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It Shouldn’t Take a Nine-Year-Old

What She Wore: Coral/Pinkish shirt with cap sleeves and embroidery; my favorite levis; my new white shoes that I bought on Friday.  Gotta hurry up and wear them before the season ends. I had a great week learning new things, … Continue reading

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Retail Therapy

What She Wore: White scoop neck tee; olive green cargo pants, black strappy wedges with white stitching. Well, yesterday was a bit stressful.  There was the whole throw-up incident, and then there was the staying up late working on my … Continue reading

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Best Laid Plans

What She Wore: baggy jean capris; t-shirt that reads, "New Orleans: Rebuild, Renew"; grey slip on tennis shoes.  It’s so hard to get yourself dressed in something cute when it’s raining outside. You know how sometimes you have this great … Continue reading

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Quick and Dirty

What she Wore: white short-sleeve tee from target with a flag in the shape of an apple; the most lovingly worn-in pair of levis, red white and blue strappy wedges.  ag·i·tate   v. ag·i·tat·ed, ag·i·tat·ing, ag·i·tates v. tr. To cause to move with … Continue reading

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A lesson in frustration

What she Wore: White polo with green edging on the collar and cuffs, baggy jean capris, khaki slides with green bows and an espadrille heel. This week I’m going to a class on better teaching math.  I went to school … Continue reading

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The Creative Process

What She Wore: baby blue shorts, white tee, baby blue wedges with red white and blue plaid on the wedge. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of little creative projects: I’ve been sketching in a sketch book, I started painting … Continue reading

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Drumroll please

What She Wore: jean capris, grey LSU t-shirt, grey and purple slip-on tennis shoes.  It’s was too freakin’ hot for capris–I should have worn a skirt or something. Today was really exausting and I’m getting ready to hit the sack, … Continue reading

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