Nekkid Pictures

What She Wore: Navy blue high-waisted gauchos with two rows of vertical buttons at the waist (nautical looking); red, quarter-length sleeve tee with white trim at the collar and cuffs; red, white and blue strappy slides with a three-inch wedge heel.

A while back I went to the races in Kentucky for a bachlorette weekend.  The bride’s sister happened to mention that she had professional pictures taken of herself–naked!  She paid a good sum of money, went to a professional, got about a million proofs, and narrowed her choices down to a select few, which she put on disc, and sent to her boyfriend stationed in Kuwait. 
Her reasoning is this: she’s in the best shape of her life and the only place to go from here is down.  Why not capture her body in this moment before time, children, donuts, etc. take it in another direction?
In fact, she thinks everyone should get some pictures like this taken.  If not naked, why not in a bathing suit or a pretty piece of lingerie?  Another friend of mine said NEVER–do you know the skeezoids that take naked pictures of people?
So, I’m wondering what the rest of the world thinks.  Have you ever considered getting photographic evidence of your hotness while you’ve still got it?  Or, if you think you’ve peaked, do you wish you had proof of how good you used to look?
Let me Know!

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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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34 Responses to Nekkid Pictures

  1. Darcy says:

    Hey girl!
    Ya, I\’ve so thought about it… and it\’s my \’prize\’ to myself for completing my fitness goal and getting to be where I want… not ALL of the people that take them are gross!  I\’ve seen some of the pictures that the company I\’m going to use has done and they\’re gorgeous!  I say do it!  It\’s a beautiful thing, it expresses that you love your body enough to do something like that, your hub will love it… if he ever has to go again, he can take that with him, and I think it would be such a fulfilling and uplifting experience!  DO IT!

  2. Jaysey says:

    LOL!  I see the value–but I prefer my own digital camera to some photographer I don\’t know–just not comfortable with the whole naked in front of strangers thing–plus I\’m too broke for pros! 🙂

  3. Karla says:

    I\’m sticking with my original opinion on this topic. If you define your hotness by who you are and what you are versus your body, you never have to let time steal that from you. Or worry about who is going to see NEKKID pictures of you. I fully intend on being a striking sexy 65 yr old like my grandmother and her sister!

  4. Dennis says:

    This has more to do with one\’s personality than anything else.  As I always say, not everything is for everybody.  I don\’t see anything wrong with this idea at all.  For me, a photographer, it would be capturing someone as art.  The human body is so often the subject of art mediums.  It has been done since the begining of time. 
    This should not be something just reserved for those with perfect bodies.  A good photographer knows how to capture you in the best angle and light.  You don\’t have to be nude to be sexy.  Nudes are a totally different style of art.  And it isn\’t reserved for the perfect body either. 
    The fact of the matter is women are blessed with so many appealing curves.  I love capturing it in pieces like abstract art.  Something that you have to stand back and look at for a while to figure it out. I also love to create using light and shadow, affecting different perspectives of the human form.
    If you are comfortable with the idea then by all means do it.  But don\’t put the prints in a drawer.  Hang them and be proud.  You can hang them in the bedroom.  What better place to exhibit?
    KM this brings me to one simple question.  When do we begin?  Because EVERYONE knows that you want ME to photograph you….Don\’t you?

  5. Laura says:

    I love the idea. Just because you are nude doesn\’t mean you have to show anything. You could do some classical poses imitating art, where you are reclined looking over your shoulder, or all of the other coy positions there are to choose from. It could be tasteful, or tacky depending on the photographer, I think.
    to answer your question about the movie/book… Read the book first (I highly recommend the illustrated version), and then rent the movie later on. If you have the illustrated version, you see all of the art and architecture he talks about, and you get the benefit of all of the background information they can\’t put in movies.

  6. K says:

    Nude pictures or not… I think a \’good\’ photographer with an artistic eye will be able to capture the true essense of a person… Would I?  Perhaps after I loose some more weight and a bit of photo finishing… but it would have to be with a trusted and reputable photographer… and perhaps even a best friend in the room just to be on the safe side.  Now I have had a topless drawing done of me by an ex who was and still is a wonderful artist and animator.  I have it hidden safely somewhere that maybe only one day I will take out to share with someone else.  That picture was one that he really wanted to do for me… since he found his subject beautiful and alluring – regardless of my size.  Perhaps one day I wil frame it and put it in my bedroom as EZ suggested… perhaps one day.
    I do not consider myself photogenic in the least bit.  Every angle captures fat, imperfections and simply non flattering facial expressions that I wish were never immortalized.  But I then dated a budding photographer that somehow captured ME, my essence on film.  I love those pictures (my photo album – Pictures by Spike) – they were taken first thing in the morning – I had no make-up to hide anything.  He softened them a bit but told me he did very little refinishing.  I have yet to find another photographer who has done the same and if I did, and he would ask for nudes… I most definately would do it.  Taking those pictures that day with Spike was liberating and fun… I did not hate the lense that in essense stole my soul… I felt free.  Perhaps that is why I love those picture so much.
    What I am trying to get at is … nudes or not… GOOD pictures taken by a GOOD photographer will capture beauty – whether or not you are in your prime shape and age.  And besides… beauty is in the eye of the beholder… because apparently what I find as fault with my physique, ceratin members of the opposite sex cannot stay away from.  It truly is in the eye of the beholder… behind a lense or not.
    I would, I have and I will… to sum it all up.  Great post.  Very provacative… now the wheels are a turnin\’…
    Ciao bella,

  7. Antonella says:

    I personally don\’t think I could do it! I still kinda get embarassed taking regular pics, imagine naked?!?!? I mean, I don\’t think it\’s a bad idea, but then I\’d also be worried about the person taking the pics.
    So, what about you??? Would you do it?

  8. Nadine says:

      From the mouth of the Harlot in the RedBra…….If you got it flaunt it! 
     And becuz I don\’t….. I would have mine, wrapped in a furs, foxes, minks, and sables!! Swirled around my Harley or draped on my car.
    Oh yes!!! Do it while you are still young and do not have a body ravaged by childbirth!!

  9. Unknown says:

    Well, I have three points on the matter.1. I\’m not eighteen. Sure, if there is no remotely sexual connotation, technically, it\’s legal, but still.2. I\’m male. Who the hell wants to look at naked guys? The one homosexual in our cast for Charlie Brown brought a playgirl in the dressing room. The general opinion of everyone else, male and female, was wrong/gross.3. Even so, right now, I\’m thinking at this point that I haven\’t hit my hotness peak yet. I\’m much better off than I used to be, but I think I\’m still getting better.Oh, I got valedictorian, by the way.Josh, "The Ender"

  10. Toni says:

    yes…exactly what EZ and KC said…down to the very last sentence…
    i\’d do it. in a heartbeat. but i still would be extremely careful who i have do it–because while you think they "captured your beauty perfectly", they could go posting it all over the place. get a friend to do it, or a really good recommendation from a friend. and for crying out loud, do hang it on your wall. ~toni
    p.s.–we do have bunnies. but what is the difference between a bunny and  a jack rabbit?

  11. Unknown says:

    Hi, It is by chance Im here.
    A cool space.
    So far nude photographs,
    I would say beauty lies
    neither in total exposing
    the body not complete
    hiding. It erupts from
    good presentation and
    proper featuring figures.
    It needs a versatile
    photographer and of
    course a really
    beautiful body.
    You may difer, it\’s your
    Nudity sometime leaves bad
    *Hugs* and with *Love*..

  12. Renee says:

    When I was 16 or so I had a boyfriend with an artist friend and I actually sat for him to draw nude once.I did keep my panties on….. I was of course shy and nervous but he made me feel very comfortable…the sketch only took a few minutes and while he was scratching away he giggled nervously and I said …"what???" he replied shyly "you have nice knees"  and blushed …I thought it was very sweet…the sketch hung for a while at the foot of my boyfriend\’s bed …I guess he got rid of it after we broke up as he married the next girl he dated….I often wish I still had it though!

  13. Tracy says:

    I might consider doing it – but only with my own camera and I\’d be very careful what I did with the pics.  I don\’t think I\’d do it for a boyfriend just because I\’ve heard stories of bad breakups and who knows where those pictures might end up if the boyfriend wants some kind of revenge, you know?  I might do it for a husband though.  But isn\’t it kind of cruel to email naked pics to a guy stationed so far away – isn\’t that kind of like putting salt in the wounds, as if he didn\’t already wish he was there getting some, now he would REALLY wish it, LOL!!!

  14. Nooner™ says:

    My mom is 83. When my dad died in November, my eldest brother and I noticed two sexy photographs of my mom taken years back under the glass of her bureau. I would guess they were taken by my dad and she was in her twenties or thirties. The outfit was very sexy see-through lingerie with partial butt exposed and the poses were alluring. At first glance by a "son" one is caught off guard because the sexy poses are of "your mom". But nano-seconds later both my brother and I smiled, kidded my mother who was standing near us at the time, and both my brother and I thought the exact same thing: what another example of the wonderful love they both shared through their 62 years of marriage. I\’m glad she took them. 
    Admiration for nudity or artistic poses is ageless. One does not have to be in their prime to participate. Most of us love the inner beauty of a loved one first and foremost, and become totally accepting of the outward appearance of that loved one no matter what shape the person.  Your face lights up with excitement when you see the face of a loved one. The package of their body or other features is all a bonus.

  15. . says:

    Can I get liposuction and a boob job first? If yes, count me in!

  16. Unknown says:

    Hmmmm I\’m not sure…I\’ll have to look closer in the mirror tonight, I\’ll get back to you…
    Did you ask Mr. K this question? te he he

  17. Rikk says:

    It is too bad we can\’t take a snapshot of our mind at our most lucid moment to remind us of our clarity later in life. Being a photographer, not one othe skeeziods, I would be so flabergasted if asked to take nekkid photos that I would probably reach down to adjust my tripod and nearly kill myself.
    Great story. Interesting question. As I was never "hot" I don\’t have a frame of reference from which to speak.

  18. Unknown says:

    Well, i have to weigh in now to maintain my "man" status.
    Personally, i\’m fascinated by photos…and specifically photos of people.  I love to get up close taking pics to get a deep look / thought.  I\’ve taken pics of myself – i think everyone wants to look a certain way / favourably and if you can capture that , why not?
    I took some of the ex lover with a terrible digital camera and it had a 3 inch disk in it so i just left it with her and she sent me some.  She wanted to see how she looked on film.  I took them in b&w.  Last summer/ fall when i was peaked (compared to now) and in terriffic shape, i took a few with the web cam…some suggestive some leaving nothing to the imagination *blush.  I guess most of us are affected by images we see in the media – ie…a good body for a man is Matthew Mcconaghey or some CK model and for a gal it\’s VS model in panties.  Then again, maybe your image is different.
    Funny that you pose the question, but you don\’t answer it yourself…..
    Personally, i would not pay a sum of money for this but i have the means to take them of others or myself.   I wonder though if i\’d be able to take pictures of a "friend" say in underwear without being turned on etc.
    I\’m not sure i\’ve answered the question, but the fact taht your friend calls people like this "skeeezoids" would tend to make anyone around her clam up about their acceptance or interest of this.  It\’s like if 3 women were having drinks and one says "ewww…i hate giving head- it\’s gross", but the other 2 love giving head.  What do you think the 2 who love giving head are going to  say?

  19. Della says:

    I solved the skeezoid problem by getting together with a couple of girlfriends and we took pics of each other…we still went and got them printed out but you could always print them out yourself.  It was a lot of fun, and our husbands were happy with the results.  All three of us are not at ALL modest, so it wasn\’t embarrassing, but the wine we drank was an added bonus.  We went out to some property of a friend who has 5 acres in the middle of nowhere, and I borrowed an alpaca fur from another friend…we also bought cheap white sheets and hung them up on the wall, draped across the floor.  The black and white ones turned out the best, and since we did it with a digital camera, we were able to crop and fix them before getting them printed.  Whenever we talk about them, we use the code word (not very code-y but oh well) "nature shots"!

  20. lori says:

    Interesting topic as usual.
    I tend to freeze around cameras .. way too self conscious
    but… a few years back we were given a Polaroid camera and the first thing my husband wanted to do was take a nekkid picture… so there is one of me and one of him.  I haven\’t seen or thought of them in years ..

  21. Sheryl-Ann says:

    Sounds like a good idea but I don\’t think that there is a photographer out there that I would trust so I guess I would not do it.  I have always said, however, that if I ever get pregnant, I would like some naked pictures of me (along with my husband) in my pregnant state.  They would be black and white pics.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Mine is long past and I doubt i would dwell to much on pictures of myself in an earlier time.  Sounds kinda sick to me. 

  23. Unknown says:

    I don\’t think I could trust someone with those kinds of personal things. But maybe that could be a good idea for me and the boyfriend to try…
    I\’m so happy your husband is coming back in a couple of days. I can\’t even begin to imagine what it\’s like to be wothout the person you love for that long. Wish you the best.

  24. Kathleen says:

    I personally have never been hot and will never be hot, BUT if I was, I would definately want pictues.  Probably not naked, but in lingerie or a swimsuit. I think a good digital camera and some margueritas and some fun girlfriends would be good enough.  I would be too shy to have a professional photographer take that kind of photo. 

  25. Unknown says:

    I never considered doing naked pics.  Just never crossed my mind.  One regret I do have was not doing the "belly" shots while pregnant.  THe ones where you wear the flowing white outfits and its just you and your huge tummy, done in black and white.  Or having the belly plaster casts done. 

  26. PJ says:

    I think that Sensuous photos are the better compared to total nudity. What a wonderful piece of art the human body is..and with the positiveness of one\’s own sexuality, there is nothing more beautiful than the body. It is the person in the photos that shows their abilities to allure…to capture their own sexuality…that makes voluptuous and beauty stand out. If one is not in "tune" with their own sexuality, then by all means do not attempt photographs. Photos don\’t lie.
    Thanks for this entry.

  27. Alicia says:

    I actually have a freind, 36 with 2 kids, who did that recently to show how good she looked even AFTER the kids!  They came out GREAT!!  🙂

  28. Karen says:

    I am pretty comfortable in my skin (of which there is quite a lot more than there was 10 years ago…), but back when I was what the world may have considered "hot" I just wasn\’t so comfortable… I don\’t really regret not having nude photos at that time, though I do wish I had a few more photos of myself (not from just then but from throughout my life) to help preserve memories…
    I don\’t think I\’d do nude photos now either.  I guess I\’ve never really thought about it.  I do think if they\’re done tastefully, and by someone you trust and who has artistic vision & can capture your beauty, it would probably be a wonderful experience.  Just not one for me!!

  29. Ronald C says:

    Where to start with the answers??
    Since I\’m a professional photographer- been that for twenty plus years… There have been those "occasions" where the client has come ot me to ask me for that same very specific type of result. I\’ve done it in the past, but… Since I got married in 03- ironically I\’ve chosen to pass on the offers.
    But, since my wife has chosen to abandon me; I guess that technically makes me seperated now. Although I still do hope and pray that she might desire to come back some day soon.
    But, if she doesn\’t I guess this means that I\’m back in business for this type of work again; in addition to my regular duties.
    One would be quite suprised at how many people request this type of photographic work, and better yet… WHERE some of the pics are taken (as in the location of the assignment); which can be some rather risque types of places. Just use your imagination.
    This type of work involves an incredible amount of trust with the photographer.

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