My 101 List

My 101 List

  1. I’m 5’4”, with grey eyes, and brown curly hair
  2. I smile a lot
  3. I like words
  4. and books
  5. and cheese
  6. my husband is my greatest source of strength
  7. I talk a lot, and my husband doesn’t—I think that’s perfection
  8. I drink a diet coke every morning
  9. I don’t have any kids
  10.  But I might someday
  11.  I have a dog named Buster and a cat named Max
  12.  I don’t use their names as computer passwords
  13.  I love to have people over to my house
  14.  Since I’ve moved to AR there haven’t been many people worth asking
  15.  I want to live near a body of water someday
  16.  On weekends I sometimes drive around and look at places I’d like to live
  17.  I sing in my car
  18.  Cheesy pop songs are my favorites
  19.  I love Pat Green ( he’s not cheesy pop, he’s country)
  20.  I like to pick out recipes and then make my husband cook them
  21.  He never cooks the desserts I pick
  22.  Being married to one another has made us both fatter
  23.  And happier
  24.  I’m originally from the New Orleans area
  25.  Yes, my parents got water in their house during Katrina—but not too much
  26.  I think soup makes a great meal anytime
  27.  My favorite adult beverage is rum and diet coke
  28.  Nothing goes better with r&dc than skittles
  29.  I love buying shoes and purses
  30.  I like my whole outfit to “match”
  31.  I’m good at taking standardized tests
  32.  Since finishing high school this is basically a pointless skill
  33.  I don’t like to travel—I like to stay home and rest
  34.  If I go on vacation, I want it to be to the beach
  35.  I’m scared of flying
  36.  Which is funny since my husband is in the Air Force and we have two friends who are pilots. 
  37.  I’m probably addicted to carbs—but I’m OK with that
  38.  I don’t like to watch movies
  39.  I talk through them and that pisses people off
  40.  I’m not a big fan of chocolate
  41.  But I LOVE it with peanut butter
  42.  I want to get my Master’s degree
  43.  Most of my friends already have theirs
  44.  Actually, I can’t think of a friend that doesn’t at the moment
  45.  I’m going to try to start this summer
  46.   I work in math and science as an inclusion (a.k.a. special ed.) teacher
  47.  This is funny because I used to HATE science
  48.  I’m learning to like it
  49.  My school is 95% free and reduced lunch, 85% African American, 10% white, and 5% Hispanic
  50.  This is the best job I’ve ever had
  51.  I could eat at Moe’s Burritos five days a week
  52.  The people that work there know me. 
  53.  I want to own a convertible one day
  54.  When people meet me I come off as ditzy
  55.  They learn pretty quickly that I know what I’m doing
  56.  I’m good at reading people
  57.  Sometimes it’s uncanny
  58.  This makes people spill their guts to me sometimes
  59.  One time I predicted what my friend would name her baby before she told us
  60.  This isn’t a terribly useful skill, either
  61.  I’ve just recently started reading the classics
  62.  Even if I don’t like them, I feel satisfied when I read them.
  63.  It makes it hard to go back to my trashy novels, though
  64.  I’ve been known to squawk like a bird when I’m excited
  65.  If I had my own restaurant I’d call it Mo’s Café
  66.  The kids at school call me Miss Mo
  67.  I hate to exercise
  68.  But I try to exercise a couple times a week
  69.  I can’t speak Spanish but usually I can read it
  70.  I used to live in North Texas
  71.  I didn’ like it—there were no trees and the wind blew too hard
  72.  I have a brother, but my mom says she raised two only children
  73.  We’re spoiled
  74.  My dad’s a lawyer, my mom’s his bookkeeper, my brother’s in law school, my grandpa’s a lawyer, and my uncle was a lawyer (he’s a professor now)
  75.  Most people thought I would be a lawyer
  76.  Most people who meet me can’t believe what I do for living
  77.  I like my job—it’s tough and it challenges me
  78.  I wear glasses and contacts
  79.  I hate to be in a place that doesn’t have a dictionary
  80.  I think shopping and pedicures count as therapy
  81.  I love to dance
  82.  I’ve been to Disney World ten times and I don’t even really like the place
  83.  I don’t go to church, but I try to live like a Christian at all times
  84.  My grandmother was an amazing woman and I’d like to be like her one day
  85.  She was an immigrant who raised three children, worked twenty years, and touched many lives.
  86.  I didn’t appreciate her enough when she was alive
  87.  I talk to my mom three times a week, minimum
  88.  We are very much alike, but I don’t admit this
  89.  My ears aren’t pierced any more
  90.  I hate breakfast food, mayonnaise, eggs, chocolate milk, and anything from the sea
  91.  I think I’m a pretty good friend
  92.  I like my mother-in-law
  93.  I don’t think my brother-in-law likes me very much
  94.  But I think his wife does
  95.  I like to tell stories
  96.  And play board games
  97.  I like cities of music—New Orleans, Austin, Nashville.
  98.  I’d like to go to Chicago one day
  99.  I love art, but can’t really afford it
  100.  I like crime shows: CSI, Law and Order, Medium, Without a Trace, and Criminal Minds
  101.  My favorite colors are red, yellow and blue

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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9 Responses to My 101 List

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Katy!So nice of you to drop by. I\’ve spend some time reading your stuff and we are so simliar! Books, teaching, likes and dislikes… It looks like I get the honor of commenting first, so that is pretty awesome! Thank you for the nice things you said. Wow, I just can\’t believe people want to read my stuff… I\’ll be back because I want to check out the links you have for educators. Been compiling my own for a while and haven\’t published them yet. Take care.Kelly

  2. Laura says:

    We have a few things in common, like:
    there are more, but I know it is annoying listing the numbers like that…

  3. Darcy says:

    Cheesy pop songs and boybands rule the world!  According to me anyway… 🙂

  4. Christina says:

    great idea! i hope u dont mind me nickin it! xx

  5. Nooner™ says:

    LOL @ "I think shopping & pedicures count as therapy".  Too funny!  Yet, I know it\’s true .. lol.  I\’m going to do a comedy blog on pedicures soon — so many people mention them, ya know? I did this blog a month ago called A Lower Leg & Ankle Massage – Just for you! and I got tons of comments .. mostly private .. lol .. Anyway, I never mentioned feet once (I don\’t think), yet half of the women who commented to me about it talked about feet and toes .. lol.  I just have to blog some of this good stuff .. lol.
    My serious note:  The heartiest congratulations on your work with Special Ed.  I adore you for that!  My little brother has Downs.  He has been the inspiration of my life for all of his now 45 years. Twas the great work of many people like you who helped him to be the fine gentleman he is today.  You feel rewarded today?  Just wait, Young Miss, for a decade or two to come and for you to see your students then.  You will cry many happy tears to see how many have developed and then you will truly feel the reward of your career, yet you will shed some sad tears for those who continue to struggle.

  6. Toni says:

    Second comment of the day: Ha! I love this list. I can relate to so much of it–maybe even write the exact same things on a list of my own! I also read the Hurricane Katrina one–I\’m originally from Pensacola and used to travel to New Orleans often–hurricanes are old hat to me…moving here to Oklahoma, about 30 min. SW of OKC, TORNADOS have been a HUGE fear…I used to live in Cabot, Arkansas, not too far from Little Rock actually, so I know that you deal with tornados there too. Anyhow, great space you have, enjoy your week, and I\’ll definitely be back. Toni

  7. Rodney says:

    Really enjoyed your space. Motivates me to do something with my neglected space. Keep up the good work. Teaching is a sometimes thankless but noble profession. I admire you for teaching!

  8. Unknown says:

    you should email me with one of those comments

  9. PointlessBallyhoo says:

    Thanks for stopping by my space and letting me know the reason for the slowness. I think I\’m going to procrastinate changing the address, though. LOL.

    I\’m with you on #\’s 3, 4, 17, 29 (for the purses!), 96, and 100 (I watch "CSI: Miami," "CSI: NY," and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." Do "Crossing Jordan" and "Medium" count?)

    How can you not like to watch movies? I this only because people don\’t like it when you talk through them, or is there another reason?

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