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Here’s the short scoop on me and my space.  I’m a teacher from Arkansas and a military spouse.  My husband is currently deployed, but I expect him back in a little over a month.  I have a slight shopping addiction and am thus expected to go out and earn some money to feed my habit.  I love my work and it provides me with endless blogging material.  I use my blog to put my two cents out there and maybe make people laugh or think.  Hope you enjoy your visit.


You may have heard that I’m being featured on MSN’s What’s Your Story this week.  If you think my space is great, or you’re related to me then please take a minute and vote for The Barnyard.  I’d really like to not be last. 


Now, for the usual blog:
Today was on of those teaching days that just makes you want to scream.  I wrote up a student for entering the bathroom without permission.  I should back up. . .
Each morning I am the bathroom monitor for the boy’s bathroom.  This is a thankless job that involves being entirely too close to urinals and breaking up fights.  I keep the number of people allowed in a bathroom down to five to help prevent vandalism, fighting, etc.  
Today a student limboed under my arm and brushed his hair in the bathroom.  I told him, "I’m going to write you-up on a long form (this is the more severe of my two options)"  He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders, and said, "OK."  I figured, no big deal, wrote the form, and turned it in to my assistant principal.  Turns out, this kid has been acting up and she decided to suspend him from school for three days.
I get called into the principal’s office about an hour later.  The student in question is sitting there and she asks me to repeat my story.  I do so.  She tells the student he will be suspended for three days.  He asks to use the phone and then says to his mother, "some white lady is trying to get me suspended and I need you to come down here and take care of it."   
Uh, excuse me?  Some "white-lady?"  Do I not have a name?  Or a profession?  
I could maybe stand for being called "some teacher" or "some lady" and probably even "some bitch," but for some reason I am just straight-up pissed by being called a white lady.  I’m not allowed to call him "some black kid," and it angers me that his parents think this attitude is acceptable.  
If you want people to look beyond your race than please look beyond mine.  What does it have to do with anything?  I gave the kid a choice, warned him, and he made the decision.  Suddendly, he throws my race into things to muddy the waters.  I have CHOSEN to work in a school that is 85% African American.  Please don’t make me apologize for being white–just like you, I didn’t choose my color.  Look beyond it and see who I really am.
OK, enough rant.

I feel I must add a little to this story.  Many people commented and I don’t want there to be any confusion.  I DID NOT comment on being called "a white lady."  I allowed the assistant principal to handle that comment and she did so with the utmost respect.  She is African-American and she explained to both the student and his mother that I should be referred to by my name and not by my race.  I am a professional and never mentioned the matter.  My input was simply to relay the story and emphasize the CHOICE the student had made.  I save ranting and raving for the bloggosphere.

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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53 Responses to Oh uh uh (said with sass)

  1. Jaysey says:

    It\’s a good rant, though.  Unfortunately, this does happen more often than we\’d like.  You read DM\’s blog, right?  She adressed this very topic not too long ago.  It seems that sometimes people pull the "race card" to avoid taking responsibility for themselves–they use it as an excuse.  And I blame this kid\’s parents–like you said (or rather implied), they shouldn\’t allow him to think that sort of thing is acceptable.

  2. Unknown says:

    Pisses me off to, most of my patients are either Hispanic or African American, I get called the white lady a lot as well….RANT ON BAY BAY!!!! Happy Monday hugs, Mercy

  3. Unknown says:

    Funny enough we laughed our bums off…oh btw congrats on making the spaces thingy….shhhh I\’m voting for you MWAH Mercy

  4. Dennis says:

    Ok, Ok, Ok…… I will skip the pleasantries as requested and weigh in with the Black opinion.  Playing the race card, as he did, merely signifies that he had no justification for disobeying and breaking the.  So his last resort is to call mom and hope she comes down to raise enough hell that he wont be suspended.  And should she do just that it will only underscore how he came to be so disrespectful.  If she comes down and gets the facts without making a scene then there is hope.
    Call me anytime you need me.  Still lovin the hat. 

  5. Sheryl-Ann says:

    Wow, that\’s a sad situation.  I am originally from the Caribbean and it never ceases to amaze me how it is always about race in this country. Shortly after I moved here, I took an exam and I didn\’t do well.  Frankly, I hadn\’t studied the way I should have because of a myriad of circumstances.  Thus, even though I was disappointed that I hadn\’t done well, I knew that I was to blame.  However, when I was telling a few people about the exam, a few of them said immediately that it was because I was black and they just couldn\’t see how I didn\’t know that.  I actually found it quite funny and they looked at me like, "What are you laughing at?  It\’s true!"
    I say all this to say that this happens because of what children are taught at home.  I could assure you that if my niece or nephew rang home and said something like that, he would be grounded for life!  The student said that because he knows that this is acceptable behavior at home; it is probably something that he has heard over and over again.  Racism is something that is taught – make no mistake about that.  If you grow up in a home where everyone sees people and not color, behaving in such a way would be foreign to you, just like it is for me.
    It\’s sad, though, and I applaud you for the work that you are doing.  Please do not give up.  I am sure your job must be quite rewarding.

  6. Jtrav31 says:

    Oh man!!! That\’s one of the best I\’ve heard.  I usually get, "You\’re just racist!!!"  everytime I correct someone.  I usually try to be sarcastic with them, it keeps them quiet.  😀
    I was surfing around and found your space up for voting, so I thought I\’d check it out.  We have a mutual friend, MochaMomma.  Like your space.

  7. Unknown says:

    You tell that boy! *random cheering noises* Being a student in one of those 85% black high schools, I appreciate teachers like who know when to lay down the law, regardless of race. Now, his mother, if she\’s anything like some of the mothers of students at my school, will be right outside the school with signs that proclaim that you and/or the principal are as hateful as Hitler and Bin Laden. Along with some fake statistics about how mistreated black students are. And worse of, it always happens in the cases where there was no justification for the student\’s actions at all. Never when the student has a right to complain (me). But that\’s *vote* beside the point.-Josh "The Ender"

  8. Sue says:

    I truly hate that.  My experience has been that the kids use it because the parents have come to their "rescue" screaming without looking at the facts and/or the parents have done the same type of thing.  Kind of like the "my kids can do no wrong" parents.  grrrrr..
    Congratulations!!!!!!  You are going to be one busy girl this week! Enjoy your week of fame.  I\’ve been slackin\’ due to my tornado which leaves tomorrow and hopefully all will be back to normal.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I say that no matter who you are… take responsibility for your choices.  I\’m really really hoping now that my kids are fortunate enough to get a teacher like you or Kelly. *hugs*

  10. Betty says:

    Congratulations!  Your space is great and I voted for you.

  11. Sara says:

    tsk tsk, you have more guts than I do woman!  Good luck.

  12. Unknown says:

    Ohh!  I would have not been able to keep my mouth shut!  Any child who resorts to that (regardless of color) has no respect for themselves or anyone else! 
    Keep up the good work with school! 

  13. Beth says:

    Very nice space.  My hat is off to all teachers.  You are underpaid, underated, etc., etc.  Congratulations on being a featured space!

  14. Carol says:

    Great post KM.  This was a well-deserved rant.  Race aside, that kid showed you a lack of respect.  I would also find it infuriating!

  15. Cheryl says:

    At my job they pull the race card all the time.  i just tell them I may look white but I am an indian.  I now have bery few white people workingthere because they don\’t want to deal with possible thret to their liscense by discriminating…

  16. Nadine says:

    You go girl! I agree with you!!! And we will leave it at that!
    Drill heel?? Is that like a kitten heel??
    Good luck with the "best of" thing. You have a great space!

  17. Gina says:

    Im curious to know what he would\’ve said to his mom if you were a black teacher.  Is saying some "white-lady" suppose to make the sitaution more dire?
    If you want respect, you have to give it.

  18. Alicia says:

    WOW!!  That\’s a doozie!  Are you going to tell us what happened?  Please don\’t leave us hanging, Katy!  🙂

  19. Unknown says:

    One thing every kid knows is how to push the teacher\’s buttons; if buttons there be.  I was a master.  This particular phrase seems to work with you; expect lots more in future (it also probably works with the Mom, as a motivator).  Who says this kid wants you to look beyond his race?  Him?  Not everyone does want this.  Since it is a fact that you are white; and a fact (I trust) that you are a lady, what the heck.  Irritating I grant you, but on a scale of ten – what?? 

  20. Tammi says:

    Wow that\’s amazing.  I admit that I\’ve never witnessed anything like that in my life.  Definately want to hear all of the details of what happened……………..  🙂

  21. Tanilan says:

    As a black mother, if one of my children ever called me on the phone and said some stupid crap like that, I would have gone to the school alright…and put his little behind over my knee.  That\’s just ridiculous. 
    My husband is an English teacher and coach.  He\’s also white.  So when someone accuses him of being racist, he pulls out my picture.  It shuts them up immediately.
    Love your space.  I will be back again.

  22. Unknown says:

    Hey girl friend I think your "vote" link isn\’t working!!! Fix it…xoxo M

  23. Toni says:

    shame on you white lady for doing your job. yeah i never did understand why race is always a part of, oh, EVERYTHING with some people, white, black–whatever. but in that situation it would\’ve been hard to keep my mouth shut for sure. kudos to you for that–stick to your guns–and let us know what went down with mom. i\’m totally voting for your space. toni

  24. t i m says:

    Hi there
    I saw your space has been nominated on \’What\’s Your Story\’ so I figured its only I had a quick peak, Its fantastic by the way & I can see why you got the nod this week.
    Good luck with the voting anyway.
    As for this entry, the \’race card\’ is always thrown around at ood times. The best thing would be not to sink down to his level regardless of how tempting it was.
    Take Care. 😉

  25. Kelly says:

    Oh, my sweet KM is nominated for SOTW or is it SOW? In any case, CONGRATULATIONS!

    I\’m so happy for you as you\’re one of my faves, honey! Just so you know, I\’ve already been to vote for you and then came back here to offer some comments.

    Thank you for asking my opinion – I feel honored that you care enough to do so.

    I believe you are right to be upset by this comment. In fact, I feel
    like I can even hear the tone of voice with which this was delivered,
    and so feel offended for you as well. "Some white lady" implies that
    you are nobody, that you are a random woman who happened off the street
    and has decided to punish a child. When the fact is that you are a professional
    doing your job and rightly punishing a child for his actions. To take
    away from the actions is the point, and you know this as well as I.

    Shift the blame back onto the student where it belongs and deal
    with that first. There\’s no point in arguing the \’some white lady\’
    comment until this child sees that his actions landed him here, not
    just a \’white lady\’ who feels like punishing him for punishment\’s sake.

    You are so right in your final statement: "…don\’t make me apologize
    for being white." I, for one, certainly do not. I applaud you for being
    a teacher. A humane, caring, loving woman/teacher who gives of herself
    every day for children. Color doesn\’t even enter the equation.

    Chin up, kiddo. We have to stick together.

    Hugs and kisses!

  26. ferhat says:


  27. russ says:

    Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you the nomination was in and to get ready!! hehe
    I am so sorry that I hadn\’t noticed! I will be sure to mention you tomorrow!
    I\’m happy for you, you deserved it!
    Have a fun week!

  28. Tracy says:

    Hey there! Congrats on being featured!  You know what – I somehow totally missed the fact that your husband was deployed!  Ya I am an idiot!  It is too bad that kid chose to refer to you as the white lady – and like you said, what\’s worse is that his mom apparently was okay with that!  I am glad the principal handled it! 

  29. Unknown says:

    pssst it\’s working now…hehe hugs Mercy

  30. Christine says:

    I totally agree with you that race should not be an issue EITHER WAY!  It is not right for someone of colr (any color/nationality) to be able to denigrate someone who is white and not have that also called hate speech.  An hateful attitude is an hateful attitude.  PERIOD.  Good for you for not giving in to the bait when this student spoke that way about you, and good for the Assistant Principal for also insisting on respectful behavior.  Personally, I think more people should take a stand on the issue.  It is not right to denigrate because of race/color.  The COLOR white is still a color.

  31. Unknown says:

    It\’s always nice to meet a fellow Arkansan in the blogosphere!  Congrats on Best of MSN Spaces feature.  I as featured last November and really had a blast during my week. 
    Very nice site!  Glad you are out here.  MT

  32. Syn says:


    I came here via Kitty\’s space! Wow! I never knew MSN did nominations
    like that! All I\’ve seen is blogger made award sites, never an
    "Official" one! Congratulations. I voted for you!
    Really nice space with interesting stories! Keep up the great work.


  33. Antonella says:

    Hello there!! I\’ve seen this plenty of times before, going both ways. People have refered to me as, "that Puerto Rican girl," first of all, what does that have to do with anything and second, I\’m Italian!!! I hate when people say that kind of stuff. Is there otherwise a lot of racial tension in your school??

  34. Unknown says:

    Feed sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for the recommendation.-Josh "The Ender"

  35. K says:

    Hey KM… you asked about Papi… and why I refer to him as such….
    It started as a joke and never stopped… it stuck… he is Papi… and I am Mami… but certainly not in the father/mother figure sense of that word….
    It\’s busy over here these days!  I voted for you… as difficult as it was this week… so keeping my fingers cross… but no matter what.. this is a place I will continue to come back too!
    Ciao bella

  36. Rosemary says:

    hugsssssssssss I came from Mercy\’s space and voted for you.  I\’m from Louisiana.  I live next door to BAFB.  Nope never been in the service.  lol  I sell yorkies for my extra money.  Mercy wants one. lol I wish I could get it to her.  I will come back to vist again soon.

  37. Unknown says:

    I am gonna vote for just because of your courage. Courage all round but most especially because you wont stand for being called "some white Lady" by some ill mannered, arrogant, badly brought up little brat.   

  38. Nooner™ says:

    lol @ "I have a slight shopping addiction"

  39. Unknown says:

    I don\’t agree with DavidShag. If you had said in the same circumstances to this child\’s mother that her little \’black kid\’ was behaving badly. It would immediately have become a race issue. Granted he is black and a kid but the mere fact that you (hypothetically) defined him by his race would make it a racial issue. Yet for him to define you by yours inferring that his problem with you is a result of you being white – is okay? I do not think so Mr. DavidShag. 

  40. sherifa says:

    Hi there
    I hate it when ppl use this to have what they want
    Any way Nice space ^^
    You deserve to win

  41. Monger says:

    OK I Voted and then tried to vote again and again, being from Florida we got experience in those things, but MSN wouldnt let me. Oh well I came from Evil Kitty or Mercy\’s site and casted my vote for you. Wow a person MSN hasnt tried to shut down. I have twice BA%TARDS.
    Take it eZ

  42. Unknown says:

    Bless you for being a teacher to any race! 

  43. Renee says:

    I wish this would be addressed more in school…if my kid said the "N" word he\’d be out in a heartbeat…yet others can openly call my son a "cracker"  and nothing is ever said…I often feel like people don\’t see the reverse discrimination…
    oh and I voted for you!
    you have a great blog!
    hope you still come by now that you are famous!!

  44. Unknown says:

    Nice post.  I believe the race card is played all too often, but as long as there are different races it will continue.  Nice space and congrats on being featured.

  45. Nikki says:

    Wow, I have a really good friend who drives a school bus and some of her stories never cease to amaze me.  Keep up the good work.

  46. Unknown says:

    Your professional response to this student is commendable, but you should not feel that expecting others to look beyond your race is unprofessional.  If we don\’t begin to tactfully correct inappopriate values and attitudes our students will be handicapped by their own entitlement.  Racism is simply a form of entitlement.

  47. Kelly says:

    Yes, I\’m back. Deal with it. 😉

    It\’s only to continue reading the comments until I read the one about "reverse discrimination." What, exactly, is that?

    It\’s all discrimination to me. No "reverse" about it.

    Oh, and now I\’m off to join that billionaires club. Yeah. Right.

  48. Lewrence says:

    It is truly unfortunate that in this day and age we are still confronted by people who refer to others by their race (color). As a professional, you did what was right in letting your suborinate handle the situation but, letting someone who is ignorant get to you isn\’t the best reaction to an otherwise minor incident. You could have called him a black boy but, that would have caused you more grief than it was worth and possibly administration problems as well. Besides, it would have made you look just as ignorant as he is. As a black male, he may have been trying to get him mother on his side to prevent him getting into trouble for violanting a teacher\’s authority (knowing his mother would side with him). Next time this occurrs, handle it the same way and go on about the proecss of education our youth, they surely need it!!!By the way, I\’m of African decent

  49. Promise says:

         I just wanted to let you know that I voted for you !  We\’ve chatted before and I like you!  Good luck with the contest!

  50. Laura says:

    That\’s alot of reading for you to do. I will keep it short and sweet… I agree with your post.
    Oh, and Congratulations to you!!!!

  51. Nunya says:

    Maybe you are angry because he was inferring to his mother that the reason he was in trouble was a race issue.  I had a similar problem when arresting a young african american male.  As I was putting him in the back of the patrol car, a couple of his buddies walked by and said "hey man that\’s messed up….the only reason she arrested you was because you are black and she\’s a racist cop".  I couldn\’t help but laugh.  Forget the fact I was RIGHT there when he came around the corner with the tip jar in hand that he had JUST stolen from a coffee barista.  It was just coming over the radio and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time!
    When I got home from my shift that night……I called my now ex-jerk and told him I had been accused of being a racist.  He got all quiet and said…."you do know I\’m black right!"  I responded….YOU\’RE BLACK!!! That\’s it it\’s over!
    So I can understand how it upset you.  I became an officer in the reserve program because I wanted to show kids in this town that not all cops were bad …. and then to be accused of such a thing….even though I knew it wasn\’t true……upset me on a certain level!
    I like your blog so keep on keepin on!

  52. Unknown says:

    what qualifies as old skooll rap with you?

  53. Unknown says:

    I completely understand your rant. It\’s not against one race or another, but if anyone expects you to be respectful to them, they should return the favor. This c hild may or may not be racist, younger children never are, it\’s learned, but it still urks me when I hear a ignorant comment come from a child\’s mouth, an adults even!

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