Ode to the Hub

What she wore: green polo shirt, khaki capris, khaki wedges with a drille heel (see side bar), two big straps and a little green bow.  Kids loved the shoes.

If you’re a usual you know that my hub is coming home in less than two weeks from a deployment in the Middle East.  I don’t talk about him much, but that’s mainly because he’s not here.  Today, I thought a little Hub profile was in order. 
The Hub
What makes him different: 
  • He lived in Saudi Arabia for four years since his father worked for an oil company.  He missed the late 80’s and therefore thinks it’s weird whenever I do the Roger Rabbit or the the Kid ‘n’ Play.
What he loves: 
  • Well, duh, me, but seriously, unconditional acceptance is hard to find and he gives it out to everyone.  Whoever you are, whatever your story, he shows patience and acceptance.  You don’t have to change to suit him.
  • Our dog–I was getting together some pictures of him for this entry and I noticed that he’s with the dog in every one.
  • Lifting heavy stuff–not boxes, but weights.  He recentently maxed which he does every year on his birthday.  He was in the 500’s on deadlift and squat.  He was over 300 on bench, but he claims he was recovering from an over-training session.  He absolutely HATES to move furniture, though.  I’m always saying, "If I painted a big number on it, you’d want to move it."
  • Food/cooking–he’s like a gourmet.  He teaches everyone who comes over something about food and loves to prepare it.  He makes a tiramisu that’s supposedly fabulous, and a cheesecake that makes me drool just typing about it. 
  • Music–specifically, jazz and blues.  He used to play the saxaphone, but life doesn’t really give him enough time for that.

His personality:

  • He’s quiet and thoughtful–sometimes it takes him several days to process an event.  Sometimes people think he’s judgmental, but he’s not–he just doesn’t say ANYTHING while you’re talking.
  • He’s a leader: in college he was president of his fraternity, one of the top two guys in ROTC, and started a club for future engineers.  All this, while keeping me happy–it’s a wonder he didn’t have a nervous break down.
  • He’s calm:  I’m a tizzy of a person.  He calm presense keeps me grounded and sane.  I can’t wait till he gets back.

OK, I’ve waxed poetic long enough!  You get the picture, I’m crazy about the guy.  Here are some pics, including the promised tush picture.




I almost forgot: My friend from the real world stopped by AND left a comment.  I feel so special! 


About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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25 Responses to Ode to the Hub

  1. Jaysey says:

    Yay!  I\’m excited for you that he\’ll be home so soon!  I hope you won\’t forget about all your online friends, though! 😉

  2. Tracy says:

    That was a cute entry – I am so excited for you to have him home soon!!!!  Although I am with Jenn on this – I"ll miss you if you forget about us…but I\’ll understand if you aren\’t online a lot when he gets home…after all I know you will be busy with him!  🙂  LOL about your comment about the roommate and blog material, haha I thought the same thing…you know you are addicted when you decide on things based on the blog material it will provide 🙂  Have a good night!!

  3. Sue says:

    I know you are SO excited!!  It could be a long couple of weeks.. it will be for me just thinking about you waiting for him!  I have not been separated from Dweeb for more than 2-3 nights (only twice at that) in 22 years!  I can\’t sleep without him here.  When he gets home, let us know he\’s there so we\’ll know why you disappear for a few days ; ) 
    (and yes I am truly on-call for my baby sis, I raised that brat and now working on her kids.  I was not expecting anything for MD, but when I saw Blondie walk in, I knew.  And I love it when Dweeb sends her for my gifts.  LOL.)
    Sue  : )

  4. Kelly says:

    How wonderful!!! You must be unbelievably excited. How can you focus and concentrate on school with all that going on.

    May I be one to comment on the tush picture and say THANK YOU and YOU LUCKY DOG? I may? Good.

    Nicely done.

  5. Unknown says:

    So…Do I meet the seal of approval??  I\’ve had 2 pics up before in my album.  I guess no one caught those.    What a great idea to post it this way.  I always like learning about others.  Have a good night!
    P.S.  When hubby has been gone 6 months before.  The numerical amount of numbers was just to depressing to count down, so for the first 4 months  I counted by how many pay periods were left.  Quirky, but it helped. 

  6. Nooner™ says:

    I\’m so excited for you too!! This posting on hubby was wonderful. Gosh, only two weeks to go!  Woo hoo.
    I\’m headed off tomorrow for two days to meet online friends I\’ve known for a few years, but never met in person. This group gets together every year and I declined in the past, but decided to go this year.
    See ya back here in a few days. 🙂

  7. Toni says:

    mmm….cheesecake….your hubby sounds so much like mine it\’s scary. what a hottie!!! i totally laughed out loud about the whole roger rabbit thing–and i think from now on i will stop complaining about caleb being out of town every now and then…i read the list about the not-so-great-stuff-about-teaching and that is really so, so sad–these kids are to be admired for what they deal with–i would imagine them to grow up to be such strong, resilient people…i\’ve always been so sheltered and spoiled most of my life…you\’re one swell teacher. ~ toni

  8. Laura says:

    Funny how getting to know someone\’s partner lets you know more about them. I feel like I better understand you now, after hearing about him. He is a cutie by the way!
    Can\’t wait for him to get back – just for your sake!

  9. tassietoo says:

    Count me in!  I\’m excited for you too!  I know what it\’s like to have a spouse off fighting a war, my ex was gone in the first one for 6 months…awful.  Take care and have fun!

  10. Karen says:

    Great entry, your husband sounds like a great guy, but one would expect that as you\’re a great lady 🙂
    I\’m so excited for you & I hope the next couple of weeks before he returns fly by!!

  11. Renee says:

    I know you will be relieved to get your man back home…he sounds like a really great guy! Please let him know how much we appreciate his service to this country! And you too for that matter!
     I know you can hardly wait to get your hands on him!
    take care

  12. . says:

    He sounds like a wonderful man! Especially if he can cook!

  13. K says:

    I can\’t wait for you til he comes home.. I know it hasn\’t been easy for you.  You speak highly of him – you speak from love and that is beautiful.
    Keep breathing hun… it\’s only a matter of time!
    Ciao bella,

  14. Unknown says:

    Goody Goody GUM DROPS!!!
    I\’m doing the cabbage patch for you this morning! (Speaking of horrible 80\’s dance moves!)
    Urg two more weeeeks, it\’s still a long time, but it\’s closer than it was. He sounds wonderful, and hey with a tush like that he could have a few faults even though you didn\’t mention them. HIM has the BEST tushie to! (Sigh…Mondays and Tuesdays we don\’t get to see one another, not that I can compare to your long stint, but I miss HIM and will be glad to see HIM tonight. Oh and I have an excuse we just hit our two month mark! It\’s still VERY new.)
    OK now tell me about this underwear wrong side out now, it\’s a habit? Is the niggle that the seam shows? Or do you notice when you pee @ work or something? lol
    Happy Wed.

  15. Betsy says:

    That\’s sooooooo sweet! 

  16. Laura says:

    I was looking at your fashion cheat sheet… and who woullda thought… I own a kitten heeled shoe, and didn\’t even know it! You learn something new every day!

  17. Nadine says:

     So you have the perfect balance……that makes for a good marriage.
     Will you continue to blog when he comes home? Does he know that you blog? Roy has no clue!
     Thanks for the Drille heel…….I would have NEVER guessed it!!

  18. Darcy says:

    Hey girl;
    He sounds absolutely fantastic!  It\’s a really wonderful thing to be able to hear you speak all those lovely things about him… you tell him too right?  I\’m so excited for you!
    re: your comment on  my site… I HOPE you were joking… dear Lord do I!  Um, it was 65 at 5:30 this morning and it\’s to get up to 95 today… (I converted Celsius to Faren for you… 🙂 ) So can\’t wear pants and not shave the legs… don\’t need that kind of warmth 🙂
    My igloo IS melting rather rapidly though, so I don\’t know where I"m going to live 🙂
    Love ya hun!

  19. WINDOW LIVE says:

    When you go to a restaraunt tell them you want to sit as far away from smoking as possible.  If they don\’t do it.  Ask for a manager and tell them you CANNOT sit by the smoking area.  This is why I am for no smoking in public except I don\’t think the government should interfere.  However, my Mom is like your Mother in Law so I have empathy for people who cannot take the smoke.  It is a filthy habit which will kill you in the end.  So why can\’t I quit.  Kfarm

  20. Gina says:

    What cutie!  And your hub is not so bad, too! lol, jk…you two make a great looking couple.  He sounds like quite a catch.  I hope the next 12 days fly by for you. 

  21. Becca says:

    What a great site you have! I have been looking at it for the last day or so. You sound like a great teacher. Your husband will be home be home in no time at all! Will he be home for a long time? I hope so! Have a great time! You are truly blessed!
    Your blog makes me smile. Have a great day!

  22. Antonella says:

    You must be so excited he is coming home! Good for you guys!!! I like your comment about putting a number on the couch so he\’d lift it!!! My fiance\’s the same way. He\’ll bench 325, but when I asked him to move some furniture for me, he said he doesn\’t wanna hurt his back!!
    What were you guys doing in that last pic??? 😉

  23. Alicia says:

    Is Hubs going to be back for good or only temporarily?  This was a nice way to get to know him…you did a GREAT job with the details!
    P.S. OMG!!  Is that BUTT for real???  DAMN, woman!  I\’m jealous!!  🙂

  24. Sheryl-Ann says:

    Wow KM, things always seem like a long way away but time really flies.  I can\’t believe that your hubby will be home in less than 2 weeks!  I am so happy for you!  Will you have time to blog (smile)?

  25. Tridter says:

    …..is that a jack russell!!!  are they little characters or what? 
    [my son will be home in august – godspeed to your man, dear]

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