The power of God

What she wore: purple ribbed tee with three-quarter length sleeves and rhinestone buttons; black pants; purple clogs.  Those shoes cause conversation ripples–you either love ’em or you hate ’em.

It’s been a awhile, so I’ll tell a funny little story about why I don’t give people the finger.
My sophomore year of high school my parents gave me a car.  It was a Dodge Neon, but no matter, any car is cool at that age.  One day I was driving home a freshman, showing off my skills–you know, speeding with the windows down and blaring the radio too loud.  I was fiddling with the radio at a stop light when the light turned green.  The person behind me honked their horn, and I, eager to show off my driving prowess, gave this person the finger.  At the next intersection the person pulled up next to me and lo and behold it was my computer teacher.  Now, this lady scared the crap out of me at school–you can imagine my horror when I realized I’d just given her the finger.  I went to an all-girl Catholic school and not only did she have the power to get me in a lot of trouble, but I was pretty sure she also had the power of God on her side.  She took one look at me and I figured I was as good as dead.
The next day she pulled me out of English class and the minute I saw her I began apologizing profusely–I said, "I was just trying to be cool and obviously I am not, so please don’t kill me."  She was so surprised by my apology she told me she was going to let it go this time. 
The follow semester my middle finger was broken when someone closed it in a car door.  My computer teacher said it was revenge for giving her the finger–I knew she had the power of God.
PS: Happy Pi Day observed!  It was really yesterday, but we celebrated today at my school.  We ate Oatmeal cream pies, drew circles, estimate pi meters, sang pi songs, listened to the pi rap, and memorized digits of pi.  It was a great day. 

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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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12 Responses to The power of God

  1. Jaysey says:

    Ha! Ha!  Those Catholics always do have the power of God on their side (I grew up Catholic, went to CCD, learned from nuns, so I know all about it!).

  2. Tracy says:

    Haha that is hilarious about the finger, guess you did get the payback huh!  Huh, I didn\’t even know it was Pi day, darnit I didn\’t get to celebrate! 🙂 

  3. Dennis says:

    Did Jaysee say that she grew up Catholic?  And now she isn\’t?  Once in the brotherhood of Catholicism you can never leave.  We are the Hotel California of organized religion.  She will be back .. and on her knees. 
    I hope you learned your lesson with that finger business.  God don\’t like no ugly 😉

  4. Dena Marie says:

    Funny story! I have a "shootin\’ the bird to try to be cool" story too. I bet we all do… like a "right of passage" into adulthood.  🙂
    Yeah, we celebrated Pi Day at school yesterday… there were chocolate chip cookie cakes from Papa John\’s all over the place! It was a recovering cookie monster\’s hell! (Needless to say… I "fell off the wagon" and was run over several times!)

  5. Unknown says:

    Yeah in school I had the whole "bird finger" fiasco too.   My friends and I use to hold up our pinky finger and call it a feather, so we would stay out of trouble.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Quite the lesson over that one.  I live in Houston…giving the finger could result in being really cool.  You might end up being the victim of a drive by shooting.  I once had my sisters son in the back seat and he being from Minnesota gave someone the finger.  It was a harrowing experience as we tried to outrun a car full of thugs.  We pulled into a police station and hung outfor quite a while before being brave enough to go back home. 

  7. Kelly says:

    Whew! You dodged a bullet there! How could she let you off? In any case, that\’s awesome. But, not the broken finger part.

  8. Laura says:

    Oh, I am so upset that I missed Pi day. It totally skipped my mind…
    I wanted to see what you were posting about, since I am always reading your mind 🙂
    That is a great story about \’the finger\’. I was trying to think if I had a story like that, but I don\’t think I ever gave someone the finger (unless it was as a joke). Funny how little things like that stick with us. I think the broken finger helped, too 🙂

  9. Nadine says:

      I am so sorry but I had to laugh…the thought of having the "Bird" in a cast is just too funny. I would love that….maybe I will just do it becuz I can………too funny!!
     and honestly it isn\’t against the law to "shoot the bird"….it is just a universal hand jester like "hook em horns" and "hang loose" and giving the thumbs up for good job.

  10. Laura says:

    Your comment on Kelly\’s space cracked me up. I am going to keep true to my word and start a list of all the reasons I don\’t want kids. I will start with her post…  🙂

  11. Alicia says:

    GOD always gets even…or makes sure the peeved teacher gets it!  🙂

  12. Carol says:

    What a week!  Pi day, the Ides of March, and St. Patrick\’s day.  Happy St. Patty\’s day!

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