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I’m sorry but I felt that I needed to delete my last blog entry.  I have saved the entry and the comments into my computer, but I can’t leave it up there.  The thing is just too sensitive for me to  keep dwelling over it.  My course is clear–I will stay true to MY beliefs knowing that I’ll probably never make everyone happy.  What’s important is my happiness. 
In the bible Jesus compares himself to a grape bush and says that which is fruitful will be pruned back, so that it may be more fruitful.  This is just a little pruning.  It hurts, but I’ll probably be better for it in the end.  I’ve learned a valuable lesson.

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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20 Responses to Blog deleted

  1. Renee says:

    ooo sorry i missed that one….BTW What exactly is a "kitten" heel?
    I learn so much about fashion here…I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal but I hate to be ignorant!

  2. Tracy says:

    Hmm well I must have missed the entry you are talking about but I know how that goes – I have deleted a couple entries too.  Oh and about your fashion entry below — see I used to always have my toenails painted in the summer but then I would get lazy and wouldn\’t redo them when I needed to, and stopped because I figured – isn\’t it better to have nothing than to have half-painted toes?? Or maybe I should just not be so lazy and redo them when necessary! 🙂 

  3. tassietoo says:

    NM, and I LOVE the food here!! 😛

  4. wendy says:

    I missed your blog, but I can understand why you would want to delete. In case you haven\’t noticed, I have yet to post about the church lady. I will just say that it is similar to your blog about "classism". If you really want details I would be glad to email you and fill you in. But for now, if I want to stop stewing over it, it is best that I don\’t post it on my space. I hope you have a good rest of the week and don\’t give up. You are a woman after my own heart!!

  5. Nadine says:

     I too missed it. It\’s a bummer to have to work. Life just seems to pass on with out me.
     It is a live and learn world. And you have to live it the best way you can!
     Who are the judges for the dance contests…..back when I was trying out for cheerleading it was a couple of teachers and a couple of the high school cheerleaders. I made the squad, but I quit midway of the 8th grade. The School decide to split us up and I was the only one tossed into classes with girls I felt more comfortable with than the preppy girls. The preps were a hateful bunch. The girls I made friends with we are still friends to this day. I got way off the subject……I think the judges need to be people that have no real interest in it. We can rant and rave about impartiality but we all know that they have their minds pretty much set walking in the door!

  6. PeaceHopeJoy says:

    Hey there, got your comment over on my space.
    I, too, belive that sometimes that Satan throws a wrench in the wheel, so to speak, just to throw us all out of whack.  However…I also believe that God uses these circumstances to test us.  To see what we\’re really made of.  To teach us a lesson of one kind or another.  When we find ourselves in the middle of any trial, we need to step back and ask ourselves what the Lord would want us to do in that situation.  It\’s so hard sometimes, but testing builds character.  It helps us grow.  Even when we don\’t want to grow…because change of any kind is hard!!  Just remember the Lord is always with you, even when you feel like He is not, and He will help you get through this too!
    A favorite scripture of mine:  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"  Philippians 4:13 ~~ It helps me through those rough spots.
    Ok…enough preaching for today!  LOL  You asked! 
    God bless : ) 

  7. Unknown says:

    Oh damn hun, I\’m sorry I\’ve been out of touch…I hope you\’re alright!
    If you want to vent or talk  …
    Love and good thoughts,

  8. Laura says:

    I am sorry you felt like you had to delete that. It was bad, but not as bad as you think. Right now it is a sensitive subject for you, but looking from the outside in… this will blow over.
    Don\’t ever doubt yourself, Katy! I liked the advice the chrysanthemum (or somethinglike that… it was the mile long comment) lady gave you about approaching the admin humbly seeking advice. From what you have said about them before, I am not sure if they will do much, but you can clear your mind that you made an attempt with them, ya know? Hell, I have no idea what you are feeling like right now. I have not had to make any desicions like that in my life yet… Not sure if I am ready to be a grown-up…

  9. Toni says:

    i\’m with sasha–it seems bad now but in a little while it won\’t be as much–and you learn as you go…what a crazy thing to have ever happened in the first place, i tell you! still think you did the only thing you could do…deep breath, chin up, new day, etc, etc, etc…have a good one! toni

  10. Unknown says:

    Hey you….Evidently I missed something.  If you need to vent…come on over.

  11. Alicia says:

    I must\’ve missed that one too…..

  12. lori says:

    ohh I curious, so curious, but respectfull

  13. Darcy says:

    Hey girl… Sorry I missed the entry you delted.. not because I\’m nosy, because I would have liked to try to say something encouraging… But it sounds like you got great advice and the most from inside you! 
    Take care and I hope that things (whatever they may be) will look up for you soon!
    P.s.  Bellydancing?  FUN!

  14. Sheryl-Ann says:

    I think I know how you are feeling right now……"And this too shall pass"  You will feel better as time goes by…….just one of those crappy things that happens.  The important thing is to grasp the lesson and move on.  All of our experiences are meant to mold us, so don\’t get too bent out of shape over this – you are already a better person because of it!  You will see it as time goes by.
    I think you need a day at the Galleria (smile)!

  15. Sue says:

    In overall scheme of things, this won\’t seem so awful down the road Katy.  Hang in there.  I understand where you are coming from, but from your friends here, you have nothing to fear girl!
    Do something fun this weekend and get this crap off your mind! (I probably need to take my own advice, eh?)
    : )  Sue

  16. Unknown says:

    And life goes on… Pesonally, I\’m tired of being pruned.
    It all works out, always has, always will. Chin up!

  17. Caroline says:

    Lol!  My comment was a mile long…and I understand the delete!  🙂 Caroline

  18. LH says:

    Oh geeze I get busy at work and miss an important entry.  Left my e-mail would love if you could send it to me, but I understand if you want to keep it private.  Hope you are ok though really.  My prayers are with you.

  19. Alicia says:

    I still want to know what this was about…..

  20. Kerri says:

    I love your blog.  I was a teacher in Kansas for 6 years before I moved on to another education based job that only requires occasional trips to schools to do presentations. 
    I have no idea what your deleted blog was about, although I would have to guess school based on the comments I have read.  I taught in 4 schools in 6 years.  This is the time of year that mental breakdown among teachers should soar.  Two of those schools I left to try new things.  I left the other schools through no choice of my own.  I wan\’t fired, and it wasn\’t because of my teaching.  Both were blamed on finances, and since I taugh FACS – Family and Consumer Sciences (formerly Home Ec.) I can understand the money issue.  However, one was strictly based on pissing off a board members wife and no backbone among the other board members.  The second school was a space thing.  They needed my room to convert for the special needs populationa and the pre-school. 
    If it has to do with school, I would like to help, trust me I\’ve probably been there.  If it doesnt\’ have to do with school I would still like to here it, but then I\’m nosey.

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