I’m always a pain

What she wore:  Black long-sleeve tee, olive green pants, black snow boots–seriously, when will it be warm?  I had a black hoodie on this morning with my outfit and one of the kids said, "You’re going ghetto."  I think that’s a compliment, but I was just cold.

Warning: this blog contains borderline words: Cover your eyes!


Sometimes blogging is about revealing your personality through stories.  Today I was reminded of an incident early in my teaching career that really defined me as an educator.  One of my defining characteristics as a teacher is this:


Screw me, and I’ll complain a lot–But you won’t screw my kids!


I feel this with more passion than you can imagine.  If something remotely seems like discrimination then I’ll be your worst nightmare.  I won’t scream or yell–I’ll just smile and refuse to change my mind.  Here’s my story:


I was teaching a class for dyslexic readers.  One teacher requested that I not have class in his room because he was department head and he had really "important" things to accomplish during his off-period.  The class was a block which meant it covered two 45 minute periods.  After being booted from my original classroom, I was told that there was no classroom that would be available for both periods.  The suggestion of the assistant pricipal was that I would teach in one room for 45 min and then change classrooms for the second 45 min of the period.  Anyone who’s worked with ADHD, learning disabled kids will tell you that this is not the best plan they’ve ever heard.  You have to get the kids settled down not once, but twice. 


I spoke to my supervisor and she totally agreed.  She told me to set up an appointment with the principal and that she’s join me to help plead my case. 


The day of the meeting my supervisor was nowhere to be seen.  I called her office and her secretary let me know that she wouldn’t be joining me–I should go to the meeting alone.  Lord knows I wouldn’t have scheduled this meeting if I’d known I was going to be alone!


I went into the meeting and explained that I thought making learning disabled kids change rooms in the middle of class seemed like discrimination.  The principal proceeded to tell me that I was new, and that after a while I wouldn’t worry so much about things.  He didn’t say this nicely.  I said "you can do what you want, but if things are going to stay the way they are I want a letter from you stating that I complained.  I don’t want to be included in the law suit when some parent finds out about this."  The principal blinked.  The Assistant principal scanned his schedule and found an empty room for me to have class in.  Amazing!  It appeared JUST LIKE THAT!


After the meeting, I went to my car and cried like a baby.  But I protected my kids.


My personality profile says I’m an idealist–I guess that’s true!




About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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24 Responses to I’m always a pain

  1. Dennis says:

    And I love this about you KM.  Now you have me tearing up.  You are such a dynamite young lady.  I am honored to know you.

  2. Renee says:

    My oldest son had ADHD growing up …he is now 20 and a fine soldier in the Army….but school was a total nightmare for him and for those who had to help him through it as well…I have only read one entry so far here but I already wish he could have had …in 12 years …just one teacher like you!

  3. Renee says:

    I was looking at your book list on the left here….I actually saw a book I have read recently on there…
    Things Fall Apart…I don\’t know how it came to be in my house (my sis often gives me boxes of "STUFF" )but oneday I was bored and saw it there and read it in a day! As a white housewife it is not something I would normally choose for myself….but I really enjoyed it…

  4. Karen says:

    Wow.  My brother, who always had problems with hyperactivity and pretty much with school in general, could have used a teacher like you when he was in school!  It\’s nice to know that there are teachers out there who care.
    My daughter starts school in the next year or so & she\’s what I would call high-engery & strong-willed.  I\’ll be praying for teachers like you along her school path.

  5. Tracy says:

    Wow, good for you, that is awesome. Your kids are lucky to have you!! About the bachelor party and the short leash – I have a feeling that\’s why he wants it out of town — so the fiance can\’t try to "run into" him at a bar…or send out someone else to spy on him! (not that he will be doing anything he shouldn\’t; it\’s all in good fun and I agree with you on the stripper thing!)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Howdy! I strolled over from EZ\’s spot… you come highly recommended! :") 
    Awesome entry. Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher, and I\’ll be even luckier if my girls have someone so dedicated teaching them.

  7. Antonella says:

    Good for you, you never let anyone mess with "your kids"!!!! (I put that in quotes because whenever I say "my kids" when I talk about them, people look at me like I\’m crazy.
    Nice space!

  8. Hollie says:

    Now i really wish Roo was in your class! Here it seems I am in a battle cause the principal refuses to SEE the bullying that is going on in Roo\’s classroom… hate to say this but little girls can be so MEAN! It is now to the situation that Roo goes and finds a corner at recess and plays by herself. I go and get her at lunch so she simply doesnt have to deal with it…her friendships are all outside school. Im glad that there are some who will take stands for these special kids.

  9. PeaceHopeJoy says:

    Well good for you!  It takes guts to go into a meeting like that…especially when your supervisor bailed on you!
    Thanks for stopping by my space…and in reply to your comment…I have, unfortunately, already seen that episode where the lady has her baby at home.  I guess there are people who like to have their whole family watch, but…ummm…I\’m not one of them!!  Yikes!

  10. Alicia says:

    I\’m SO proud of you for sticking up for your students, Katy!  I can tell that you are a wonderful teacher….one that I wish had been mine when I was still in school….  🙂

  11. Unknown says:

    You did good girl.

  12. Lynn says:

    I have always loved and respected teachers.  Mine, when I was a child, and when I went to college as an adult; and my children\’s now.  I have befriended each of my 5 kids teachers every year…I go out to dinner often with the twins social studies/science teacher, she is one of my best friends.
    I have been lucky, because I have always found teachers in my life like you:  dedicated, professional men and women who loved their jobs, their CALLING, "their kids".  You are a blessing. 
    To "Your Kids".  To your school.  To the teachers around you that hopefully you are setting an example for.  To the community you are giving "your kids" to in the years to come.  Always remember and believe the impact you ARE making in each child you touch lives.  You matter.  What you do matters so very much.  Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.
    EZ sent me here.  He\’s a blessing too.

  13. Unknown says:

    You will be the teacher that these students remember.  You are awesome at what you do!! 
    Thanks for yesterday!

  14. Nadine says:

     You go girl. I think that is what is wrong with a lot of systems. And too many kids slip thru the cracks, to use an over used phrase. You did a good thing!

  15. Darcy says:

    Good job on standing your ground!
    I came by way of EZ, but I see a bunch of friendly faces around here… I\’ve seen you on Jenn\’s and Dena\’s, but have never stopped by before… silly me!
    I\’ll be back to poke around okay?

  16. Kathryn says:

    *smile* ….
    I\’m visiting from Ezotee\’s site…..I\’ll look around…

  17. Nora says:

    Teachers are great people!  I am glad you stood up for yourself and those kids.

    I like your blog, EZ always gives great recomendations!


  18. wendy says:

    EZ sent me here as well.. he has great taste I must say!
    I wrote a post yesterday about my ADD/ADHD dealings in my own children.. would love to hear (read) your opinion and/or any suggestions you might have? 
    You sound like an absolutely amazing teacher.. one who truly cares.. sadly we don\’t have an endless supply of those out here.. but when we come across one we appreciate her/him SO much!!
    Hugs and nice to meet u!

  19. Darcy says:

    I never even THOUGHT that the title might be scaring people away…
    The funny thing is that \’princess\’ has a bad rap as a nickname because one thinks that they\’re full of themselves and high maintenance… and I\’m not either of those things…. 🙂
    I hope you come back… and comment often.. I like the way you write, so I\’ll definately be back often.
    Take care

  20. Carol says:

    You ARE an idealist.  What a great and rare thing.  Better yet, you fought and won the good fight.  Keep it up!!

  21. Hope says:

    First visit here and I say a round of applause is warrented to you On this.Looking out for your kids in the classroom is never a bad thing..Kids with special needs..Need us as Teachers , aides and just all of us in the school to pull together and work it out for them. Never feel bad about going toe to toe for the betterment of your kids.. Have a great day KM.

  22. Sara says:

    GO KM! Kickin\’ some butt!

  23. Christine says:

    Good for YOU!!!!!!  More "educators" should be concerned about what is best for the kids they supposedly work for!  I bet your students love you, and their parents probably like you, too.

  24. Unknown says:

    Dyslexics UNTIE  ! !!
    Siorry..perfect time to use that one.
    Stop by sometime say hello.

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