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how did I forget?

What she wore: grey slacks with a pink pin stripe, white long-sleeve tee, pink cashmere cable-knit cardigan (that’s an alliteration), black leather boots. Somehow in the snow/ice/rum/cookie dough haze I completely forgot that one of my husband’s friends married his … Continue reading

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Small victories

What she wore: black turtleneck, olive green cargos, black snow boots–perfect clothes for an icy day. We all have those little things that keep us going from day to day:   As I stated before, our kids have had major problems … Continue reading

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You know I love this stuff

What she’s wore: LSU sweatpants, white t-shirt, white socks, no shoes Well, I’m still stuck in the house–I watched some guy 4-wheel down the street and he was fish-tailing the whole way.  I have no desire to do that in … Continue reading

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Hunkered down

What she wore: Black cashmere sweater, pink pants (they look like jeans, but they’re not), and black snow boots Well, Little Rock is hunkering down for one heck of a storm.  Apparently, in this part of the country they have … Continue reading

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knowledge is power

What She Wore: Turqoise three-quarter length tee; straight skirt with a flare at the bottom in a black, white, and turquoise houndshooth print; two-tone tuquoise spectators.  This outfit was a big hit.  Tonight we had math and literacy night at our school.  … Continue reading

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Full moon nightmare

What she wore: Black dress pants, white long-sleeve tee, forest green tie-front sweater, black leather boots. Well, anyone who knows me, will eventually discover my hatred of standardized tests.  I don’t like them and they take up more educational time … Continue reading

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EZ’s tag

What she wore: Pink t-shrt with a red heart, flared denim skirt (blue denim), and my tan, high-heeled, snow boots.  Those boots always get compliments.    EZ tagged me yesterday and I know the rest of the world is busy staring … Continue reading

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