A question about blogs

So I’ve been typing in this blog for at least a month and I still haven’t told any of my friends about it.  The hub knows and I gave my brother the address, but I’m pretty sure he never looks at it since he’s in law school.
The question I have is this: Does letting friends and family know about your blog make it better or worse?  I feel that you will be less honest knowing that certain people may be reading what you write.  But, right now I’m writing with the certainty that almost no one is reading my blog.  If I felt I had an audience, would my entries be more meaningful? 
Right now the blog is basically an introspective thing–I use it to track where I am and how I’m feeling.  Should I keep it personal or share with others?
so many questions. . .

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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1 Response to A question about blogs

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Katy!I know the feeling. But it depends on how those people already view you. In my case, everyone KNOWS I\’m nuts, so there\’s not much new to learn. But they were surprised that I could write and be funny or thought-provoking. My mom absolutely adores it! She reads me every day and sometimes calls afterward if it is particularly touching. Friends at work is another story. I keep is pretty hushed there because most would say, "So…what IS a blog anyway?" and I don\’t feel like explaining it. You sound as though it is really personal (you know..you and the entire Internet) so why share? I say keep it to yourself until you know. You can\’t undo the damage once it\’s done. Kelly

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