The One Where I’m Controversial

What she Wore: Jean shorts in that difficult-to-find not too short, not too long length.  White tee with three-quarter-length blue sleeves, tennis shoes.  I’ll admit that I have a purse that matches my little tee perfectly and that makes me feel like Carrie from Sex and the City.  I’m not sure that matters if you never leave the house, though.

I’m not trying to piss people off with this entry, but somehow, I think I will. . .


As I cruised the blog world this weekend I noticed something that I’d seen before, but for some reason it got me this time.   My dear friend, Karla, was quoting Sex in the City and she mentioned a line that’s like the single girls’ anthem: If you are single, after graduation there isn’t one occasion where people celebrate you … Hallmark doesn’t make a ‘congratulations, you didn’t marry the wrong guy’” card.


I’ll be the first to admit that we don’t celebrate the single person’s life choices enough, but I’m here to tell you—being married at a young age is no picnic either.  Yes, I got a big party and lots of presents, but I also got weird looks and plenty of comments.  My husband and I dated for over two years before we got engaged at the tender age of twenty-one.  More than one person asked me, “Are you pregnant?”  WHAT?  My mother just straight-up told me I was too young to be getting married, but she’s not one to waste the biggest party-throwing excuse of her lifetime, so she gave me an awesome wedding.   


I read it here in the blog world too; Girls proclaiming, “I just worry about girls getting married before they know who they are.”  Keep in mind, I was twenty-three when I got married.  Twenty-three.  Not exactly a kid, college diploma in my hand, and three and a half years of commitment under my belt.  Plenty of people get married with less than that, but that didn’t keep people from judging.


And my Hub is a catch: he’s smart, I think he’s cute, he makes me laugh, and he makes me feel safe.  I feel like I’ve grown a lot in his company and his support is a big part of that.   Additionally, his job was going to move him ten hours away, and I wasn’t moving across the country without a commitment. I actually think that makes me smart. 


Here’s what I think: people are going to question your choices.  Probably because they have nothing better to do.  Also, because we love to project our own baggage on to others.  Do married people get presents?  Yes, because society dictates that.  But people will also speculate as to whether or not you’re pregnant, whether or not you’re too young, and whether or not you’re marrying the right guy. 


I say, screw ‘em—have a drink in your own damn honor—you’re the only one whose opinion matters anyway.




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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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49 Responses to The One Where I’m Controversial

  1. Karla says:

    I love it! This blog is so you!!! It\’s amazing how well you come through in your writing. I can just see you saying this (rum & diet coke in hand).

    Just because a choice is right for you, doesn\’t make it right for someone else. And I think regardless of the choices you make, sometimes when life gets a little hard the grass looks greener on the other side. It\’s easy to fall into that self-pitying mode of "they just don\’t understand" or "they have it so much easier". I think for people who have been part of a couple for a long time, it can be hard to relate to what it is like to be single, especially post-college. And for people who are single, it can be hard to relate to the problems that come along with being part of a couple. It\’s easy to see what you don\’t have and someone else does, rather than being thankful for where you are at and what you do have. I guess that\’s where keeping a little perspective becomes so important. Everything in it\’s own time, and that time may be different for you than for someone else.

  2. Jaysey says:

    I think a lot of people do get married too young; however, that doesn\’t necessarily mean that all women who marry "young" (and I probably need to be careful about how I\’m defining "young" here) aren\’t marrying right.  Some of them don\’t know who they are; and some of them are marrying for all the wrong reasons. 
    But some women are mature before others (here\’s where I think we need to be careful with "young") and know full well who they are.  And they marry for the right reasons.  I still think you have to have reached a certain level of personal maturity (including responsibility and self-awareness) before you should commit to share your life with someone else (assuming you want your commitment to be successful).  Some women hit that level at 21, 22, 23.  Others don\’t hit it until 33…some not until 43.  Do you still have growing left to do even after that point?  Yes, of course, and that growing will be done with a spouse by your side and in many ways because of him.  But if you aren\’t ready (and by ready, I mean at that level of maturity–not necessarily measured by year), you risk losing yourself or who you might have become by molding yourself into the image of someone\’s "other half." 
     Now, I have plenty of young-in-years friends who married and are doing fine.  But these people have reached a certain level of maturity. They were already strong, confident women who could take care of themselves.   I\’ve been also to the weddings of women young-in-years who haven\’t reached such a level and who are currently separated or divorced and trying to "find themselves."  These women were not strong and confident, but rather, felt that they needed to get married in order to have a man in their lives–either because society dictates it or because they felt they couldn\’t do it on their own (i.e. straight from mama and daddy\’s to hubby\’s).
    In conclusion (of my long mini-essay), I don\’t know about anyone else, but when I say I think women should be careful of marrying too young, I don\’t necessarily mean in age but more in level of maturity.  And people will judge no matter what.  All you can do is live your happily-married life, have a bourbon and coke, and laugh as you prove them wrong.

  3. JESSICA says:

    All I can say here… is that I started dating my hubby at 19, married at 20, had my son at 21, my first daughter at 22, and we just had our second daughter, third baby at 30 ( in 2005) and we have been married for 10 yrs., and yes we have had ups and downs, but we love each other and are best friends to boot…… so you go girl!!! People are always going to question… especially when they have nothing as promising in thier own lives…!!!! 
    As for your question about lurkers…. I like to come and read, and occasionally will leave a comment….. sometimes I just say hi, stopped by….. other times I leave more… Like today…heehee… just to let the blogger know… they are not alone….. does that help??? Have a great day!!

  4. Jaysey says:

    In other news, why is it so damn hard to find "Jean shorts in that difficult-to-find not too short, not too long length??"   It pisses me off.  Will these kind of jeans come into style again soon?  Please?  Oh–and shoe-queen, where does one find cute waterproof rain shoes?  I don\’t think it shall ever stop raining here!

  5. Karla says:

    God KT. Why did you have to go and leave such a sweet note?!?!? That comment almost made me tear up. Love & miss ya! I\’m telling you, beach retirement community… 30 years from now… mark it down. Then again LR is starting to look better and better….

  6. Karla says:

    By the way, have you noticed how much more we "talk" in a given day now that you have me hooked on this blogging thing?

  7. siobhan says:

     My hubby and I got married 7 days after we met. (Only in Vegas!) It was just one of those things, we just KNEW!  The first question everyone asked us was  "How drunk were you?"  We weren\’t, at all!  And we have been married for almost 9 years.  It will be 9 in October.  We have had 5 beautiful "daughters" from 3 different countries and we have the most adorable little boy in the world.  Now when I run into people that I haven\’t seen in a while they feel perfectly okay in asking "Are you still married to that guy?"  To anyone who had dated, got engaged and then had a wedding, they would say "So how\’s Bob or Steve?" Even if they felt the marriage wouldn\’t last, people would still pretend like they did expect it to.   But since we didn\’t do that, it\’s okay to be a jackass!  I say that they are just jealous.  All the people that said we were crazy, all broke up with their boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses!  And we are still together.  Nothing better than getting the last laugh!  So cheers!

  8. Jaysey says:

    I\’m an English teahcher–they pay me for that! 🙂
    Anyway…here\’s Jennon comments:
    Do you comment to let the person know you\’ve been by? Yes.
    Do you comment because the topic moves you? 
    Definitely–if I\’m moved, it\’s hard not to comment.
     Or do you comment to make your own opinion heard? Yes, and to let other people see different opinions on the same topic all in the same place, which is what I think is one of the neat things about comments sections on blogs.
      Do comments matter to you on your own blog?  I LOVE comments, too!  I\’m a comment whore…I like knowing people are reading, or that they\’re moved, or that they understand, or whatever.
    …which brings me to lurkers…
    I like to know who\’s out there, so "lurking" kind of bothers me.  Now, some people lurk but e-mail, so that\’s ok.  But sometimes I get random e-mails from people who are all "I read your blog every day, and…" and I\’m like, "Wow…who knew?"  And also, I found out recently that a whole slew of people from college read my blog daily, and I would have liked to have known–you know, just to know, but none of them EVER comment.  I guess I just like to know, so I don\’t feel like there are all these peeping tom lurkers shecking me out, but then again, I am writing on the internet, so whatever!

  9. Jaysey says:

    I just re-read my comment about marriage and maturity…and I\’m just wondering if it\’s funny to anyone else that I wrote all that stuff about maturity and self-awareness and it\’s posted beside a picture of me as a 5 year old???  Hee hee…oh, the irony.

  10. Karla says:

    KBG or ECB? E is the computer chick, but I bet if we can get K over that whole "I\’m not sure I want to post all my thoughts on the internet for just anyone to see" she would be the next to join the club.

  11. Christine says:

    I don\’t think there is a right or wrong age at which to wed.  I think there are right and wrong reasons to wed.  Being pregnant is definitely a WRONG reason to wed IMO.  I had a child while not married rather than enter into what would have been a disastrous marriage.  I think that there are people who marry just to marry….chances are good that is not the right reason.  I think many people also enter into marriage with the thought in the back of their heads that "if is doesn\’t work out…"  They also should not marry IMO.  Marriage is a HUGE decision.  It is life altering, and it should be "til death do us part."  If you are ready to decide every day to be married and to love your spouse, then you are ready.  No one can tell you if you are ready.  Only you know and God know what lies in your own heart.  I will add this:  Love is a decision.  You must decide every day to love.  Love is active, not passive.
    Well, I don\’t have an opinion on that do I?  😉
    P.S. I blog more for me than for anyone else.  If you read my blog, great, if you don\’t ok.  It helps me to sort things out that may be overwhelming to me.

  12. Stacy says:

    Wow have you hit the nail on the head.  I met my husband in December \’91, started dating in January \’92, engaged February \’92, and married July \’92.  I was 21 and he was 22.  Boy did we have the questions.  It is way too soon, you don\’t even know him, are you pregnant, you\’re both too young, experience life first, etc, etc.  I could hardly stand it!  But when I met him, I thought he was a big geek, in fact I told him that I wouldn\’t go out with him because he was a geek and I was a _itch.  After much asking, I went out with him just so he would leave me alone.  I knew as soon as the date was over that we were going to marry.  We fell in love and never wanted to be apart again.

  13. Karla says:

    Haha. I actually considered that one too. Between nursing school, post Katrina NO, and the wedding, she would have lots of material. Also, I think it would be good for her on a personal note as well. She tends to be like me, emotional. I think being able to write things out would do her a world of good. But she is so busy all the time.

  14. Gelati Farms says:

    I think, what bothers me more than what age people get married at is people who think it is any of their business what other people do.  oooookay…that was a bit circular, but, do you get what I was trying to say?  Too often, we take our own personal opinions and experiences, throw in a bit of \’honesty is the best policy\’ and then hit the streets flinging judgements on other people\’s choices.
    I think you sound fabulously put together (both in an emotional/experiential sense and, of course, in the fashion sense…) and you have probably been that way since you were at least 21.  I like the idea that you weren\’t hitching your star to hubby\’s without a commitment…it sounds like you know what you want.  Are you going to make mistakes?  Yes.  Are you and hubby going to argue?  Yup.  Are there going to be days when you think longingly of your single days?  Oh, probably, but they will be few and far between.  Would you have done all this had you gotten married at 33 instead of 23?  Assuredly.  Does maturity have anything to do with age?  Only in the sense that puberty marks the dawn of bumps, lumps and hormones.  Everything after that is all about personal journeys…some of us get there via the express way and some of us take the scenic tour.
    I hope nobody is offended by your entry.  How sad for them if they are.  Small minds and big opinions and all that rot…

  15. Becca says:

    It is about time someone says it! Who the hell cares when you get married, and who is anyone to judge! My husband married me when he was 39!!! Imagine that? There were those who thought that he would be the proverbial bachelor, or a hermit, or whatever. Then when he announces that he has a fiancee, all hell breaks loose, because no one even knows about me, like it is any of their business who I am and why he wants to marry me other than he loves me with all his heart and we are a match for each other. I mean even after we went through premarital counseling, we had those fuddy duddies who still questioned whether we were rushing into things! Hello. I was 36. Some people just need to clean their own porches before they judge. Good blog KM, sorry this one just touches a nerve!
    Celebrate life, because it sure is not a dress rehearsal!

  16. Becca says:

    Oh yeah, I met my husband in Oregon on:
    Jan. 2, 2000, moved in with him 2 days later, he proposed on March 5, 2000, my divorce from my ex in Maine was final on June 7, 2000 (what a hussy I was), and we married on August 12, 2000.
    8 months and 10 days after we met we were married…and we met on an internet dating service….sin or all sins if you believe certain members of my family! 😉

  17. Nadine says:

    Amen Sista!!
    And I was pregnant and 17 the first time. It lasted 11 long and miserable years……….the second time I was divorced for 7 months before marryin\’ the greatest love of my life!!! And we recently celebrated our 12th anniversary.
    People are goin to talk….Let \’em! They don\’t have anything better to do!
    Find Myself???? I have, and I didn\’t like the looks of it!! So I set it free!!

  18. Big Dog Mom says:

    Just because you marry "young" doesn\’t mean you marry "wrong".  I married Hubby just before my 21st birthday.  I\’d known him for almost two years by that time.  Oh, and there\’s 9-1/2 years age difference.  He helped me grow up.  I helped him lighten up.  We bring out the best/worst in each other?  My family thought the age thing was too big of an obstacle.  Add in the kids and the ex-wife and it looked like certain disaster.  We\’ve been married 22 years.  Don\’t get me wrong, there have been very bad days – but there have been very good days.  You have to make a serious commitment to the "til death do you part" thing or it isn\’t going to work. 
    That being said, the right choice for me might not be the right choice for someone else.  Don\’t tell me that I\’ve ruined my life by marrying young and I won\’t tell you that you\’ve ruined yours by not marrying at all.  Same thing with the choice to have kids – that always gets my blood boiling, but we won\’t go there now.  We all have the power of choice . . .just make sure you make the best choice for you. 

  19. WINDOW LIVE says:

    I think that people make comments because most people (me included) who have some age on us realize that no matter how much you love someone, people change.  That is a part of life.  I am not saying people cannot grow together and stay together but more times than not people grow apart and move on.  So while I keep my big trap shut when I hear of a young twenty something marrying, I feel a little bad too!

  20. SomedayQuilter says:

    Wow – I thought I was at the wrong space for a minute, all the purple was gone.  I guess I haven\’t been here in awhile ;o)  I\’ll have to do better so I keep up with the changes.  I\’ll be back to catch up on my reading (right now I\’d better go water my flowers as it\’s nearly 100 degrees out).

  21. SomedayQuilter says:

    By the way – I got married at 19 and knew exactly what I was doing.  We celebrated our 36th anniversary last December.

  22. Unknown says:

    Thankfully, I\’ve never had the opportunity, if you could call it that, to impart my judgements on a soon to be married couple. Sure, people date all the time at my age and beyond, but the reality is, it\’s not as permanent.Even so, I try to reserve my judgements for people that I know really well. If I do really know someone well enough, I should have an idea of good or bad a decision is. And, quite frankly, there are only a handful of people I know that well.I\’ve always believed that people mature at different rates, and if the person is really ready, their age should not matter. I\’ve dealt with a little heat just because I earned Eagle Scout at the young age of 13. I do realize that I was very young, but I also realize that I was ready for it then, too. Some troops make the kids wait until they\’re nearly 18. Some kids aren\’t really ready for it until then. But not everyone. I can imagine that it would be the same for marriage.Anyways, digging the new layout/banner/etc.-Josh "The Ender"

  23. Gracia says:

    You go girl!  You knew what you wanted and went for it!
    I was engaged to my boyfriend of 4 years. I saw my husband one day, promptly left my boyfriend of 4 years and got together with hubby. Got married at age 25, and 5 years later, still married and still madly inlove with him.  I think he is the sexiest beast on this planet 🙂
    Bottoms up, lemon and salt!

  24. barnyardmama says:

    @KFarm–I\’m not going to say that I haven\’t changed.  Lord, that would be a lie.  But so far, Hub\’s been with me on the journey and that\’s made it easier.  I\’ve dealt with moving, crappy co-workers, illness, and self-doubt and the Hub is my bedrock.  So, here\’s to changes, may they make us better people.

  25. Unknown says:

    Is there a line about once you are married and the wedding is over, the celebration and cards stop as well?  🙂   I married at 20.  I knew it was young then and I know it is young now, 13 years later.  Yes…. I got the are you pregnant?  I dropped a lot of close people after that.   Like your situation, hubby was going to be moving from SC to WA and we both wanted more of a commitment than just to AT&T.  We\’ve grown closer and grown up because it was always just us.  Did I know who I was? Not really and I still wonder, but that\’s life and I wouldn\’t trade it for anything.

  26. Unknown says:

    Just saw them…love them all.  I think you wrote once about how close your hub and your dog are.  So now when I see his cute little pic (the dog) with him looking over his hsoulder it\’s like he\’s missing the hub while he was away.   Your final choice is outstanding!

  27. Jaysey says:

    Nah…it\’s not usually like this–weirdos are out, I guess! 🙂

  28. Carly says:

    I was worried when I saw this was supposed to be controversial, but I loved reading this entry. I think it\’s hard no matter what your situation is. I have friends who have also been judged because people thought they got married too young. I wrote an entry about this a little while ago, because I get kind of the opposite reaction from people. I am 21 and have been with my boyfriend for five years. When I tell people that, they always ask where the ring is. I don\’t think I could win either way, though. If we were married, I\’m sure they would think we were too young. And single girls have their own battles. I don\’t think anyone can please everyone with their decisions, especially when it comes to marriage. I guess it\’s one of those things where you should just make the decision that you think is right, so at least one person will agree.
    By the way, I love the new picture and layout!

  29. Sheryl-Ann says:

    People will always talk, KM.  As long as I feel a peace about whatever decision I have made, I don\’t care what anybody else says.  I guess that makes me strong headed, but that\’s the only way you can block all the talk out.  Hope you had a good day.

  30. Dennis says:

    I love the new banner.  It has to have a subtle shade though.  What happened to the sepia tone?

  31. KEL says:

    Woo-hoo…I think thats great, speak your mind, be proud of the choices you make…every one else be damned…

  32. Laura says:

    answering your question about the movie: yes they do have chemistry. There are some cute conversations, and you really want them together. It isn\’t overly sappy either… I can proudly say I didn\’t shed a tear! It is a good movie, but if you are debating over it… wait until you are PMS-ing, and really in the need of a chick flick. That will be the perfect time to either go see it, or rent it.

  33. Sue says:

    You tell \’em girl!  Everyone is different.  Some people think it should be pretty much one way for all people.  I know couples who married at 16 or 17 and are STILL happily married.  Others who married when they were 30 or older and it didn\’t last.  WHo is to say what is the right age????  It\’s the person!  When the right one comes along, you know.  Go for it!  My first marriage was at 22.  He was a sociopath so he doesn\’t count. LOL.  Married Dweeb when I was 27 only because I didn\’t meet him until then.  If I had met him earlier, I would have married him sooner!  Sheesh.  Sometimes people need to get over themselves, get off the pity pot and try to live.
    Yeah, you caught me in a \’mood\’!  I\’m heading to campus tomorrow morning to test my camera out some more.  Blondie is going to meet me (or I\’ll have to beat down her door and MAKE her get up at a decent hour for a change.)
    LOVE THE BANNER!  I\’m envious.  I want to do one, but having difficulty coming up with what to put on it.  Not sure I can put a Jayhawk on it due to copyright.  Probably get busted with that.  Maybe something with \’waving the wheat\’ (another ingenious Kansas Jayhawk move that is similar to the wave at ball games).  Brain is strained. LOL. 
    You did a FABULOUS job girl!
    : O  Sue

  34. tassietoo says:

    Don\’t wait for anyone to give you permission, or to pat you on the back.  If you know what you want nothing is going to stop you, and you\’ll do it with or without…I married very young, but it didn\’t work out…that\’s not to say it couldn\’t have; it just didn\’t.  We are still good friends (usually).

  35. Karen says:

    Great entry!  I guess you\’re right, we all do speculate sometimes… but I\’m glad you\’re happy.  Isn\’t that what is important?  We should all just be content with the choices we make & wish others contentment, as well, I think.  Not that I always wish others contentment… sometimes I can be a li\’l witchy… but I try to think nice thoughts (most of the time).
    I am glad I didn\’t marry young, however; the relationship I was in when I was 17-24 was not a good one!!  And I\’m currently pretty happy spouse-less… though if the right man were to come my way, I don\’t think I\’d turn him away!
    Hope you have a great week!

  36. Karen says:

    Oh… and I have a cousin who married when she was 18 because she was pregnant… and I won\’t say they haven\’t had their problems, but through prayer and communication with one another, they\’ve made it; their oldest son is 20 or 21 years old now & their youngest is under 2 months old (they have 8 children).

  37. IegnA says:

    I got married one week after I graduated from college.  We were friends for two years, we dated for two years and were engaged for two years.  It\’s a long time, I\’m glad we waited as long as we did.  No one told me that I was too young to get married, it was actually the other way around.  "Why are you waiting so long?"  Well, because in college there is no money and no time to be with the one you love.  That\’s why we waited.  It scares me how some people want to thow young children into relationships when they are in elementary school.   Anyway, thank you for visiting.

  38. Gracia says:

    Hey KM!
    You\’re Scorpio huh? – you stinger you! Your star quality doesn\’t make me like you less or more. Although, wherever possible, I do make a mental note of a person\’s astrological orientation, whenever I talk with them.
    Thanks for that update – I have included that tidbit.
    Have a fabulous day!

  39. Cordelia says:

    It is impossible to know what is right for another person–despite the best of intentions. Not to say we shouldn\’t heed the advice of those around us. We have to make our own decisions. We may make a right decision and it still not have the best outcome. Life is like that. Hopefully we don\’t repeat the past–but what is life if it\’s not being lived?

  40. CJ says:

    There\’s absolutely nothing wrong in growing up with the one you love.  Kudos to you.  Part of the reason I enjoy visiting your space is you\’re not timid in saying things as you see them.  I like the banner.  You\’ve definitely changed the looks of your space, I almost didn\’t recognize it!

  41. Unknown says:

    Ms. B1tch likes your attitude!

  42. David says:

    Here Here! I couldn\’t agree more!!!

    "Life is now…" as my friend Patty says…

    -David //BootJockey

  43. Tracy says:

    Haha good idea, a drink in your own honor!!!  Ya I was 23 when I got married too – and I eloped so EVERYONE thought I was pregnant, but only one lady at work was bold enough to ask "So when\’s the baby due".  UMM no.  Then of course what sucks now is people think oh you eloped it\’ll never work, and go figure it didn\’t, that\’s what bugs me is when people are like oh that marriage won\’t work.  You are right though, people just like having something to gossip about and if you don\’t do what they do, you must be wrong.  Good for you for finding a great guy so early and starting a life with him when you felt it was right!

  44. Unknown says:

    If a person thinks that it is right and feels that it is right, to hell with the rest of the crowd. What everyone else says matter very little.  If we lived in covered wagon days you would have been married off to farmer Brown at the ripe old age of 15. Next time someone make that comment maybe they should be remined of that barbaric age when we shuffled off our daughters like cattle to produce off spring, before they turned that not so appealing age of 16! If you found what you are looking for at the age of 20+ then good for you. Some people look their entire life and never find MR. RIGHT, they end up settling for MR. RIGHT NOW.

  45. Unknown says:

    LOL!!! I bet you\’re sorry writing this blog, 41 comments you have to reply to!!! LMFAO!
    Funny…I REALLY wanted children but not a husband…I guess I was totally opposite! Perhaps I\’ll marry HIM…of course he is asking me to run away with HIM.(winkwink)
    I like that safe feeling…

  46. Dream I Fly says:

    Good Morning, Mama!! Ignore the Negativos, they just gotta have something to be negative about – it\’s mother\’s milk to them. This does remind me of my college roommate\’s sister who PURPOSELY got pregnant at the age of 16 because she wanted to get married to her boyfriend and everyone kept saying they were too young. They got married in 80 or 81 and are still married (waited 10 years to have another kid too 😉   ).  Now, I came here this morning because I am shamelessly visiting my favorites in a quest for pithy phrases… I was at MizAngie\’s site and VelvetTush commented about YoungAndThins and I knew exactly what she meant and it made me think of my phrase StopNRobs for convenience stores so I blogged that and I want to know others peoples funny apt phrases – so please visit and share!!!! Hope your day is a good one!

  47. Andrea says:

    Just wanted to say Hi.  I am glad you write about these things.  I was very intrigued by the work-wife story.  I guess I missed it.  I think we all need to live a little before we marry.  But that is in part because I married way too young.  Well have a great day. 

  48. K says:

    You don\’t need a special occasion to celebrate who you are or the choices a person makes.  Yes – I do believe that getting married at a young age is not a wise thing but it is also based on an individual by individual basis.  I say if you are happy with the choices you\’ve made in your life… married/single/shaked up etc… then celebrate your own life… don\’t wait for a Hallmark card to celebrate you!
    Great post!
    Ciao bella,

  49. Unknown says:

    Don\’t worry about what other people say or think – people will always "talk".  I learned a long time ago to stop listening to them.  By the way – I don\’t think 23 is too young to get married.  I have a friend that actually got married at 19 and had her first baby at 20 (this is the same friend that just visited me this weekend).  They just celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary last week and have four children now.  Age doesn\’t have a whole lot to do with it, ya know?
    God bless : )

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