BlogMe Baby (sung to the tune of Do Me Baby)

What she Wore: White v-neck tee shirt, pink pajama pants with hearts in animal prints, bare feet.  It’s almost midnight and I’m trying to get this up.

Many people in the blog universe are familiar with mocha momma.  Mocha is heading off the the Blogher conference in about a week and she developed a series of interview questions for other bloggers.  You do not have to be attending the conference to participate in the activity.  It’s just a way to get to know some of the people you visit regularly.  I won’t be attending Blogher (I’m desperately afraid of air planes), but I am a member, so I thought I’d jump on the band wagon.  I love to see some people participate as well.  Here are the rules: you need to answer five of the questions, but you may answer more.  I would also be good if you could add a picture of yourself–pictures of just a part of you are acceptable. 
I was supposed to be taking the weekend off, but when I read the assignment the over-achiever in me kicked in into high gear and I instructed the Hub to take some pictures of me as myself.  I’ve included several above.  Here are the interview  questions.  Some I answered and some I didn’t.  If you want to visit the official Blogme page click on the button


1.      When did you start blogging and why? Or Talk about your blog. What can I learn about you in under 5 minutes?  I basically dared myself to keep up a blog.  I’m not really known for my follow-through.  I quickly found that I like connecting with other people: I am a full-on comment whore.  Didn’t hurt that my husband had been deployed to the Sand Box, and I had a lot of time on my hands.  Things that you’ll find out about me in the first five minutes:  I talk a LOT!  I’m a school teacher who is often surprised that I could be left in charge of anyone; I’m fairly sure that someone someday will realize that they’ve made a dire mistake.    I try to keep the crazy at least three inches below the surface, but I won’t deny that it’s there.  I’ve never met a curse word that I didn’t like and I’m the first one to pour you a drink if you need it.   I’m trying to do the right thing, but I’m trying to do it in my own time and in my own way.  I resist the box.


2. How do you use blogging to build friendships?


3. Who do you read every day, rain or shine?


4. Why did you choose to share that piece of yourself in a photograph? Why these photos?  Well, I’m surrounded by books which is one of my loves.  The bookcase I inherited from my grandfather and it’s the envy of the rest of the family.  The ones of me blogging on the ironing board are true to life.  I get the best signal there and I can chat with my husband, listen to the radio, or watch TV from that vantage point.  Besides, I’m not a big fan of ironing anyway. I’ve even included rare photographic evidence of my glasses–you won’t see that very often.


5. How would you describe your writing style? Hmmm. . .my writing style would best be described as doing the best I can with limited resources.  I went to school to be an English teacher which means that in a week and a half I can bang out a five paragraph essay about a boring book that I probably didn’t want to read, or, let’s be honest, only read the Cliff Notes of.  Writing on the fly is a lot harder.  I think the reason I keep doing this is to see my writing evolve into something it wasn’t before.


6. If you could spend time with one person (other than your spouse, because really, let’s not rack up the suck up points here)  I’m gonna have to go with Britney Spears.  The girl came from literally nowhere Louisiana, and I’d really just like to observe her in her natural environment.  Like Michael Jackson, I’m not sure if she has any idea how to be normal.  But I’d like to see her try.


7. What don’t you write about? Anything considered a no-no in your book? 


8. How do you feel about meeting bloggers in real life? Are you nervous? Will you have great expectations? What do you home to take away from the BlogHer experience?


9. So soon we’re going to meet each other at BlogHer. Important question. How do you party?


10. What is your favorite thing that you wrote? What got a strong reaction from readers? Links please?  My favorite thing that I’ve ever written?  That a tough one.  The stuff that I write that’s the most heartfelt seems to garner the fewest responses.  On the other hand, I can write about poop and the place is wild with comments.  I suppose the best thing I’ve written recently was God-given gifts.  I managed to get a lot out that had been all over the place.  I also like the piece I did on marriage and that generated a lot of commentary.  I think I liked it because it sounded like something I would say.  One of the hardest things about writing seems to be getting your “voice” to shine through on the page.

11. Have you written anything controversial? Is blogging controversial?

12. Are you and your blogging persona the same person?

13. Have you ever anonymously posted on a site to flame them? No

14. If you had a super power, what would it be?



About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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23 Responses to BlogMe Baby (sung to the tune of Do Me Baby)

  1. Unknown says:

    Hey, don\’t worry so much about the English…I have to deal with worse, sadly in real life.

  2. Jo says:

    Thanks for the insight! Very cool!
    By the way, I think the glasses look great on you, but I know exactly where you\’re coming from with them. I hate wearing mine too. Question: Does you hubby LOVE you in them? Mine has some goofy male fantasy senerio of the sexual librarian/school teacher thing going on when I wear them! I on the other hand think he\’s crazy!

  3. Renee says:

    Hey there Katy! I have been gone for so long!
    I am loving being back in Texas and working again full time…I hardly ever have time to  blog anymore.
    I am trying to go around and visit everyone I enjoy reading and at least say " hello"
    I love the new look of your space! And I love the picture of you and the dog…the one with your eyes cut sideways…too cute!
    take care

  4. Cheryl says:

    I always write someting controversial.
    I am myself on my blog
    I have had a fellow blogger trave 2000 miles to visit me…mixed feelings about it.
    I don\’t party
    Guess I won\’t go to the conference…

  5. Nadine says:

     I am gone for a few days and you slip into the gutter of Poopland!!
     I would and have gotten a wash cloth……Makes total sense to me! I can\’t believe YOU blogged about bathroom habits!! Next thing you know it will BE BlowJobs!!!
     I love the shoe pix!! That is the best way to show them…one on your foot and one on it\’s side to show the heel….since there are so many that have no idea what a wedge or kitten heel is!!
     I have to tell you, I think the changes in your blog are in correlation with the return of your hubby…..and I like it!! Your happiness comes thru!!
    Have a great day!!

  6. Unknown says:

    Veeeeeeeeeery interesting, I\’m gonna have to visit that blogher site.  Never heard of it. 
    God bless : )

  7. Laura says:

    I like Katy and Puppy or Katy Blogging 2… You are just too cute!

  8. Unknown says:

    Re the poop question:
    What about jumping into the shower? This is what I would do…lol…oh goodness.
    New Home decor ideas:
    I\’m thinking about turning my ironing board into my desk now…hehehe!
    Alrighty I finally posted some pics of my vacation…and even wrote a blog! I\’m even impressed!! Jeezum I\’ve been lazy…almost 2 weeks!!!
    hugs & happy Monday!!!

  9. Unknown says:

    Wait don\’t you have kleenex on the back of your toilet????

  10. Sheryl-Ann says:

    The pics are very very cute.  I love the look with the glasses. You look like a very hip teacher – the one all the guys have a crush on (smile).  Your shoes look very cute in the pics too.
    I do root for the LSU Tigers……..except when they play against the TX Longhorns (smile).  Re Peyton Manning, I have loved him since he played for TN. I guess a lot of good people come out of New Orleans, right?
    I cannot believe you are from NO, and don\’t like seafood.  That is all I ever eat!  I don\’t eat red meat at all, and I may have a chicken breast once every few months, but fish is just the bomb for me!

  11. Dawn says:

    loved the pictures….I think you look cute in glasses….
    I\’ll have to check out the blog site thingy sometime. 

  12. Karla says:

    OOOHHH… loving the pictures! Tres chic. Also loving the curly hair; it\’s been a while since I have seen you wear it like that. Also can\’t wait to see your new house (I was checking out the background in all your pics. Nice chest cabinet- or whatever it\’s called, couldn\’t think of the right word- with your china.)

  13. Tracy says:

    I love those pics!! And the blogger questions — I will have to steal that from you for my Tuesday post! I love everything you write, I feel like I just blab on about myself while you write about interesting and well-thought-out topics!  Hope you had a good weekend!

  14. Kelly says:

    L-O-V-E the new pictures! They were the first thing my eyes went to when I got here and the funny-faced one with your dog is so cute! It\’s a true picture of what you look like – you have that goofy girly quality that I\’m so attracted to. Seriously, Britney Spears in her own habitat would be great. That girl is so country and is OUT of her realm in big, glitzy-glam California, so that\’s why she generates so much hoopla.Change that attitude, missy! Glasses are SEXY.Thanks for playing, Katy. You rock, babe.

  15. Sue says:

    What about your super power girl?  What would that be???  Looks like I\’m being interrogated.. oops… interviewed soon. 
    Love the pics and I think I\’m going to have plop my ironing board in the middle of the living room next to the guitar, guitar amp, pedals and wires for a little inspiration. 
    : ) Sue

  16. M says:

    I came to visit via Renee\’s site (which you commented on).  Glad to meet you.

  17. Tracy says:

    Hey I was just reading your comments on Sherry\’s site — I am just the same as you on the meat, people make fun of me because I will order a deli sandwich and take most of the meat off of it and throw it away.  I just can\’t stand a big thick pile of it, yuck. I do try to eat a good amount though, just for the protein.  And also I keep forgetting to tell you my little interesting fact for you, the big LSU fan – my cousin used to date Les Miles back a long time ago.  We used to call him More Kilometers, lol. At a family wedding, he left the reception to go find a room with a TV to watch a football game….I guess it paid off for him since he\’s become so successful now!   Anyways that\’s my little interesting fact!

  18. Karla says:

    When I saw that spectacle, I couldn\’t help laughing because all I could think about was that first time ya\’ll took me to New Orleans (Mattigan\’s), and neither E nor I wanted to leaveand we told you we absolutely HAD to go back into the bar cause we had to pee. You weren\’t having any of it. If I remember correctly, you said that we could pee on ourselves in the backseat if it was that bad but under no circumstances were we going back into that bar. HAHA. Memories….

  19. Becca says:

    Great photos KM! I love your answers and hope that you will work on the rest of the questions. Do you mind if I borrow them and work on them for my blog? And just what were you working on this weekend? Huh, what was more important than blogging????? 😉

  20. Unknown says:

    Well…i\’ll go to your all naughty school girl reunion in your place if you like. could be interesting.  Mine was quite hysterical.  The time machine caught and passed most of the party crowd.  A good study in what smoking and drinking will do you over a long period of time.  Everyone said i still looked the same which was nice. The young boyish looks worked to my advantage finally.
    Nice pictures of yourself by the way. Very purty ms. katy.*wink

  21. Jaysey says:

    Ah…Katy, you sell yourself short so often.  You\’ve got great voice in your writing.  You probably just don\’t realize it because it\’s yours, and your so use to hearing it! 🙂

  22. Jaysey says:

    Wanna know something ironic.  I have a friend here whose name is Katy…and she\’s also a shoe person.  Just wanted to share that with you as I was just thinking about that today.  And Katy is spelled the same…I must have a thing for Katy\’s with Y\’s and a love for shoes.  Which reminds me…"What can I learn about you in under 5 minutes?"  How about–you love shoes–anyone who takes  gander at this blog would learn that in 5 seconds or less! 🙂

  23. Kathleen says:

    I love the ironing board desk!  I haven\’t had an ironing board for years.  My boys broke it somehow and I never bothered to replace it.  I just keep a supply of Downy Wrinkle Release at all times.  I am going to check out the blogher space.

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