pass the asprin

I’ve already written an entry about today’s events, but then the computer ate it when I tried to publish–the downfalls of having a dial up modem.  Hub promised me we could get a real modem when we moved to AR, but our neighborhood wasn’t wired for it when we moved in, and I haven’t checked recently. 
Long story short, the kids were BAD.  It’s Friday, I don’t know why I expected more. 
Upside: the math test went pretty well–most of the kids got it.  First period did the worst, but that’s no surprise–some of them act like they’re brain dead on a regular basis. 
This weekend I’m really going to work on my blog.  I’m going to make a 101 list, and maybe do some entries on my past teaching experiences.  I’m sort of excited.
Over and Out

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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