You can never be too rich or too. . .

What she wore: beige gauchos with a high waist; hot pink, three-quater-length sleeve shirt with rhinestone buttons; hot pink heels with criss-crosses and a pucci inspired fabric on the sides and sole.  I thought I looked really nice–the kids disagreed.

So, I don’t blog much on this topic, but my weight was getting a little high recently.  People expect me to be curvy, so most don’t notice, but I’ve got a scale, so I can keep track of these things.  I read an article on BMI and when I figured mine out I was standing on the edge and I didn’t want to topple over it. 


With the Hub away it’s been easy to reduce my calories and get in a little exercise; I’ve lost about nine pounds.  I still look basically the same, but I know, and I feel healthier.  No one at work has noticed, but I talk to Mr. K about my weight loss victories from time-to-time.


Recently, he brought a whole new issue to light.  Mr. K’s wife is too skinny.  She doesn’t have an eating disorder, she’s given birth to two lovely children, and she is just too darn thin.  She’s underweight according to the BMI, and if you’ve ever fooled around with that thing, you know that’s hard to do.  Let me put it this way–She’s nowhere near being able to donate blood.


Mr. K says this has brought his wife to tears on occasion: everyone can be supportive if you need lose weight, but things change when you’re trying to put weight on.  After the millionth person tells you that they hate you, you start to think that maybe they do. 


They’ve tried everything: milkshakes, second helpings, etc.  She just has an amazing metabolism.  She feels unhealthy and since she burns so many calories, she sometimes feels tired and worn out too easily.


Personally, I’d rather be a little over weight than under–at least if I fall down, I know I won’t break a bone or anything.  Plenty of cushion on this girl!


Food for thought (no pun intended).




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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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26 Responses to You can never be too rich or too. . .

  1. Hollie says:

    I have lots of padding….slowly but surely it will come off!
    Hey wouldnt mind your thoughts on a school incident with Roo, read my blog if you would and leave your thoughts dear teacher…

  2. russ says:

    You have been touching on some very sensitive subjects lately! You are very brave! Much more so than I, a man, am to comment on anything having to do with the subject of a woman\’s weight… 🙂

  3. Unknown says:

    I have soo fallen over the edge with the BMI.  Well…at least nothing will get broken!

  4. K says:

    It is just as hard for someone to put on weight than it is to put it off… and it hard to find that happy medium.  The key is to like who you are, at the weight that is HEALTHY for YOU… not based on a scale, BMI or a number… because it often does not take into consideration genetics and bone mass. 
    Weight issues are not gender specific and it impacts just as many men as it does women.  That is why I love the Dove campaign… showing real people, different races, sizes, classes etc… it doesn\’t matter.. the key is to LOVE YOURSELF…. and to be as healthy as you can within your natural body shape and size.
    Another excellent topic….

  5. Unknown says:

    Think I\’ll go get me some Taco Bell…he he he

  6. russ says:

    I am sorry. I was teasing and didnt make it clear enough… The joke was for me to comment on a woman\’s weight issue was taboo for me to keep me from putting foot in mouth…
    You\’re fine 😉

  7. Sue says:

    padding is a good thing I say.  My sis in law has had eight kids and is thin as a rail.  That\’s just the way she is and us sistas are tad jealous.  With regards to my recent entry, we are educating the inner city youth one kid at a time so to speak. Hopefully, they will spread the knowledge. 

  8. Dena Marie says:

    Hey, KM.
    I\’m also on the weight-loss wagon… unless I fall off the wagon tonight for some wicked-good chocolate-covered donuts! Anyway, I\’ve gained five pounds in the past month—it\’s just so easy to do!! Like you were saying, others haven\’t really noticed my weight gain… but I have. It makes me feel unhealthy and self-conscious.
    As for those who can\’t seem to gain weight, I *so* can\’t relate… but one of my former dates can. Lanky N. Lispowitz (i.e. the skeleton) told me it\’s very hard for him to gain weight because his metabolism is so high.

  9. Unknown says:

    Thanks for stopping by.  Nice site.  MT

  10. K says:

    hey KM… I am bored senseless being home sick… and all the fun I have is online… only so many soap operas one can watch before going berzerk!  And it is now almost 1am and I can\’t sleep because I slept most of the day… at least on and off… I need to try and sleep some more…
    Things are getting better.. I simply decided to not feed the disappointment and dedicate my energy to getting better and getting my home in order… clean… and all that comes with it… the symbolic and spiritual house cleaning as well.
    Thanks for stopping by… I really love coming by your space!

  11. . says:

    I hear you there. But I would rather be skinny. Think of all the fun of putting on weight. Mmmmm…

  12. Ginger says:

    As someone from the opposite side, I never really thought about those who were underweight and trying to gain for health reasons.   Guess the grass isn\’t always greener.   

  13. Tracy says:

    Hey – ya I have never really thought of that but it must be hard for her and to hear everyone say (I\’m guessing she hears it a lot) "You\’re too skinny".  I agree with you – I\’d rather have too much then too little weight!  Way to go on the exercise and everything.  Be careful with that bmi calculator – it doesn\’t take into account a lot of factors – like how much muscle you have.  Think about it, you can have two people the same height/weight but one of them has much more fat and the other more muscle.  So while it\’s guidance, it can be off.  My trainer has this scale you stand on that gives you body fat % by sending electrodes thru your body, it is weird but more accurate. Oh and by the way – no I don\’t hate you for calling the kids honey, sweetie, etc…but like you said, you wouldn\’t call other adults that – I mean imagine if you walked around calling the other teachers that!! Hope you have a great day!

  14. Laura says:

    My best friend, YR, has this same problem. She is actually taking prescription medicine that makes her hungry all the time to help her gain weight. She is as tall as I am (around 5\’11") and she is under 130 lbs. That is under supermodel weight! I support her in trying to gain some pounds. She says she wants to get near 140, but only if the weight is spread out. If she sees herself starting to gain only in her stomach, etc, she will stop. It is amazing to watch her eat, knowing her intent is to gain. I am always maintaining or trying to cut back. It is unfair of me to tell her to shut up when she starts in about how she is too skinny… but we have had enough serious talks about it to know that I am really supporting her, I just am jealous!

  15. Jennifer says:

    i am writing to confess that i have made ever so gentle fun at you on my blog.  i just couldn\’t help myself when i saw that you have worn gauchos TWO days this week.  i am concerned for your fashion sense! 
    and i would love to have a peek into your shoe closet!! i like the orange shoes.  you remind me of carrie bradshaw. 
    i also saw that you have m.c. beaton on your book list. i too am reading m.c beaton – the hamish macbeth series. 

  16. Nadine says:

     Back in High School people thought that I was anerexic…that all changed when I got pregnant. I gained 50 pounds!! I went from 102 to 152 in 6 months!! That takes its toll on a body. I have never been able to get back down to what the BMI says I should……and for that matter I like myself with my curves. Just not obese. I have decided not to worry so much about the numbers but that I feel good and am healthy.
     And to comment on the t-shirt thing…..that was how I hooked Roy! I had a "Lost Dog Help me Find Lucky" tee and He said, "I know where can get Lucky." And the rest is history…..
    Have a great day!

  17. Unknown says:

    Food for thought, knee slapper…hee hee. WEll I\’d like to be like that once in my life, but only once…sigh….HUGS & happy humperdinkle day,

  18. LH says:

    While in high school and in my early twenties I was like Mr K\’s wife.  It is so true how everyone tell you that you suck because you can eat anything you want.  I would say I am average now.  I have a little extra padding that I am loosing, just becaue it doesn\’t feel right on myself.  My BMI is just a little higher than I would like, but it won\’t take me long to get where I need to be. 

  19. Tammi says:

    I\’ve been over-weight for most of my adult life, but my sister is the oposite……she can\’t gain weight.  It\’s horrible when we go shopping.  For me, cause I hate buying plus sizes, for her because she rarely finds size 2 petites anywhere.  Everyone seems to have problems, no matter what size they are.

  20. Alicia says:

    I never struggled with my weight until I had Laine.  I weigh NOW the same I weighed when I went in to GIVE BIRTH,  NOT good. I am cutting calories, sweets and eating salads twice a day.  And you know what?  I\’M GAINING! I am about to try one of those diet pills…something needs to give.  I feel like crap even though I walk, nothing fits and my back hurts constantly.  I am about 40 lbs. overweight for only being 5"3".  Got any suggestions for a FRUSTRATED friend???

  21. Misty says:

    Thank you for stopping by.  I am sorry that it has taken so long to respond.  I have been so busy entertaining family the last month.  You have a wonderful blog. 
    Since having children and marriage I have put on 20 pounds.  I was thinking since my hubby wiill be gone the next few months, I should lose some of those unwanted pounds. 
    Have a great day and I will be stopping by again.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Good entry…I have a very skinny grandchild and once when she went to the doctor they called CPS. They thot we might be starving her to death.  We put shakes and vitamins in her bur still she can almost crawl through a keyhole.  My son in law was very thin till he hit about 30.  now he is normal… well kinda…LOL

  23. Dennis says:

    I can gain all the weight in the world and still wont get to my legs.  It seems to stop at my arse….and everywhere above.  So I keep fit just to make the top match with the bottom.

  24. Karen says:

    Must be the season for dieting. I\’ve had issues with my weight most of my life; when I was young, I thought I was fat & had to battle a distorted body-image. Now that I\’m heavy, I actually accept myself as I am, but at the same time I\’ve realized I really need to take some steps to be healthier. That\’s my main focus – I want to be healthy so I can enjoy life with my daughter!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Oh I wish I had this problem! 😉

  26. Unknown says:

    I completely understand what Mr. K\’s wife is going through, all my life I\’ve been underweight and it\’s not for the fact that i don\’t eat or that I binge, but i have unbelievable metabolism also! All through out high school I was a hundred pounds even and the past couple of years, I\’ve gone up and down to 109 but stayed about 104. I was so happy to be 109 because I have been wanting to give blood too and when the blood drive was at my high school, I was a mere 97 pounds, ten pounds too light to give blood in my state! The only good thing is that I\’m 5\’0 even, maybe 4\’11 and 3/4 so i look skinny but I don\’t look sick which is a blessing in disgusise. And believe me. I\’ve heard the saying a million times over in my life time : "Oh I hate you,  you look so skinny!" It does hurt after a while. Because being skinny is beautiful in the media but when it\’s a real person that you see everyday, you judge them for trying to look like Paris Hiltin or Kate Moss. I honestly don\’t think they are attractive because of their figure.. or their faces but that\’s another story for another day isn\’t it?

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