  I know it’s ridiculous, but I loved that couple and they reminded me a lot of my husband and I when we first got married.  Of course we weren’t followed around by the paparatzi and my stupid friend never moved into our house (I don’t have any stupid friends).  Well, que sera!  I wish them both the best of luck in that stupid town.

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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