who needs subtraction?

What she wore: Purple shirt, black pants, purple clogs.  Some of the kids said I was "stylin’ and profilin’" and others said I looked like Barney.

We are now in high gear preparing for standardized tests.  The kids are practicing open-response questions every day in one class or another.  They are so tired of hearing the words "benchmark test."   Mr. K has reached his limit.  Whenever he’s mad his cheeks get pink and today they just stayed pink after the kids had left.  Besides all the talking, cheating, and general disorder, he’s realized how far behind some of them are. 
   Today he was working with one of the special ed kids and he realized that she couldn’t subtract.  Now, we know the kids struggle with negative numbers, but this girl couldn’t subtract 8-1.  He’s in shock.  I’m in shock because I’ve seen her test scores and her IQ isn’t terrible.  I feel certain that she can’t subtract because she’s never in school.  I may have to make moves to get her placed in a class for kids who are really behind.  An inclusion (a class with regular and special ed kids mixed) class is not the place for her–she needs serious help. 
    Mr. K has decided that tomorrow he is going to have a subtraction quiz with positive and negative numbers.  He says he wants proof that the kids come to us ill-prepared and that obviously they don’t have the foundation they need when they come to middle school.
   I think the shock for me is how many of our kids have a substandard performance, but have passed each grade.  In the states I lived in before (TX and LA) students were held back if they failed–here in AR it is frowned on and children are passed on from year to year with no skills.  Luckily, now there are tests at each grade that measure performance.  I hate standardized tests, but it’s not fair to only test kids every couple of years.  This way we can see where the problems started and address them earlier. 
   Don’t worry, though, I’m optimistic.  I feel certain that many of our kids have made major improvements this year and I think it will show this summer when the tests come out.

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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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3 Responses to who needs subtraction?

  1. Unknown says:

    In no way were my comments anti-military….I\’m although totally anti-Bush:o) hugs my friend…I did know about your hubby and thought about you when I made my post hoping you\’d understand my point.

  2. Unknown says:

    One more thing couldn\’t the money spent on those pay for rehab for the guys comming home…and what about the body armor for god sakes?!?!?! Seems like wasted money….bleah.

  3. Silliest Schnauzer says:

    If you want any more help with those kids, who need it badly, then check out the book "Creating Emotionally Safe Schools" by Jane Bluestein.
    I read her book, I loved it…. and it applied to pretty much everything that my high school experience was.  I wish it had been written years before, it is excellent!
    Anyways, I got the book at Barnes and Noble.  I read it, and as I said, I loved it!  I called up the number in the back of the book, talked to Jane\’s husband who works at their center in New Mexico, and raved about it almost nonstop for a good couple of minutes!!!  Then her husband asked me if I wanted to leave my phone number so Jane could call me back.. she did!  Less than two hours later!!
    And ever since that day, I have had a friend in Jane Bluestein.  She is a wonderful person who cares a whole lot about people and their emotional health. 
    I am sharing this with you in the hopes that it can help… kids need all the help that they can get!!!!
    PS This book is about how being emotionally safe can lead to better school performance… and it talks about the home life as well as the school life… how both are interwined.  Of course, she touches on so much more than just that!
    Have a good one!

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