Holiday Craze

Well, it’s Sunday and I’m now finished with all the obligatory holiday crap.  Hub and I are going to go X-mas shopping today and hopefully we’ll finish with that too. 
Job–we’ll my job doesn’t have much on the weekends, but I was supposed to go to a baby shower for one of my students who’s pregnant.  Like a dolt, however, I left the address at work and couldn’t remember it.  SO, I never made it.  I guess I’ll drop off my gift on Monday after I get the address.
Hub’s work had two x-mas parties this weekend.  Base-wide on Friday and wing on sat.  The friday one was fancy-fancy and cost $50/head.  The food was good, but there wasn’t any dancing, so it wasn’t really my thing.  The wing one was more casual with a buffet and dancing.  More my style.  I also won $100 in some game.  I’ve decided to do something frivolous with it, but I don’t know what yet.  Maybe I’ll buy a ridiculously expensive purse.
Fam–not much
Friends–K of Covington found out that her blood clot may have been caused by a genetic mutation–the same thing that made her brother have five kidney stones in the last year.  Her doctor’s running tests to find out.   Luckily, it can be remedied by taking vitamin supplements.
K of Tuscon got to shoot the gun on her airplane.  She’s thrilled.  
Baby name wizard–one of my favorite websites–is doing a poll of the fastest rising names of 2005.  I’m going to have to carefully consider this and I’m going to enter.  There’s no prize on anything–just the satisfaction of knowing you did well.

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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