I’m Avoiding This

What she wore: blue jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirt from my school.  I’m embracing my inner bum today.

I’ve been avoiding this, but I’m here in New Orleans and a lot of people are curious about this place, so I’ll share what’s going on.
  1. A lot of people ask, "why stay?"  My parents live in the suburbs and got about 8 inches of water.  They only got this much because the million dollar pumps the city installed were TURNED OFF.  The insurance company will give them money to fix their house, but the mortgage company will only give it to repair people since they’re fearful people will take the money and run.  SO, you can declare bankruptcy and leave your life behind, or you can rebuild.  Easy decision for my parents
  2. Portions of the city are still in limbo–the sections that received the most water were sometimes the sections that were pretty bad off before.  People in the nicer, residential sections are moving to areas that received less water and have better storm protection.  Insurance companies probably won’t insure these areas again.
  3. The city is gearing up for an election.  We will be electing a Mayor and everyone is eager to see who the city will pick–this will really help determine where the city will go next.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, the entire city is not below sea level.  The historic sections are high and dry and open for tourism.  City officials are making plans to try to densify the population in these areas to keep people out of the lower ones.
  5. I really think tourism is going to go up.  Like visiting concentration camps or ground zero, people have a fascination with the tragic and want to check it out.
  6. My brother bought a t-shirt that says, "Sheetrock happens."  This is because EVERYONE has had to put in new sheetrock and the dust caused by this sucks.  My mom bought me a shirt that says, "Make levees, not war."  I think it’s cute. My dad has a shirt where Mayor Nagin looks like Willy Wonka and it says, "Willy Nagin and the Chocolate City."  I least we still have a sense of humor about things. 

That’s it–if you have any questions please let me know.  For me, this is home.  My great-grandparents settled here over 100 years ago and that’s hard to forget.  This is a tough time for the city, but the magic is still here. 




About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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11 Responses to I’m Avoiding This

  1. Unknown says:

    I\’m planning on a trapeze from the ceiling fan, I\’ll keep you posted.
    It\’s home for me to…bring me some cradaddies….mmmmmmMMMMmmmmmmm, xoxo, Mercy

  2. Jaysey says:

    It\’s hard to leave a place you love–makes sense to me that people want to stay.  NTW–just wanted to let you know I related your "My Humps" story in class today to make a point about slang–my students thought it was hilarious, too.

  3. Sue says:

    New Orleans is one of those cities that will always have "magic".  Water can\’t wash it away.  Glad to hear your fam is doing well. 
    Hubby into moving heavy things, eh?  Yeah, the Hercules Syndrome.  My guy is too old now.  Used to try to prove his manhood by lifting and moving things like washers and dryers by himself.  LOL. 

  4. Nadine says:

     That is the best way to get thru a tragic problem……Humor!! There are folks that will not get it. And think you are insensitive. I say, Laugh On!!

  5. K says:

    It\’s hard to imagine such destruction and the impacts on those who\’ve had the misfortune to cross Mother Natures fury.  If we keep messing with global warming… we\’ll see much more of her fury… the earths way of letting us know we\’ve gone to far… and at such a price.
    Thank you for sharing what you see and your family is experiencing.  Living here in SW Ontario… the only information I get about New Orleans and surrounding area… is from TV… and that ain\’t much these days.  I nev

  6. K says:

    (sorry my PC crapped out but it posted the below.. LOL)
    I never had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans … and I still very much want too.  And I appreciate hearing first hand accounts that SHE is still very much alive and kicking… fighting back and restoring hope and faith.
    Have a wonderful time…

  7. Tracy says:

    Hey there. Those tshirts are funny – I am glad to hear people down there are keeping their sense of humor!  Thanks for that entry!! By the way about your comment – oh believe me there have been moments when I\’ve wanted to just pack up and run away 500 miles and disappear, but I know that\’s not what I really want so I stick it out – while it may be hard at times.  It\’s just complicated – he may be the one causing this but he\’s also the one and only one (besides all my blog friends 🙂 ) who\’s really helping me thru it.  I know that sounds weird and backwards but it\’s true!  Hope you are having a great last day of your Spring Break!! 

  8. Tracy says:

    OH and I forgot to say – I\’ve been to New Orleans only once and my favorite part? The pralines!! MMMM MMMM good!!

  9. Alicia says:

    So how was the area where you lived affected?  Did you evacuate during the hurricane or did you stay put?  You are the only person I know living in N.O. and I have been curious for a while, but didn\’t know how to ask.  Thanks for this blog topic…I bet alot of people will open up and ask things they hadn\’t dared to.
    HUGS!!!  🙂

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I had always wanted to visit New Orleans. When we started service there I thought my opportunity had arrived. Those flights were always full but I figured that I could make it down there one day. And then it was too late. We started service back when the airport reopened, but I\’ll never be able to visit the city as it was "before". I\’m sad about that.

  11. Hollie says:

    I never realized you were in NOLA, wow, ok now how are the kids that you have to deal with every day handling it? I know after our fire ( 2 years ago we lived in a 30 unit complex that burned to the ground killing a young woman in the next apt) Roo and I both couldnt sleep and had fear issues…how is the emotional recovery coming? ..and you are right New Orleans is and always been a great city
    by the way did you see on my BLOG where the Toronto City Ballet and Hope Canada have teamed with the New Orleans Ballet to help them raise funds to replace equipment and start a program for kids who cant afford dance lessons down there?

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