swirling mess

What she wore: Navy blue pants, red snow boots, white turtleneck with red hearts (you know what tomorrow is).

Well, I just have a bunch of stuff swirling around in my head right now.  I went for a walk/job to try to sort it all out and I’m still just full and jumbled.  Nothing is wrong.  I’m like a student who’s learned a new concept–it’s all in there– I just haven’t put everything into the right place yet. 
I’ve been fighting with one of the typical military issues–finding friends.  Spent Friday night chatting with a friend who now lives in Tuscon and we discussed our friend prospects like dates–"well, she’s pretty nice, but I’ve never heard her curse–she probably thinks I’m a bad person" OR "I thought she’d be nice, but she never calls me back."   Perhaps my favorite was, "Katy, I know I’m not supposed to judge people by what they wear, but the girl was wearing a grandma dress for crying out loud!  I can’t imagine having anything in common with someone who would dress like that."
Well, added to that mix, I read Mocha Momma’s series about Allen (if you’re going to read it, just go and get a tissue right now) and there’s something in there about how there are only 19 types of people in the world and we just keep running into them in different bodies.  Can this be used to our advantage?  Can you meet someone, immediately discern that they are type 9 and know it’s not going to work out?  Do we do this instinctively?  At this point in life, I find that sometimes I meet someone and feel an instant connection.  Male or female, young or old, it doesn’t really matter–some people feel like good friends from the moment you meet.  Perhaps the 19 have something to do with this too.  I’ll be ruminating on this one for a while. 
Happy Love Day–I hope yours is filled with hugs and kisses.

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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5 Responses to swirling mess

  1. Unknown says:

    Happy V day sweetie…thanks for thinking about me…just had to recharge I suppose, hugs and good thoughts…I know we\’d be instant friends!

  2. Unknown says:

    Yes time in the well is good…chin up lass!

  3. Unknown says:

    Thanks for stopping by.  I love comments!  Lets just say the boys have thier names to grow into!!!  And yes  being hilarious is their job!
    I haven\’t read  Mocha Momma yet, so I can\’t respond to it.  Your friend issue I so understand and still haven\’t mastered it yet.   I truly find my best friend is my husband, which is extremely lonely and difficult when he isn\’t here most of the time.  We\’ve been married 13 years and he had been in the navy 18.  I am more of a people watcher and sometimes need a nudge with the getting to know other wives.  I have one friend who is in LA that I can talk to and know she still cares.  Other than that I wish I could say I had more.  I seem  to make plenty of f riends, but I feel like I\’m the one putting in all the work, so I usually  just  step back.   I would love to have  a friend where it is "even stevens" all the way.  I\’m done with my pity party now.   I\’ve got chocolate, want some?? 

  4. Dennis says:


  5. Jaysey says:

    It seems like a pretty reasonable concept to me–guess I\’ll have to get over to Mocha\’s to read more!  Happy V-tines Day, KM!

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