knowledge is power

What She Wore: Turqoise three-quarter length tee; straight skirt with a flare at the bottom in a black, white, and turquoise houndshooth print; two-tone tuquoise spectators.  This outfit was a big hit. 

Tonight we had math and literacy night at our school.  We told parents all about the upcoming standardized tests and things they could do at home with their children to help prepare them.  I’m not wild about standardized tests, but I do think that knowledge is power, and the more kids and parents know about these tests, the better they can prepare for them.  With a school of over 500 kids, about 15 showed up–and we considered that a good turnout.  Granted, I don’t think the it was well advertised, but it does make me sad.  One of the most interested parents was a man originally from Africa.  He wanted detailed information about strategies and what kind of score his child needed in order to be "Proficient."  Our parents are not usually this interested and it’s kind of a shame.  We were happy that some did come, though, especially in rainy weather.
Well, the weather man says we’re due for an ice storm over the weekend, and if that happens we could be out of power for quite a while.  I guess I better make sure I have enough food and reading material. 
Have a good one.

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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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1 Response to knowledge is power

  1. Dennis says:

    It surprises me that the parent / child turnout was not higher.  Perhaps a lot of it can be attributed to the parents themselves not having much of an education for a variety of reasons.  And it was not the top priority while growing up.  Then it becomes difficult to make it a priority to your children.  If you have helped one then you have succeeded.  And it looks like you are succeeding ….there were 15.
    Now about the photos of the outfits worn.  Well, if I am not mistaken, in this collection of photos on your blog there is one of you in some crazy blonde wig …… there not?  And if I can see you in that, how in world could your rushed look in the morning frighten me more?  You are a doll and I know you look good no matter what.
    As to how you would execute getting the photo done ………..well technology is a wonderful thing.  Practically EVERY digital camera made today has a feature called a TIMER.  It is really really cool too!  You press this button and then it gives you 10 whole seconds to get in front of the lens.  Imagine that!  10 WHOLE SECONDS!  You know that is an entire week  in dog years………lol
    But I am going to acquiesce and continue using my imagination.  And just so you know what it is I am imagining …………. based on today\’s ensemble description ………..YOU LOOK TOTALLY HOT!
    Lost in imagination…………………..

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