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A Personal Question

  What she Wore: jean capris, black tank with teeny-tiny sequins in gold and silver up on the straps, black and gold leather sandals with a cork wedge heel.  I’ll admit, the shoes are a bit much–and that’s why I … Continue reading

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Life goes on

What she Wore: Baggy jeans, teal t-shirt, teal flip flops.  I swear I’ll put on someting nice one of these days.   The compliments on my last couple of entries have been really amazing—thanks, you guys!   I realized that … Continue reading

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Crossing the Color Line

What she Wore: grey running pants and a blue college t-shirt–I’ll put on something cute if I need to go pick up the Hub at the Air Port. This blog started out one way and then went in a completely … Continue reading

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Last Day, Baby!

What she Wore: orange polo with white trim on the cuffs; denim a-line skirt; orange strappy shoes. Today was the last day of school.  Days like today I wonder how I could ever do anything else.  Mr. K and I … Continue reading

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Something you may need to know.

What she wore: Black short-sleeve tee with a lace inset at the top, denim pencil skirt, black flat mules with beading design.   The kids said I looked "gothic." I promise I’ll do something funny one of these days, but today … Continue reading

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Tags and More

What she Wore: brown v-neck sleeveless top with crochet around the neckline; khaki capris; brown strappy steve madded slides.  White undershirt.  The girls all loved the shirt. First I’d like to say that yesterday’s blog generated all sorts of interesting … Continue reading

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Nekkid Pictures

What She Wore: Navy blue high-waisted gauchos with two rows of vertical buttons at the waist (nautical looking); red, quarter-length sleeve tee with white trim at the collar and cuffs; red, white and blue strappy slides with a three-inch wedge … Continue reading

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So you don’t think I disappeared. . .

What she wore: turqoise and pink plaid capris, white tee, pink leather thong sandals.  I wish I had a jacket ALL DAY.  People keep that air on high this time of year. I’m a pretty regular blogger, but life didn’t … Continue reading

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We’ve got a long way to go

What she wore: Giant t-shirt that says, "don’t worry, be Hopi"; Blue jeans covered in paint; brown paint-covered sneakers.  I spent the day at an artists’s work shop. I watched news last night and it stated that an Amendment was … Continue reading

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Less than an Ode

What she wore: turqoise capris, white scoop-neck tee, white leather thong sandals.  For the tank: cammoflage cargos for boys, so they go past my knees; black tee that says "Make Levees, not war."  When I was wearing those cargos I walked … Continue reading

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