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Independent “dependent” part I

What she wore: high school t-shirt (where I taught, not where I went), blue jean capris, flip flops.  Very grubby, but it’s was raining and anything you put on looks like junk after about 30 sec. I thought I could … Continue reading

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Reflection on being “Featured”

What she wore: black capris, long-sleeve purple tee, black leather thong sandals.  The kids HATED my shoes, but the other teachers all loved them.  Well, the women teachers.  When I first got word that I would be featured, I was … Continue reading

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just plain fun

What she wore:long-sleeve pink tee, white linen gauchos with a draw string waist, two-tone pink slides.  No comments. I checked out the new show Teachers last night and quite frankly I don’t think they’re doing us justice.  I mean sometimes … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

What she wore: black sweater with three-quarter-length sleeves and white polka dots; white capris; white and black Steve Madden slides.  Most of the kids liked it, but one of them said I looked like a Dalmatian. Well, I blogged about … Continue reading

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Oh uh uh (said with sass)

What she wore: purple, short-sleeve tee; denim skirt with a light wash; purple plaid thongs with a drille heel.  If You’ve Never Been Here Before!  Welcome! Here’s the short scoop on me and my space.  I’m a teacher from Arkansas … Continue reading

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What should have been

What she wore: blue jean capris, tennis shoes, purple t-shirt that says, I-heart-NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana). Well, I made it to Kentucky and back without any major incidents and I’m back in front of the computer typing again.    I … Continue reading

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Weekend Plans

What she wore: Jeans, hornets t-shirt, flip flops.  Driving clothes! Well, I’ll be on the road later today and won’t be able to blog this weekend.  I’m going to my friend’s bachelor/bachelorette weekend in Lexington.  We’re going to drink mint … Continue reading

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