Things are changing around here.  Please bear with me while I figure these things out.  

What She Wore: Denim skirt, brown tank top with the slightest ruffles on the sleeves, beige wedges with brown and gold beads.

For a while it’s been running through my head to blog about blogging, so if thinking about thinking is "metacognition" then blogging about blogging must be "metablogging."  My metablogging falls into a couple of distinct categories.
Lurkers. A few days ago, Ashlie asked a question about lurkers.  Mainly, she wanted to know if lurking was rude.  I don’t think lurking is rude and sometimes I get e-mails from people who don’t know how to comment.  I, too, have wondered about lurkers, but for completely different reasons.  Then, Mocha asked the question that I’ve been wondering which is what makes a person stop lurking and start commenting?
Which brings me to my next topic, Comments.  I read all her comments and I noticed that very few people had an answer to that one.  I guess the lurkers decided to keep lurking.  But, I pose the question here, what makes you comment?  Do you comment to let the person know you’ve been by? Do you comment because the topic moves you?  Or do you comment to make your own opinion heard?  Do comments matter to you on your own blog?  I LOVE comments, but I’ll confess that I never know which topics will get a lot and which ones won’t. 
Why do you Blog?  What is the purpose of blogging?  For me, it started as an experiment to see if I could do it.  Then it became therapy while the Hub was away.  Now, it’s a type of social interaction.  I love seeing what other people are up to, and love to read what they have to say.  Would I still be blogging if no one ever commented?  I’m not sure.  For many bloggers, their site is a chance to improve their writing and get real-world feed back.  For me, it’s cool to see my writing improve, but that’s not my primary purpose.
What is good blog material? Jenn reprinted a whole article full of blogging tips and one of them stated,  if you havent written about sex, religion, and politics in a week youre probably playing it too safe.  I don’t blog about any of these topics.  I’m wondering if I’m boring–it’s entirely possible.  Truth is, these topics bore the crap out of me.  I’d much rather read about that weirdo that you work with, or the birds around your house, then listen to one more person blah blah about Bush, Iraq, or blow jobs.  Sorry.
Should you get your own site?  If you do this long enough, you’ll start noticing that people will ponder getting their "own" site.  This means getting free of MSN and blogging your way.  It’s also a whole lot more work.  EZ, Mocha, Single in St. Louis, and Tiff are all in some stage of striking out on their own.  If you get your own site, does that cut down on your traffic? How do people find your blog in the first place?  Is it worth all the hard work or does it take some of the fun out of blogging?
Technical Mumbo Bumjo(why does that seem like it’s a racial slur or something?)  I recently starting adding pictures to my blogs and I really like the way it looks.  I think that other people like it to.  I’ve just spent the whole freakin’ weekend trying to create a banner and that was fun although a bit time consuming.  My dearest Hub revealed some hidden talents and showed me how to create them. 
After some feedback from whoever was around yesterday, I think I have my new banner!  Waddaya think?


About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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34 Responses to Meta-blogging

  1. Unknown says:

    How CUTE!!!!!  Keep it this way!!! Love it!

  2. Carol says:

    I love the new look…and the shoes.  Cute!  PS.  Sometimes I lurk, sometimes I comment.  It depends on a lot of things.  My mood, the topic, whether I can think of anything to say.  A lot of times I want to comment, but I just can\’t get the words right, like now.  But I\’ll post it \’cause it\’s already typed.

  3. Antonella says:

    I like the shoe, but I don\’t think it goes with "the barnyard." I think the dog is the best one. I like the white, it\’s very bright, I\’m no technical genius, but is there any way you could add a little more color? Even if you can\’t, I like this, I think it looks really nice!

  4. Unknown says:

    I\’m really tired…but…I love the black and white "life" one…it just some how makes me think of you…it seems perfect. Kind of bitter sweet…classy…a little sadness…and a joy of life @ the same time. That\’s my pick…I\’ll type you some more tomorrow.

  5. Sheryl-Ann says:

    I like the photo entitled \’Barnyard 2\’.  I think a lot of people are interested in what you wear so the shoe adds a nice touch as opposed to the dog.  I think the pic with the hat would have been nice too except that there are other persons in the photo.  Maybe you could try cropping to see how it would work.
    About blogging, I comment because I want my opinion to be known, and I think it\’s nice to let someone know that you stopped by. I also love to write, which answers the question of why I blog.  I am also \’alone\’ here in TX so it\’s a good way to let my friends (who are all over the world) know what\’s up with me.  I generally blog about what I am thinking about so I guess I never think about sex – yeah right (hahahahaha)!!  I just prefer to stay away from some topics, I guess.  We all have different things that we care about and that\’s what makes blogging great – you get to read about a variety of issues.  Nah, I don\’t want my own blogging website………I have enough work with that dissertation plus I already have to maintain my class website.
    Good luck with your new look – I am sure it will be lovely!

  6. Sue says:

    OOOOOOO!  This is fun!  Regarding your banner, this is a difficult decision.  With your page being titled Barnyard I LOVE how you have it now (Absolutely love the new look!)  The shoe does not really go with "Barnyard", but then it describes you in so many ways.  If you go with the shoe banner my vote is definitely for Barnyard 9 with the \’shoes, teaching, life\’.  If you go with the pic of you at the races I vote for sepia barnyard.  The dog doesn\’t really speak to what you talk about.  see how complicating this is???   Probably the Sepia barnyard is first vote.  Barnyard 9 with the shoe second, and dog you have up now third.  That dog is so damn cute!
    Why do I comment?  It depends.  Sometimes out of courtesy for the blogger.  This takes work and time!  Sometimes it\’s because I want my voice heard.  Sometimes it\’s encouragement or it\’s moved me.  No matter what, I always try to leave a comment.  If I don\’t, it\’s because I get pulled away from the computer and will have to come back to comment.  I too love comments.  I realized the past month how much they mean to me and how much they help even if I haven\’t been around.  So, I try to make sure I get around and leave a comment on regular basis no matter what. 
    Did I answer the question?  LOL.  Once again, LOVE IT!  How did you do your banner?  I\’m beginning to think about this.
    : ) Sue

  7. Karen says:

    I really like the new look of your space; every time I see one of the simple space layouts like this, I wonder if I should change mine… anywho…
    For a banner, I\’m really torn.  I think Antonella\’s right about the shoe not fitting with the name, but the black & white shoe with writing (Barnyard 2) is my favorite, I think.  It fits well with your style here.  So it would be either that one or the sepia photo of you with the polka dot dress & hat.  That\’s my 2cents!
    As for lurkers… I do sometimes swing by someone\’s space and read the blog without leaving a comment.  Sometimes it has to do with the fact that I don\’t have time, sometimes I just can\’t think of anything to say other than "hi" and that seems a little lame… so I just leave…
    Okay, I need sleep.  Good night!

  8. KEL says:

    Ok, first of all…I really like pictures barnyard 2 and barnyard 8, however I think the one currently on the front goes well with the name Barnyard but the shoe and the picture of you are very much true to the style of the blog.
    As for being a lurker or a commenter of sorts I think that for me it depends on the topic.  Some topics I actually have an opinion otherwise I would just be leaving a boring blah comment.  I like to write, its always been a way for me to express myself, I have gotten out of the habit for quite a while but now that I am getting back into it I remember how theraputic it has always been for me.  However, since I started blogging I have gotten engrossed in following some of the other peoples lives.  It does not have to be about politics, religion or sex, just the everyday musings into another world. 
    I look at it a little like an internet soap opera without all the unnessary drama.

  9. Jen says:

    Hey!  First off, I usually comment when something is just plain awesome and it leads me to reflect on life.  As far as lurkers, I don\’t think it matters unless they start e-mailing you really creepy e-mails.  Then it matters.  Lastly, as far as the blog, I like the experimenting and I hope that whatever you permanently choose you are satisfied with.  My two cents for pictures — I like barnyard 2 and 8.  They\’re fun. 🙂  With the writing…if you\’re going to have a white background, have fun with pictures and coloring in words (like today\’s blog with the bold and the green links, etc.).  Have fun "re-decorating"!!! :o)

  10. Dennis says:

    Go with BARNYARD SEPIA but make the typeface formal.  The current typeface is distracting and definitely NOT FASHIONABLE which totally contradicts what you are about. 

  11. Becca says:

    I like the look of the space, very bright and airy and light. I love the dog, since M\’s folks have a dog like that. I like you since you like shoes! 🙂 As for lurkers, they are ok, I am sure that we all have them. I am just careful what I post and how I word it in order to keep my privacy and that of those that I love. I comment when I feel that I have something to add to the conversation or what I might have to say might make a difference. I love it when people comment on my blog. It gives me a viewpoint often different from my own. What is good blog material? Whatever is on my mind at the time. If it makes me think, it usually ends up in a blog. I am up to read most anything. I don\’t think that I will strike out anywhere other than here. I like my little spot.  I really like what you have now, but will love watching it evolve into what it will become. It is an extension of your personality!

  12. Karla says:

    I really like your new layout. 2 & 8 are my favorite banners.  8 might be a better fit for your site but 2 is pretty fabulous.  By the way, you might know the fembot. Coincidentally, she went to your HS. 

  13. Laura says:

    Welll….. I like the hat (that is you, right?!) It is more personal, and more… you. I like the little sayings with it, too. I like the black and white one.
    I feel the same way about blogging. I think if I ever sat down and thought about it too much I would confuse myself (about why I do it). I mean, it isn\’t like there aren\’t better things to do (workout, read, take up knitting), but… I just like it. I like writing, and I think if I could just comment on people\’s spaces, I would. But, I love getting comments, too. I like the interaction, and learning new things. Being this young (hell, I know it has nothing to do with your age) I feel like I am still finding myself and my voice and my opinions. I read things in blogland that make me think more and pose those situations to myself. It is almost like a little test for me… maybe. I don\’t blog about that \’stuff\’ either. I would rather read something funny about someone\’s day, or learn more about that person than the \’usual\’.
    So, this is way too long. That is what you get when you ask for my opinion… I go on and on and on….

  14. Laura says:

    could you handle one more somment from me… I changed my mind on the banner… LISTEN TO EZ!!! I like his idea… sepia barnyard with more formal font. Very classy, very you. The dog is not speaking to me AT ALL! And the shoes are damn cute, but not fitting to you somehow….
    Sepia Barnyard!!!!!

  15. Laura says:

    Where the hell have I been? I missed so many of your posts?!?!?!? Ok, I feel like a stalker now… last comment I swear!! That post about God given talent is awesome. I am sure you are aware that people walk this earth for a lifetime not really sure what they are here for, or what they could be doing to help… that was a major revelation for you there! Good for you. Now, can you help me figure out mine?!? 🙂

  16. Nooner™ says:

    Tres kewl changes, KM!
    Awesome look. Sue told me you made great changes today .. even though I was here last night or this morning before it all took place.
    I love that woman. She\’s so great. A person I\’ve admired since stopping in to see her a couple months back or more.
    So, this new look of yours is pretty darn chic. I like!

  17. Josh says:

    I\’ll start out by saying I love comments, too. I comment on other people\’s blogs as much as I can because I\’m sure others enjoy getting comments as well…but I don\’t like to just say something small-talk-ish, so I usually will comment if I can contribute anything or if I have some kind of opinion one way or the other…or if I really enjoyed part or all of the post.
    Comments are a great way to branch out, network, be seen. I also like to read other peoples comments because I follow the same philosophy I practice. I found your space from your comment on Sasha\’s space.
    I agree with you on blogging material, as well. I can talk about politics and religion and sex, but I usually choose not too. If anything, I\’ll go off on something mildly political…but most of my posts are made up of the day-to-day chaos that goes through my brain.
    This is a great post, and a great space, very involving.

  18. Laura says:

    Me likes it!!
    BTW, I see you are up too… only isn\’t it 1:34 your time? I am an hour ahead… can we say insomnia?!?
    I have one itty bitty suggestion, but you might want to get an opinion from someone with a refined eye (like EZ), but I think it may look better lowering the words \’The Barnyard\’ so your head in your hands show… and not just your arm.
    But, other than that, I am loving the way the words are lined up like that. I also love what you chose (life, fashion… etc) This really is a great reflection of what I have come to know by visiting you! Yay! You did it!
    Now, walk away from the computer and go to bed! Same for me!

  19. siobhan says:

    I\’m Siobhan.  Not to be confused with the original Siobhan from "it seemed like a good idea at the time."
    On the subject of banner.  Sepia without doubt.  Barnyard 4 as 2nd but the sepiia is totally cool.
    Your questions:  Why do I blog?  I\’m a stay at home mom.  This is my intellectual interaction.  I\’ve read spaces that are political, and they are fun, in a way, but I like the ones that deal about life as we know it.  I started mine as a way to talk about things that I wanted to talk about, or to just feel like I had someone to talk to.  Being a stay at home mom can get a little lonely, especially in Vegas.
    Lurkers;  I don\’t mind lurkers, but I really like the comment.  Even if it is to only say hi.  I may not exactly respond to what everyone is saying but I try to at least say hi and let them know that I was there.  Of course, for me it can be a little different….I have an opinion on almost anything  <wink>
    Should I get my own site?  I wouldn\’t begin to know how.  But if I were as popular as, say, EZ.  I suppose I would try to figure it out.
    Anyway, I was just stopping by to check things out and to say HI!! 🙂
    have a good week and stop by anytime!

  20. Aunt says:

    oh my….i don\’t think i can address such  B  I  G  questions at this hour.
    your banner is great! a border around it might make it pop a bit more.
    i confess, i forget how you got the name barnyard. that concept is missing, but you are well represented in the banner.
    zzzzz    \’night.

  21. Unknown says:

    Ok…. I may have to make more changes.  🙂  This is great.   I\’m guessing there were other choices, but I only see the B&W of you at the races.   You gotta put divine shoes in there somehow 🙂 
    Why do I blog?  Because I don\’t have much in the way of friendships here.  Do I have anything or much to say, not really but my title fits my topics.  I\’ve found some great people thru all this and it definetly helps to feel not so isolated and lonely. 
    There\’s just no way I\’d write anything as personal as sex.  Religion I could cover and have thought about it, from a backslidden point of view.  Politics just don\’t interest me nor do I think its safe with hubby\’s job.  Do the politics of Boy Scouts count?  THat\’s about as much politics I have going on right now.
    I\’ve thought way more about lurkers and commenters, so I may cover that one soon.   I always try to comment to the sites I visit daily. 
    Love this new look!

  22. Unknown says:

    I love the look of the new site…to answer a couple of your questions…I think I comment when I feel like I have something to say that would be worthwhile…probably when the topic moves me, makes me think, or is something I can relate to.  Also, I think much of the reason I blog is for me…at least it started out that way.  It was something I could do that was mine…as a mom I don\’t feel like I have many things that are mine…sanity in the midst of craziness.  I also have always loved to write, so it was a chance to put that into practice and see where it went.  Honestly, I thought my family would be the only ones to check it out…but over time others have visited, and I think that changes my purpose for blogging.  Not only do I want to talk about what goes on in my life…but even more what matters to me…my worldview.  I think my values and beliefs dictate what I write about…what I want to pass on.  That is what I love about your site…you write about you…your thoughts, values, experiences, etc.

  23. Tracy says:

    I like the new look!!!  I wonder about lurkers too, why don\’t they comment? I like to know if people are reading.  And I love comments, and I guess the reason I comment on others is just to reply to what they are saying and "talk" to them, after all I\’ve made friends on here and that\’s our way of communicating right?  Hey I thought of you on Friday, I bought a new cute pair of shoes – now I think I have said that I am NOT a shoe person, but I broke down and bought a cute pair when I realized I had nothing to go out on, all I have is comfortable work shoes, I was like wow Katy would be so proud of me, lol. 

  24. Unknown says:

    I guess I am what you call a "lurker"?  I enjoy reading several sites, usually found by a link on one that I may frequent.  I do mark sites on my "favorites" list and visit each day though I may not comment.  I do comment if the topic interests me or I feel strongly about something a commenter says.  Otherwise, it is my escape from the boring work day (I only lurk during work hours as there is not enough to keep me busy here).  I get my laughs or a tear in the eye (and DO NOT read blogs that center around politics or just sex unless there is some comedy associated with it – too boring and antagonizing  without the comedy).  I appreciate all the bloggers that allow me to take a look into their lives, may you all blog for a long, long time (at least until the bosses figure out that they really don\’t need me and I get fired)!
    Sincerist Thanks to Bloggers,
    ps.  I do like "What she wore.."  It is catchy and unusual – unique!  And you have been saved on my "Favorites" list for a while now.

  25. Unknown says:

    Ok…here we go…
    First off…LOVE the did a great job!
    1) Lurkers…I don\’t think it\’s rude to lurk.  I tend to lurk until I feel like I "know" someone a little better, until I feel comfortable leaving a comment.  Or if an entry they made really strikes a chord with me, then I\’ll comment.  I comment frequently on blogs where I have "gotten to know" someone.
    2) Comments…See above…plus…I loooooooove comments on my space too.  I tend to be boring, but it\’s always nice to know people stopped by.  And I love getting feedback from others.
    3) Why do I blog……I started up an msn space one night long ago because I was bored.  I was just online wasting time and saw a link somewhere for it.  So I started up.  Now I\’m on my THIRD blog because my other 2 crashed.  I gave my blog link to all my family and friends.  It was originally a way to keep long distance relatives and friends in the "loop".  But now, with my third blog, I haven\’t given my address to family, and I\’ve only given it to a few friends.  There\’s just something to be said for anonimity (is that how you spell that?)
    4) What is good blog material….I have no idea.  I tend to be rather boring and just write about my day.  I also write about those things that are important to me, like everyone does. 
    5) My own site….yeah, I\’ve been tempted.  Especially, like I\’ve already mentioned, since msn has crashed my other 2 blogs. 
    So there ya go…you asked LOL LOL
    Have a great Monday!
    God bless : )

  26. K says:

    Interesting layout… personalizing your space… good for you.
    OK… my take on blogging.
    I started out because 1) it was a way to communicate with my ex at the time.  We both had a space at but I have since moved it over to MSN when his then girlfriend started leaving me nasty comments and it got all ugly.  It was time to move on.  2) I started blogging to get my thoughts out of my head and get some clarity.  I find that at times when you write … patterns become clearer than if you keep it all bundled up inside.
    Comments and lurkers.  I have stated this a while ago… lurking freaks me out… but I do understand that at times, the subject is not something I am compelled to comment on.  But rarely do I have NOTHING to say about something… LOL…  I appreciate the audience… but I do enjoy the comments.  I love the feedback and encouragement.  At times, comments give me ideas on what to blog about and what not… They do serve a greater purpose than to feed my ego.
    Good blog material.. well it would seem that I have covered more than my share of topics in my blog postings.  Some have gotten me into trouble and therefore, the closure of a very recent blog.  I usually write from the heart – and try not to edit my thoughts as honesty is what draws me to blogs.  Blogs that are heartfelt and honest are the ones that keep me coming back.  That and humor… usually will keep me as an audience member for a while.
    You can add me to your list of those who will be starting their own website.  When I return from New Mexico I will start that process.  I don\’t want the issues that I recently experienced to ever stop me and I hate being sensored.  I have been investigating available names and servers and have narrowed down my search.  I have lined up help to create the space I want and how the layout will be like.  It will be only a matter of time…. I am excitted!
    I am far from technical but I am no dummy either.  A little patience and help… I can work my way thru this mumbo jumbo called cyberspace technology….
    I love the new layout… it\’s a great work in progress… keep it up… it\’s great!
    Ciao bella,

  27. Christine says:

    On some sights I comment, on others, I lurk.  If I lurk and do not comment it is either because I am so disgusted or bored with the sight that I will probably never return, and I may not want that person to start visiting me.  I sometimes comment on a blog just to let someone know how I came to be there (eg I saw your comment on so and so\’s space).  I may be there because of What\’s Your Story or Pligrim\’s Blog entry showcase.  If that is the case, I will leave a comment.  I find that most of those people who arrive at my sight because of google searches lurk.
    BTW, if I return and comment more than once, chances are good I like/enjoy your blog.

  28. Gelati Farms says:

    Blogging Etiquette…
    I just went private because of lurkers.  I truly don\’t mind if people come by and not comment…as long as I have a rough idea of who is coming by.  Now that I am private, I know who is by and often they will come through and not comment…maybe they were not inspired, maybe they were in a rush or maybe Spaces kicked them out in one of those tantrums Spaces seems to have (worse than my toddler…) 
    Anyways, when I saw that there were about 150 people coming through every day and only about 20-30 of them commenting, I felt that I either needed to monitor who was coming through, or stop posting pics of my girls and blogging about less personal things.  I went with monitoring.  I so feel like Big Brother. 
    Commenting…generally I comment if I have a moment.  If I don\’t have a moment at that moment, I will come back when another moment presents itself.  Blog material…well, it is your blog (and my blog) and everybody should blog about whatever they are comfortable blogging about. 
    There…my 2 cents worth…
    I love the banner…it is elegant and funny…sorta like you I suppose…

  29. Aaron says:

    Well, I think that good blogging material is stuff that you are interested in.  My life isn\’t that exciting so I don\’t keep a journal on mine, I write about TV and movies and stuff because I love that stuff.  I blog because I think it\’s fun and it gives me an excuse to watch more TV than I usually do lol. 
    i love comments and find myself jealous of people that get tons and tons of comments.  I love when people comment.  I never knew about "lurkers" because I never really check the statistics part.  I just like to answer the comments that I get, or respond to them.  I like when people come regularly and then we can have continuing conversations.
    As for getting your own site, i don\’t know.  It\’s like graduating from high school i guess.  If you\’re at the point where you could get and keep up your own site, then you graduate from MSN Spaces at the top and enter the World Wide Web at rock bottom.  Plus MSN Spaces is free, owning your own domain name .COM is not.
    But, I love how you keep coming by my site, thanks so much for the support.

  30. Stacy says:

    Lurking – I used to be a lurker.  I would get bored at work and look around.  I had heard of blogging, but wasn\’t sure what it was, how much it cost, and if it had to be a dedicated everyday thing.  So I check around on other peoples blogs and would blog walk at work when I was bored.  One day I decided that I could do this.  It didn\’t have to be everday and believe it or not it was free!!  So I started my own blog.  Was I being rude before?  No – just curious.  Why did I start?  Thought it would be interesting to get to know new people from all different places and for them to get to know me and comment.  I thought it would be neat to bring up topics that maybe I can\’t really bring up around my immediate family or friends and also to get opinions on subjects that maybe hit too close to home and I need a true outside opinion.
    Hope that helps!

  31. tassietoo says:

    OK.  For the most part I lurk.  I don\’t start leaving comments until I am either really moved by the subject matter, or I feel like we have a connection or we\’ve gotten to "know" each other.  A couple of bloggers have made me feel at ease and welcome from my very first comment, and that\’s when I\’ll just say "hi" if I have nothing to say (or what I\’d say has already been said)…other than that, I\’ll say "Hi" once in a while so that I\’m not a completely rude lurker…and yes, I LOVE comments on my site too! 😀

  32. David says:

    I know that both myself and Jenn ( have been blogging for more than a year now (My "anniversary" was May 10th, and I posted a comment that day about my feeling about blogging…her\’s was a little after that…) I don\’t know, I just know I enjoy it. That\’s good enough for me!

    -David //BootJockey

  33. Sarah says:

    For me I feel like I need a certain amount of time to get to know a blogger before I start commenting. Sometimes that takes awhile. I also think I need to have something somewhat intelligent to say about or something in common with the subject of the blog. I am by no means trying to be rude. As a new blogger myself, I just love to get comments no matter what they say (not too many rolling in yet…also not too many readers). By the way, I love the new banner!

  34. CJ says:

    Oh geez!  I\’m a lurker (burying my face in my hands shamefully….).  I love finding new spaces and sometimes I\’ll peek a time or two before I find the courage to interact.  Figured after reading all these comments (I know you know that I was here!) I\’d better make my presence known and say "hello".  So, Hey!  Enjoy your space btw.  It\’s why I keep coming back.

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