Mocha’s Meme

What she wore: White running pants, grey LSU t-shirt, grey and purple slip on shoes.  I burned myself at the tanning bed and I can’t wear anything that touches my skin too much–stupid, stupid, stupid!

Well, the other day mocha did a meme I liked a lot, so today’s my day.  Here goes:
3 Things you wish for:
  1. An old home with wood floors, but a modern kitchen
  2. More time with friends and family
  3. A trip to the beach (this one will probably happen)

3 Things you would do if no one could see/judge you:

  1. Try to get some of the curriculum I’ve made published
  2. Sing "Ain’t too Proud to Beg" with all the hand motions I do in my living room.
  3. Sew

3 Bad Habits:

  1. Forgetting to brush my teeth before I go to bed (I know this is disgusting, I know!  But some days I’m so tired I just forget).
  2. Not picking out my outfit the night before–this can make me seriously late
  3. Forgetting people’s birthdays until after they’ve passed.

3 Insecurities:

  1. Duh, teaching, I always think this could be going better
  2. I talk too much and sometimes I’m pretty sure people just want me to SHUT UP!
  3. That I’ll be a horrible parent and totally screw up my kids

3 Talents You wish You had:

  1. Organization
  2. Being a really great singer
  3. Being able to whistle

3 Things you would do if you had More time:

  1. Touch up all the rooms I painted
  2. Paint my bedroom and the guest bathroom
  3. Laundry

3 Things that spark your creativity

  1. Art work, especially that from my home town (New Orleans)
  2. Seeing other creative people at work
  3. Problems–my creativity is at it’s highest when I’m trying to solve a problem.

Mocha left this tag open and I’ll do the same–If it speaks to you, try it.  If not, go about your business.


Over and Out,




‘Cause Pebble asked: A meme is "a contagious idea that replicates like a virus."  The word existed before blogs, but in the blogosphere it refers to ideas/topics/series of questions that catch on and appear in many different blogs.  Does that make sense?  To me it sounds like something from 1984.


About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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12 Responses to Mocha’s Meme

  1. Unknown says:

    What does "meme" mean or stand for?
    (I almost got arrested!)

  2. Dennis says:

    I did this Meme on Mocha\’s blog.  I am happy that people are discovering your space.
    I hope you enjoy yourself while you are home visiting family and friends.  And don\’t go crazy trying to get some vitamin D.  I will offer to give you a melanin transplant to help you out.

  3. Unknown says:

    Great list!!  I\’m with the whats\’ a meme??  Just stuff all about you??  I love to paint rooms!!! I\’d help if I could!

  4. Unknown says:

    I have three children
    In the Pics…
    One is my oldest Heather 31, sitting at my piano with my brain injured post transplant grandson Christian. She has been married 14 years to my wonderfulful son-in-law Darrell.
    Then you\’ll see my paralyzed baby sister Robbi (recently deceased) and her daughter my niece Tiffany 24, she lived with me because she was only four when her mom had the car accident. She is a math teacher, and is married to Phill who is a minister.
    Then my son Matthew 23, he is in the Army, was in Iraq for 18 months, and is going back soon, he is holding the doogie Baily, and another one when he was in Iraq, and one with his buddies and another on the deck out back.
    Then my baby Audra 21, she is in the Air Force. She speaks Japanese and is into computers, she is hoping to get stationed in Japan. She just finished basic last December, so she has a year of schooling before she ever leaves the states, she is quite bright, I was shocked that she enlisted.
    Another pic is my oldest Heather, and her oldest Austin 13 years old (my oldest grandson) and my mom sitting in a walker/wheelchair.
    And then me, on the USS Arizona, and some from a trip I just got back from in Texas on the Gulf of Mexico.
    My niece Tiffany attended MBBC in Watertown, WI, she and her new husband Phil are going to Jacksonville, Fl to check a Pastor and teacher opening at Victory Baptist Church and Academy.
    I\’m in Seattle, WA.  *smiles*

  5. Kelly says:


    The thing that will make you forever a wonderful teacher is to continue seeing yourself as a student, always willing to learn and remembering that change is good. You love the students? Then, you\’re a good teacher.

    The same goes for parenting. I\’m always apologizing to my children, "I\’m sorry I screw up. When I know better, I do better." You love your own children? Then, you\’re a good parent.

    Wonderful job, girl! I loved reading it.

  6. Sue says:

    You\’re 3rd Insecurity pretty much guarantees you will be a good parent!  I saw this on Mocha Momma\’s also and want to do it, but thought I should do the 101 first!  Thanks for stopping by and comments.  Re: my rant.  they require this thing called a UA drug test *sigh*.  She is just going to have to fight for her life with the tools she is given.  Come back anytime.  I\’ll be back to see ya. 

  7. Darcy says:

    Good job!
    I always like reading these of other people, because it reminds me how similar people can be.  Values and morales, while specific to the indiviudual are sometimes a common thread among strangers.
    Good job… I may do it later

  8. Antonella says:

    I bet after you got sun burned, people start tapping you a lot! At least, that\’s what happens to me.
    Seems like we do have a lot in common. I read your 101. I talk a lot and my fiance doesn\’t (you\’re right, it\’s perfect!), I always look at houses that I\’d want to live in, carbs are my favorite and I wear contacts and glasses. On top of that, I work with "minorities." AND, I can\’t whistle or sing!
    If you\’ve gained 35lbs, you must have been pretty skinny before!

  9. Karen says:

    I agree with PrincessDarcy – these things always remind how alike people are.  And I agree with everyone that if you\’re worrying about parenting, you\’ll be a good parent.
    At least I hope so.  I worry daily (okay, by the second) that I\’m screwing my kid up in some horrible fashion… but everyone says she seems okay… and a few people I trust have actually told me I\’m a good mom, so…

  10. Bordeaux says:

    Hey there! Hoppin\’ on over, after reading Dennis\’ review… isn\’t he great??
    You have a fab space here…. I\’ll definitely be back!  And thanks for update on what a meme is!! LOL!!
    Hugs, Hugs

  11. Cheryl says:

    I liked your responsed but guess i will just go about my business anyway…

  12. Unknown says:

    Hi, first time visit to your space by way of EZs recomendation. I\’ll be back, nice place here : )

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