You got some splainin’ to do

What she wore: turquoise top with a deep V in the back and a cowl neck line, denim pencil skirt, bright green strappy wedges with a swirly design in blues and greens.  Some may disagree, but these shoes are AWESOME

I had a nice, thoughtful post planned for today, but SO many people wanted to know where my question came from.  Since I’m fairly certain nobody reads on the weekends, I figured no time like the present.


Two days ago I found myself in the situation I presented in yesterday’s post.  I have been trained by my mother to wrap all sanitary napkins (it’s amazing the amount of euphemisms there are in the land of poop) in toilet paper, therefore creating a present of pads, if you will.  So, usually when I have a “paper problem” I simply unwrap one of the presents and use that toilet paper.  This time, however, someone had actually emptied the trash.  May want to take cover because that is sure a sign of the impending apocalypse.  Anyway, I had no recourse.  I pulled my pants up right under my butt and ran across the house.  I pulled them up some, so I wouldn’t fall down, but the waddle-run across the house struck me as one of the funniest things EVER.   Later, I’m telling my husband the story and he says, You mean there could be poop drippings on the carpet?  There are, of course, no poop drippings.  I’m upset that I even have to type the words, but I started to wonder—did I handle that right?  Is that what normal people would do, or am I some kind of freak?  No better place to find out if you’re a freak or not than the internet.


I was actually surprised my the sheer number of people who didn’t pull up their pants.  We have laundry, don’t we?  I’d also like to give a shout-out to DavidShag who admitted to using his underwear as toilet paper—THAT’s innovative thinking. 


Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my usual, lady-like self. I swear.





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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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16 Responses to You got some splainin’ to do

  1. Jaysey says:

    LOL!  Yes, we have laundry, but I\’m assuming maybe I have somewhere else I need to wear those pants!
    PS: this created quite the e-mail chain with me and my pals today.  For the record, they all picked option one.

  2. Gary says:

    So, i like the pics of Argenta…that in Ark?

  3. Becca says:

    Read my response…that is one of the reasons why I make sure the M gets the really big packages of tp at Costco when he goes!

  4. tassietoo says:

    Those are kickin\’ shoes…I need to date someone over 6\’ to wear those! 😀

  5. Unknown says:

    Ooohhhh…..good idea.  Everyone with testosterone peeing outside!!!  Just kidding.  No, hubby still uses ours.  He just cleans up after himself!  I do have a thing with all the guys that totally embarasses my parents.  If I\’m trying to accomplish something like cooking  and the boys(including hubby) are all around me in my space, I yell out "Everyone with a penis please leave the kitchen!"  It only works in our house!  Too funny.

  6. Sheryl-Ann says:

    Ahhhhh, that\’s where that question came from (laugh).  I would not even consider that option, and I am actually not surprised that most chose option 1.
    Enjoy the weekend.  Is Arkansas burning up like here in TX?

  7. Gracia says:

    Oy, I dont even know where to begin with this subject.  I have so much blog catching up to do here…I\’m rushing thru and I hate rushing…much like time spent on the poopoo pot.
    My response is somewhere between numbers 1 and 2.  Halfway up, effectively rendering me useless in the running department, but completely usefull in catching any unwanted \’stuff\’ from landing on the floor. 
    (I\’m cringing now)
    It is for this reason, my toilet is always stocked!!!!!! 
    Cool, cool shoes. KM, you rock.

  8. Sue says:

    That is hilarious!  Use his underwear?  I believe that would have been waste receptacle worthy after that.  I can just picture you running around your house like that, laughing, and thinking about how to blog it.  LOL!
    : ) Sue

  9. Nora says:

    For the record, I \’d pull the pants up halfway and go retrieve my tp.

    You should stop by Elizabeth\’s blog it\’s in a similar vein and you may appreciate it.

    I linked you in my entry today, I hope you don\’t mind.


  10. Elizabeth says:

    I know have this waddle image I can\’t get rid of…

  11. Karen says:

    Love the shoes!

  12. . says:

    I think that being stuck with no tp – but at least having water (in this lovely country of mine) – is better than the driving with  SEVERE diarrhea and NO bathroom available. I speak from experience on that one.

  13. Gary says:

    Those pics of Argenta are cute…my sis in law lives in Jonesboro so we get by there every couple of months…

  14. Unknown says:

    Love the shoes, wish I could wear cute shoes everyday instead I am always wearing police issue combat boots, and navy blue BDU\’s made from polyester. Yes it is a very unfortunate uniform, but necessary.I am amazed at the responses to the no t.p. poop question. My husband said that depending on the time of day he would sit and wait for me to come in so he could yell at me to bring him some, if this was not an option he said the waste basket would be second choice.
    Have a great weekend

  15. TexasGirlJen says:

    You have the best blog — really! I love it!
    Thanks for the welcome back wishes…… I have not been to Cancun, but my husband has and he didn\’t like it much. We are not into the loud and party crowd anymore….so I think we\’re more of the Puerta Vallarta types. It was a really good trip–I just think we picked the wrong resort for us.
    Anyway, I\’ll be back!

  16. THOMAS says:

    Wow! This is my first visit to your space. Great topic! I am looking forward to see what other cool things you like to write about. How about what works good on cleaning skid marks? 🙂
    The Malathionman

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