Quick and Dirty

What she Wore: white short-sleeve tee from target with a flag in the shape of an apple; the most lovingly worn-in pair of levis, red white and blue strappy wedges. 

v. ag·i·tat·ed, ag·i·tat·ing, ag·i·tates
v. tr.

  1. To cause to move with violence or sudden force.
  2. To upset; disturb: was agitated by the alarming news.


My friend Karla is coming to visit this weekend and she’s going to meet the K’s and we’re all going to do something together.  Today, I was discussing the details with Mr. K after the math class.  Karla works in a lab that runs various experiements that occasionally need to be shaken.  You need to know that or this story won’t be funny.




What time is Karla going to get here?

I don’t know–I’m hoping she can check in at work and then come right here.  I hope she can be here by about three-thirty on Friday.

If she goes to work there’s no way she’ll be here by then.

Well, if she just swings by–all she has to do is go in and agitate some stuff and leave.


To that, Mr. K. responded: Sounds exactly like one of our days.


I know it’s a pun, but I still thought it was funny—get it?  We’re teachers?  We annoy the student by asking them to work?  Karla shakes test tubes?. . .I’m a nerd–I know.




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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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37 Responses to Quick and Dirty

  1. tassietoo says:

    Ha ha ha!  I\’ll laugh with you!  Thank you so much for your comments…I appreciate your point-of-view!

  2. Jaysey says:

    LOL!  It was funny…sort of!  But I\’m a nerd, too, so…take that for what it\’s worth! 🙂

  3. Sheryl-Ann says:

    Yes, you are a nerd (laugh).  Hope you and Karla have a wonderful weekend together.  Will there be lots of drinking going on (smile)?

  4. Tracy says:

    Hahaha OK I\’m laughing!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    OK, woman, I have to ask (and if you\’ve answered this before I\’ll apologize upfront): Just how many pairs of shoes do you have? 

  6. barnyardmama says:

    OK, people, we don\’t count the number of shoes because then we would have to admit that we own that many pairs of shoes.  We just shove them into every nook and cranny and act like everything is completely normal.

  7. Unknown says:

    Haha you made a funny lol

  8. Toni says:

    test tubes…that actually sounds like the coolest job ever to say you have.
    the algebra/math thing–reading this entry made my head hurt. good for you for taking the class. I would\’ve broke down in tears within 3 seconds of working the problem.
    blogging–don\’tcha just love it?
    hope you\’re having a great week. want to see the painting on canvas that you started! ~toni

  9. CJ says:

    Yes, sadly, I do say that to people, generally when I\’m having a really bad physical day and am at my breaking point. But now, looking at it from a different perspective I realize I should be kinder.  Normally, I would be. Thanks for the heads up.  I thought the flower was really beautiful too, glad you liked it.  Sounds like you\’re going to have a terrific weekend…..I imagine between all of you , you can really shake things up.  Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your visits.

  10. K says:

    OK… cute…  hope you have fun with Karla and the Ks…. you should all be barrels of laughter!
    So bopping is different wherever I go… apparently it\’s meaning is different as well.  I was just sort of referring to Cindy Lauper\’s She Bop song with that comment.  But trust me… in the context of breaking something… I think I might already have…. time to go shopping!
    Ciao bella,

  11. Karla says:

    I didn\’t realize my job consisted of agitating test tubes. My coworkers will get a kick out of that description of what we do. I thought you would have gone for the "feeding her cells" description. I have no idea how much stuff I will have to do on Friday. I am going to try to leave early but I have to put in several hours worth of work/face time. I am going to shoot to leave here about noonish. Fox and the Hound sounds like a fabulous idea! Is this for Friday or Saturday? I am looking forward to meeting the K\’s!

  12. Laura says:

    yep… a big honkin nerd 🙂

  13. Karla says:

    About the only thing that gets agitated in lab on a daily basis is my boss…

  14. Elizabeth says:

    That\’s the great thing about taking kids to the zoo. If they begin to act like animals you can just leave them WITH the animals. *cough*
    Was that out loud?!?!?

  15. Nadine says:

     A Nerd to the core!!!

  16. Gracia says:

    KM… I\’m not a nerd. I\’m blonde. I had to read that entry 3 times before I fully understood. You are smart. You cannot blog these intelligent blogs and expect blondes like me to understand. Keep it simple. Simple.

  17. Unknown says:

    too funny…i totally feel like when teaching i spent a lot of days agitating students….also, as a former english teacher i TOTALLY relate to your last post about the math class!

  18. Nooner™ says:

    HaHa .. I\’m loving all these new shoe pics, KM … one foot in one, and the other shoe on display for its side view. Very clever! Are you saving these pics? Do a Photo Album of them all .. or mail em to me and I\’ll add a KM\’s Shoe Collection album to my site .. lol.
    Er, did I thank you yet for voting for me?  And thanks for nominating me!!  You are the best, KM!
    I\’m in Philadelphia .. leaving in a few minutes to go to Washington DC for a couple days.

  19. siobhan says:

    Have fun this weekend.  that was cute!

  20. Sandy says:

    I tell my kids to be friends with the nerds. They are always the ones who grow up and make lots of money or do something important.

  21. Karla says:

    Why does my doing sports suprise you? I played volleyball and softball in HS. I wasn\’t very good, but I played. ( I love volleyball!)

  22. Unknown says:

    LMAO….I thought it was funny. So if you think its funny and you are a nerd, then I guess I am one as well.
    Have a great time

  23. Unknown says:

    That was cute.  But who\’s <i>really</i> more agitated at the end of the day?  Students or teachers?

  24. K says:

    I love love the cat pictures!!!! Adorable… I love cats! Have a great weekend… I\’m off to New Mexico but I will check in when I get back… I can\’t wait to be there!
    Ciao bella,

  25. CJ says:

    Just stopping by to give you a hug…you\’re incredibly sweet and I simply adore you for it!

  26. Unknown says:

    Moo is adorable!!  I updated my thoughts on my last post.  There isn\’t just one thing I want to get back into.   I just want to get back into doing something!

  27. Wahzat says:

    I am loving those wedges!
    I always have great respect for you teachers. You have the amazing job of shaping the minds of our future. My hats off to you because you obviously love what you do and that makes you even more special.

  28. David says:

    Hi KM!

    I laughed my ass off!!! 🙂 I work for a company that does scientific research, and our researchers are plenty capable at agitating, believe me!!! 🙂 I know all about it! Yah, you\’re a nerd, but, a fun one!

    Thanks so much for your comments on my space last night…Yes, I have had a very hard time trying to "be friendly" with Amy since we broke up…one, didn\’t want the relationship to end, and two, it\’s just so hard to stay in touch with someone you were truly in love with at some point. Everytime we talk, the brain starts to work on itself, and next thing you know, it\’s just those same feelings of loss all over again.

    Better to let it fade into the past…the part that bothers me about that is…I can\’t imagine not having her "in my life" at all, for the rest of my life. Can\’t quite even grasp the concept. *sigh*.

    -David //BootJockey

  29. Alicia says:

    You may be a nerd but I LMAO at this entry, Katy!!
    HUGS!!  🙂
    P.S. LOVE those shoes!!

  30. Unknown says:

    how exactly do you get 29 comments with that blog. You must be one popular blgging beeeyotch.
    How do you do it?  maybe yuu\’re attracting all those men with foot fetishes….lol

  31. Becca says:

    I am nice to the nerd. I am married to him! And yep he does make a nice living! 🙂

  32. Big Dog Mom says:

    If you\’re a nerd for writing this, am I a nerd for laughing so hard I choked on my Cheeze-its?  This was just too funny. 

  33. T. says:

    Your Space is doing nothing but encouraging my sense of entitlement to cute shoes.  My fiance disagrees.  You\’re on the blogroll, chicky.

  34. Gina says:

    nerd alert!  just kidding…I got that one even before the explanation. 

  35. Karla says:

    Haha. I just realized that the blog about me is titled "Quick and Dirty." What are you trying to imply?

  36. Sue says:

    We are total nerds and Blondie and I thought that was hilarious!  Our kind of humor!  Blondie\’s teachers loved her from the kindergarten through high school because she would laugh at their jokes.  She thought they were funny when most of the kids just sat there looking stupid. 
    : O Sue

  37. Robbie says:

    Cute shoes!
    Aren\’t you supposed to stop by work and agitate things on a regular basis? 

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