thank you’s

What she wore: grey pants with a white and purple pin stripe, white long-sleeve tee, black boots.  Too hot to trot!

Well, it’s award season and people are always going into these long thank-you speeches.  I’m not getting any awards, but some thank you’s are probably in order.  Here’ my list.


52 Thank-You’s

Thank you. . .

  1. Hub, for making me a better person in word, thought, and deed.
  2. Kristin, for introducing me to pedicure sessions with the girls
  3. Karla, for thinking I could do anything.
  4. Ashley W., for telling me I was pretty when I couldn’t see it
  5. Mom and dad for protecting me from everything
  6. And paying for everything
  7. Hub, for endless backrubs (us teachers have a lot of stress)
  8. Kathy, for listening to me bitch at my first job
  9. Maureen for not letting me quit my first job
  10. Carol, for not doing a damn thing at my first job—you taught me inner strength
  11. Ella, for teaching me to load a dish washer
  12. Sam, for teaching me to match my shoes to my outfit
  13. Kat and Parker for letting me be myself (even if that person is an obnoxious bitch) and still being my friend
  14. Becky, for teaching me the importance of the little things—birthdays, anniversaries, etc.—even if I still can’t remember them.
  15. Kat, for letting me cry on your shoulder freshman year.
  16. Kelly, for teaching me the value of NOT gossiping (I try)
  17. Ashley, for having the most hilarious job I can think of—telling people that my friend sticks a vibrating device up women for money is always a good ice breaker. ( she’s a physical therapist, I swear)
  18. Joyce, for letting me complain about your son
  19. Charlie and Joyce, for caring so much about my marriage to your son.
  20. Mom and Dad, for not worrying about my marriage at all
  21. And for the best wedding a girl could hope for.
  22. Work, for providing me with a means for my shoe addiction
  23. Work, for teaching me so much about people.
  24. Current job, for renewing my faith in the profession
  25. That professor in college that taught me love of teaching, and made me feel like I could do anything (academically).  I wish I could remember her name.
  26. Martha, for teaching me everything there is to know about teaching.
  27. Mary Ann, for giving me a reason to keep teaching when I wanted to give up.
  28. Roxanne, Justin, Matthew, and Aaron, for keeping in touch.
  29. Nicky, for finishing high school—you give me hope for others.
  30. Joyce, for loving me like one of your own.
  31. Charlie, for checking on me when I’m all alone.
  32. Friends re-runs, for keeping me sane when the hub’s away
  33. Ashley, for being the first to have kids—you can prepare me with the horror stories.
  34. Parker, Kat, Ella, and the gals of East Laville—for helping me trap the Hub in my web (wink, wink)
  35. Parker, for teaching me to trash-talk
  36. And play poker
  37. Kat, for never allowing me to mis-pronounce a single word
  38. Ella, for having the courage to go to a debutramp party with me.
  39. Hub, for letting me have my own life in college—you never held me back even when it meant listening me talk for hours about my projects.
  40. Veleda, for living with me through the mono-months
  41. Mrs. Cenac, for teaching me to love writing again (I should write her a letter or something)
  42. Hub for supporting my dinner party ideas (and cooking for them)
  43. Chris and Kristin, for keeping north Texas interesting.
  44. and for always telling us the food is delicious (even if it has cat hair in it)
  45. Nisha, for keeping in touch over all those miles.
  46. Buster, for keeping the house safe
  47. Stadium Club in Baton Rouge, for not kicking me and my friends out that night
  48. Mom and dad, for allowing me to get a start in life debt-free
  49. Sabrina, for going dancing in TX with me.
  50. Cara, for still speaking to me after that trip to the beach
  51. Grandma, for passing a little of your spirit on to me.
  52. Grandpa, for all those hugs. 


I’m sure I’ve left a million people out, but that’s the way this stuff goes.




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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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6 Responses to thank you’s

  1. Unknown says:

    Saw your space on anothers!  Have a great week.


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  2. Unknown says:

    I saw your space through anothers also.  Great site!  I\’m a Navy wife, so definetly know about the "alone" part.  Have a great week!

  3. Nooner™ says:

    LOL @ "Debutramp" Party … I\’m adding that word to my vocabulary!  Too funny!  P.S.  a list of thank you\’s <– Such a nice thing for you to do!

  4. gerry says:

    This is a great idea, perhaps we should all create our grateful list.

  5. Wahzat says:

    Perfect! Thanks for sharing! I am all smiles now. You should remember to look at this whenever you are feeling down.

  6. Unknown says:

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