Inside Out

What she wore: green tank top, jean capris, black leather thong sandals.  Yes, I call them thongs.  Thank goodness this bible camp thing is over–I can’t keep looking like crap every day.

There is so much in my head these days, I could blog every day, but I try to give everyone a break since it’s summer time.  The other day I was listening to the radio, and I heard that song "Inside Out."  The version I know was sung by Trisha Yearwood, but the lyrics were written by Bryan Adams according to all internet sources.  Those lyrics have blog topic written all over them, so here’s part one:

The biggest lie you ever told I don’t know about this one.  When I try to think about a single lie that I’ve told, I can’t think of one.  I’m not saying that it never happened, but I’m more of the little white lie type—“no, I wasn’t sleeping.”  “I’m really sick, I can’t come in to work today.”   But I’ll never tell you that you look good in a dress when you don’t, I could never sell you something that you don’t think you need, and I’ll look the other way when you ask me about that boyfriend I don’t really like.  My problem isn’t lying—it’s being honest too much of the time.


Your deepest fear bout growin’ oldThis is an easy one.  My biggest fear about growing old is that people will stop seeing me.  I don’t want to be invisible.   I hear these horror stories and I just don’t want to fade into oblivion.  Will that happen?  I don’t know and the only way I’m going to find out is when I’m old and its too late.  I just don’t want to get old and not be able to connect any more.


The longest night you ever spent Another easy one.  The night I stayed up all night writing a paper for my adolescent psychology class.  Each page was worth one extra credit point and I needed eight points to get an A.  It’s probably the first time I’ve ever wanted an A.  That was a turning point for me.  After changing my major to education, school suddenly seemed important.  So, I stayed up until dawn and turned in that paper.  Then I sat on the patio in between the dorms and talked to the other people who’d stayed up all night studying or who were finished and had stayed up all night celebrating.

I’ll do some more of the lyrics some other time.  Enjoy your weekend.




About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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23 Responses to Inside Out

  1. JESSICA says:

    I cant remeber how I found you… but here we are!! ;0) Great pics, looks like you had fun!!! Love your blog style… and for a mom who struggles to even have style… very nice touch sharing your outfit setup!! Nicely done…. so did you ever figure out about the dumb cow lady???? ;0) Stop by when you have time… though my space doesnt seem as fun as…

  2. Karen says:

    It\’s sad that so many of our elderly seem to go unnoticed.  I worked in a nursing home for years in the recreation therapy department & really, our elders have so much to share with us, if only we\’d let them. 
    Holidays at the nursing home always broke my heart, so many of the residents never had any family visit them & this was especially hard at the holidays.  There were times when I felt almost motherly toward my old folks… like a mother with a child who\’s been excluded from a game by other children, I wanted to just gather those lonely souls up in my arms and comfort them.  Those men and women, most of them spent their lives taking care of their children, only to be deserted by them when they dropped them off at the nursing home.
    Um… I could go on and on about this one… because yes, so many elderly people are invisible to many… so I can understand that fear.
    Sorry for rambling… I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Unknown says:

    I understand the fear about growing old, but you seem to have so many good friend now. It would be hard to believe that you would not remain close as you grow older.  Tomorrow is just a day away and I believe our future is what me make of it. And if in the future you think that you will be alone….call me we can sit around together and tell tall tales about our younger days. You are a genuine person, you seemed to have touched to many lives to be alone in old age.
    And for the other questions …. The biggest lie that I ever told….Yes this is my real hair color! (and it is still true to this day)

  4. Nadine says:

    Okay…Deep Breath…..Biggest Lie: Roy rants about a news segment about blogging……"I just don\’t get it!" I look very innocent and shrug my shoulders, "Me either."
    Fear of growing old: That I will not make it! That I will not get to grow old. I feel like crap most of the time and some days I don\’t think I will make 50. So I am perpetually 35!!
    The longest night: The night my father died…….it was 2 yrs long!

  5. Aaron says:

    Thanks for coming by my site and leaving such a nice comment.  Ever since EZ posted that wonderful blog about my blog I\’m getting a lot of new visitors.  I really do hpe you come by often.

  6. tassietoo says:

    I\’m ba-ack!  Man I hate MSN sometimes…I\’m blaming them even if it\’s just me! 😉  And in your previous blog, Good for you!  I\’m glad you can see what makes you special and unique and useful.  Some of us are still looking. 😛

  7. Val says:

    hello there.. hope you have a great weekend.. wowerz… nice pictures of the wedding..
    hope you do not mind me stopping by and leaving a wee comment
    take care
    smiles and hugsss
    keep safe

  8. Becca says:

    I love that song. Biggest lie I ever told was til death do I part. I guess when you are in an abusive marriage, you can have an out in that. Biggest fear about growing old: that there will be no one left to remember me. Longest night I ever spent: The night that we spent in the hospital the night that we were losing our baby. Very devastating.

  9. Unknown says:

    Don\’t worry about growing old sweet pea.  Worry about living your life today.  Growing old is about making love, making memories, and learning to be who you really are inside.  And learning that who you really are inside is a flawed but wonderful person. 
    And a tip from a nurse:  Branch out your interests as much as possible.  Love reading if your hearing fails.  Love music and conversation if your vision fails.  Love walking for those days when you have the time to walk.  But if your knees go, love sitting in your garden to smell the flowers.  Make everyone a friend because you will lose some who are dear to you.  And always be around children.  They will keep you young.  And when you are slow, they will understand and not rush you.  (((((hugs)))))

  10. Sheryl-Ann says:

    I have so many long nights that it would be hard to pick out the longest one.  During carnival in the Caribbean, we would literally go days without sleeping, and then crash out on Ash Wednesday.
    I sometimes think of getting old, but I just picture myself as an old professor tormenting all the college students (smile).
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  11. KEL says:

    Biggest lie…I love you, growing old…not getting to see my daughter grow up, longest night…my first night in Iraq. 
    Love the topic-I have the cd that Trisha sings it on, never really thought twice about it, maybe I\’ll dig it out of retirement.

  12. Karen says:

    KM~ thank you for your kind words on my space.  It is a hard subject and one I wasn\’t sure I wanted to discuss here… I almost deleted it from my 101 list and replaced it with something more simple, but I forged ahead. 
    Thanks again.  I hope you\’re enjoying your weekend.

  13. Sue says:

    Hmmm…  Think I\’ll have to leave those alone tonight.  It would hard to narrow down the second two items.  Besides, my head still hurts from too many shots last night while with kiddies up the road.  Now I know why I don\’t do that anymore. 
    : 0 Sue

  14. Nooner™ says:

    Hi KM,
    You\’ve caused me to smile tons this morning!
    And its all due to "shoes" .. lol.
    First, I come on to the site and see the wedding pics for the first time. I look at each to share in the fun time you had with all your friends … shudder at My Fall pic (and tell myself I want to read the blog I missed that explains it) … and get to # 8 titled "The Shoes!" of just a picture of the bridemaids shoes .. lol. OMG, I started smiling since I seem to know you so well .. lol. Of course because I\’m smiling at the single pic of shoes you chose to display, I had to look at all the pics one more time to look down and see them being worn.. lol.
    Second, I start reading this blog. I always start by dutifully reading the "What she wore" paragraph. I\’m a fashion admirer, you know (well, I am if you agreee that looking at each page of the latest Victoria\’s Secret catalog, looking at each pic, and then reading each and every description of the clothing qualifies me as such .. lol). And I start laughing at the line "…I can\’t keep looking like crap every day"… lol. Now the smile turns to slight laughter.
    Third, I read the blog .. go on to the next couple of blogs I miss and see yet a second "What she wore" with a pic of "shoes" in it (ok, thongs). Now, I\’m laughing harder and have to go back to this blog to double check if indeed there was a shoe pic (ok, flip flops).
    Fourth, now I calm down .. wipe the coffee dribble that came out while I was laughing .. and again dutifully read the blog about the wedding. I get to the part of The Fall and of course am interested to know that you were not hurt. And then I get to the words "but you should never punish a good pair of shoes" and some more coffee I\’m sipping again escapes into the air .. lol.
    LESSON LEARNED: Never drink coffee when I visit KM\’s site again and again.
    P.S. I take offense at the remark that the Target flip flops are not glamourous ~~ they are awesome! Please put them on again soon and take a pic for my site\’s pedi Photo Album. My readers will love to see them on ya!  😉

  15. Gracia says:

    The biggest lie I\’ve ever told – \’yes, I did call.\’
    The deepest fear about growing old – not being able to take care of myself.
    The longest night I\’ve ever spent – labor alone thru the night… induced, by the way.
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  16. Gary says:

    Thank you for your comment on allergies and "synchronisicity"  (please excuse the spelling). I\’d heard the word but was unaware of its meaning. I\’d considered making a comment on the longest night I\’d ever spent, but decided that it was too long and would be deserving an entry of its own.
    Great wedding entries, looks like fun was had by all…

  17. Unknown says:

    Ms. B1tch likes the shoes. She wore some thong shoes to Restaurant the other night and her poor toe blistered because the thong strip was plastic. Ms. B1tch limped home, but she looked cute-in-her-shoes doing it(But Ms. B1tch knows better than to wear them again to Restauarnt, no matter how cute.)

  18. Unknown says:

    I\’ve never heard that song before…or at least I don\’t think I have…sounds veeeery interesting. 
    Karis…I have a friend named Karis, so KarisT wasn\’t such a stretch for me.  No one I have talked to though has ever heard of a name even similar to that.
    Have a great Sunday!
    God bless : )

  19. Kathryn says:

    Don\’t worry about becoming invisible when you get older – some writer will be looking at you and thinking "how interesting! I wonder what stories she can tell me about her life? Look at that face….there is a story, an anecdote, a pain a pleasure-in each and every wrinkle"

  20. Christine says:

    Haven\’t been by in a while.  Loved the wedding blog!  How is your head feeling?  Are you still a bit logey from that escapade?

  21. Unknown says:

    No you\’re not an airhead!!  I just changed them a couple of days ago!  I don\’t know that I\’ve ever heard this song?  I\’ll have to pull it up and give it a listen.

  22. Sandra says:

    seems ages since I visited you ..
    sounds as if things are going ok in your church (not new anymore !)hope you enjoyed the bible camp(or are you still there?)
    be back to catch up soon

  23. Big Dog Mom says:

    Longest night I ever spent – Hubby and I just moved into our new house.  Filled water bed.  Turned on heater.  Tried to sleep on waterbed that night.  Spent the night shivering, putting on more clothes and blankets.  Finally moved to the floor to sleep with the dog. 
    Biggest fear of getting old – getting Alzheimers.
    Biggest lie I ever told . . . (to an ex-boyfriend) "I don\’t love you anymore."

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