Weekend wrap up

What she wore: blue jeans with embroidery on the pockets, blue and grey striped button up shirt, black stappy leather slides.

I’ll be spending the rest of my Spring Break in New Orleans visiting family and friends.  This may hamper my blogging, so I thought I’d throw in a Sunday blog. 
Today at church we had a visitor who was talking about a ministry with inner-city kids.  Actually, I know that many of the kids I teach are involved with this group, so I was very interested.  They have camps, tutoring, one-on-one mentoring, and other programs.  I would love to volunteer this summer, so I signed right up.
One thing the man said stuck with me.  He said, "Invest your life rather than spend it."  This really lines up with my personal philosophy–what you do for others is an investment in the world.  What we do for ourselves is gone as soon as we finish.  Our good deeds can grow and multiply, perhaps have effects we are unaware of.  A nice message to hear. 
To add to my good day, in the car I heard the Hub and I’s favorite song–we joke that it’s "our song," but it’s hardly a romantic one.  The song is David Allen Coe’s "You never call me by my name."  Silly, but it’s the first song the Hub and I ever danced to when we were a youthful 19 years old. 
I hope your day was as nice as mine.

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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22 Responses to Weekend wrap up

  1. Laura says:

    I\’m baaack.
    Glad to hear you are going to spend some time with your family. Have a great time. I have some reading to do on your space to catch myself up…
    Oh, and the volunteering sounds great. You are a great person forthe job. Very giving and sincere..

  2. russ says:

    DO people really have \’love\’ songs anymore or do you think it\’s more like yours… a song that brings back a memory.
    Your list of favorites is about to have another \’Best Of\’… stay tuned…
    Have a great week!

  3. Unknown says:

    I love that quote!!  What a great thing to say to your students!
    Enjoy your break!!  I just glanced at the "days been gone" .  We can make it!!!

  4. PeaceHopeJoy says:

    I love that quote – Invest your life rather than spend it – awesome!
    Oh, and it\’s good to know I\’m not the only one with serious baby fever and that there are other baby story addicts out there! 
    Glad to hear you\’ve found a good church – we love the one we go to, also.  That\’s so important. 
    Have a good vacation!
    God bless : )

  5. Antonella says:

    That is a wonderful quote!!! I love stuff like that! My fiance always teases because I want to save the world!! You really seem like a wonderful person! You should come out here to NY, we need more people like you!
    I hope you have a great spring break and eat all the carbs you can. If I had celiac disease, I\’d just die, because I could not live without pasta. Hopefully the gluten free stuff won\’t be too bad.
    Bon voyage!!
    PS- don\’t worry about typos, I\’m sure I have quite a few myself!

  6. Karen says:

    I\’m glad you had a good day!  Sounds like the service at church was great and that\’s such a nice way to start a Sunday morning.  I\’ve been considering volunteering myself, but need something I can do with my daughter.  Probably will end up being at a nursing home. 
    I\’m glad you enjoyed my little poem.  I did write it – I used to fancy myself a writer, but now I mostly write little short poems occasionally.  I don\’t get a lot of feedback usually, so I am really pleased that you liked the lines I wrote for my daughter.
    Have a great visit with your family!!  God bless 🙂

  7. Renee says:

    Hey hope you have a great spring break! Enjoy your trip…
    Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog…

  8. Lynn says:

    Oh, what a WONDERFUL quote!!!  I try to live my life this way as well…but I\’d never heard it put that way before.  I\’m scribbling this down immediately and spreading it around.
    I hope you have a magical and rejuvenating spring break, KM…you deserve it.

  9. Unknown says:

    Invest you life rather then spend it, I\’ll remember that one!
    Have a good time in New Orleans, take some photo\’s for us pretty please.

  10. Gina says:

    I really do like that saying.  I am going to keep that one, if you don\’t mind :o) Enjoy the rest of spring break.  Sigh, I miss spring break.

  11. Unknown says:

    I\’d love to go home. You\’ll have to tell me how things are, I hear through the grape vine it\’s getting better. My sons going down for spring break in April. Have a safe and happy trip. I\’ll try to be better about updating, but as you know I\’m in love…Mercy xxooxx

  12. Elizabeth says:

    "Invest your life rather than spend it.": I think I\’m gonna have to write that one down. Excellent!
    My Sunday afternoon was spent watching my husband put in an upstairs window by himself (first shot at it). That was interesting, to say the least! Have a safe trip down south! :")

  13. Ginger says:

    Love that quote! and good for you for volunteering.  I hope both you and the kids get alot out of the experience.   It\’s wonderful that you want to give back to the community.  I wish more people were that civic minded.  
    The David Allen Coe song is a great song!  It makes me smile every time I hear it!   Don\’t worry that it\’s not a romantic ballad… I think the circumstances behind the song for you and your Hub are what make it special to you… don\’t let anyone tell you different. 
    Thanks for your comments on my site and all the advice.   Enjoy your trip home!

  14. Unknown says:

    Ah sex and talking sex and talking…gotta love that…yummy.

  15. Unknown says:

    what he wore:
    dark grey flat front wool pants from banana republic with black belt and siilver buckle, Tommy Hilfiger grey check shirt with no visible TH references and square toe black lace ups. Comments:"have you lost weight?"
    I think i found my way here from Jenn\’s sight…saw your comment on her blog…thought your tiny little picture looked cute so i stalked over here. You are cute. have a good day!

  16. Tracy says:

    I hope you are having a great spring break!  I like that quote too, makes you think.  Funny about the song – I agree with Russ, it doesn\’t necessarily have to be a lovey song, just something that\’s just between the two of you.  My H and I call each other "donkey" –not the most loving term in the world but it\’s our thing.  So the same goes for a song, whatever is yours!  Have a great time in New Orleans!

  17. Sue says:

    That is a wonderful quote especially to pass on to your students.  Have a terrific Spring Break!

  18. Dena Marie says:

    I\’ll be yet another person to say… I love that quote!  🙂
    Have a great Spring Break and a wonderful time visiting with your family.

  19. Darcy says:

    Have a great rest of your vacation!
    Good quote!

  20. . says:

    I love your site! Came by way of EZ.
    I am a white American chick who married a black Tanzanian guy and then moved there. But I can totally see similarities to what you encounter. The matching thing. My  hubby is OBSESSED! My man would get the dry skin only in the nasty IA winters. I had to keep a nice stock of cocoa butter for him. Now with the tropical climate he is fine.
    Really like your page!

  21. K says:

    Great read…. love your insight… I have booked marked your place … will be by to check it out more often… thanks to EZ.
    Have a blessed day & a wonderful Spring break

  22. Cheryl says:

    I  totally agree..doing for others or for mother earth is an investment in not only our future but our childrens future.  Have a great break.

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