Oh My Freakin’ Word

What She Wore: grey running pants, white t-shirt that says, "America"; tennis shoes.  Nothing matched, I am a bit of a mess.  Mrs. K even commented: I can’t believe you’re wearing tennis shoes–with laces and everything.

So yesterday I awoke feeling a little out of it–I slept too much and still felt sort of goofy.  I typed my blog and while doing so, I noticed that I was using the bathroom a lot.  But we all know I’m a caffeine addict, so this isn’t exactly breaking news.  My husband came home, I wrapped things up on the computer, and we got ready to go try this new pizza place. 
The Hub and I have been on a quest to find a great piece of pizza.  Some of you know that this is an art form.  The rest of you are reading this and wondering, "what’s the big deal? Cheese, sauce, crust."  You are not a pizza person like I am.   So far, the pickings have been slim in our new home.
We pull into the parking lot of what is clearly a hole in the wall–this is not a bad sign for us, but I started feeling a little woozy.  After settling in to a booth in the shape of someone else’s butt, I realize that I have to go to the bathroom AGAIN!
In the bathroom I had what I can call one of the greatest shocks of my life–there have been bigger, but this one was very close to the top.  In the bathroom I urinated blood.  My pee was red.  With little clumps.  I was fairly sure that this was not a good sign, so I pulled up my pants, washed my hands, and joined my husband in the dining area.  I told him that we would need to get that pizza to go, and we went home.  What surprised me was how calm I was.  On the car ride home I explained to the Hub the deal.  He didn’t believe me.  I’m a bit of a hypochrodriac, and he felt certain I was having "woman problems."   I actually just ended up peeing in front of him to make my point. 
The on-call doctor diagnosed me with a Urniary Tract Infection over the phone.  He advised me about an over-the-counter product I could take, and told me to report to his office by seven a.m.  And drink lots of water. 
So I’m feeling pretty gosh-darn crappy today.  The drugs are working, and I know I’ll be back soon. The Hub is feeling bad for me and keeps checking on me.  And this man is no Florence Nightingale. 
The good news?  Best damn pizza I’ve had in years.

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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38 Responses to Oh My Freakin’ Word

  1. Karla says:

    OMG!!!! You had me TOTALLY freaked out. When I first started reading the blog, I thought you were going to say that thought you were preggers. I was thinking that beoytch better not blog about it before she tells us….. (also, dang it, that means she can\’t drink when she comes up for my bday)

  2. KEL says:

    oh my…I am prone to UTI\’s and can completely sympathize…at least you found some great pizza!!Hope you feel better soon.~K

  3. Nooner™ says:

    Hi KM,
    I hate to admit it here, but I had the same blood problem together with deeper red clumps a few weeks ago. I didn\’t do a thing about it, but I know I should. I just have all that family crap going on that I put it off. It\’s gone, but I know I should check it out. Where there\’s smoke, there\’s fire, ya know. Anywoo. You did the right thing by getting it checked out. I didn\’t.
    I love good pizza too, so I am with you and Hub on the search for the best pizza in your area. Luckily, we have a few great places among dozens and dozens of just plain blah pizzerias. What a difference it is to find the best ones.
    Sue wants to know if I have any heels to go with those dresses. If not, she suggested I consult you. Any ideas for me on what heels might be nice to go with a soft jersey dress with loose, three-quarter sleeves and a pleated front panel? Did I mention a scooped neck? Oh, the color! Grey Heather. I\’d rather wear a little colsomething bright, but I\’m so concious of standing out in a crowd. Unfortunately for me, its a Plus Size. I really wish I could cut down on my love of chocolate petite fours.

  4. Sue says:

    Ouch.  Just reading about it hurts!  Take all the medication or it will come back.  We\’ve all been there a few times, with or without blood.  UTI\’s are the pits.  Take advantage of it and get pampered.  Send him back to pick you up some pizza while you lounge.: ) Sue

  5. Cheryl says:

    Those infections can really suck it out of you.  I used to get them when I was married and had regular sex.  That is what i tell my girls when they complain of any plumbing or reproductive problems.  it is all caused from having sex.  LOL  I think they tell me about it just so they can hear my diagnosis and prognosis.  Well it is all probably true…You have not really been the same since he got back home.  LOL  Well that is it for tonight…take your pills, drink cranberry juice and call in the morning!

  6. tassietoo says:

    Oh poor Katy!  How miserable for you!  I\’m glad you have a good nurse, 😉 and I hope you get feeling better soon!

  7. Sheryl-Ann says:

    Wow KM, I feel your pain.  I used to have those when I lived in Canada and one time when I was on vacation in The Bahamas. It was so bad and painful that I had to find a doc on the island to prescribe medication.  Yes, drink plenty of cranberry juice – I hate cranberry juice up to now because of how much I had to drink back then (sigh).  Anyway, I hope you feel better soon so that you can go back for some more of that pizza.

  8. Unknown says:

    Ouch. I\’ve seen worse, but I still have to say it. I can only say thank god for medicine. I like my pills. Except for the stuff I\’m taking for my acne. It makes me feel really nauseous if I don\’t take it with food, leaves a bad taste no matter what, and worse off, I can\’t give blood with it still in my system. But you got pizza. That\’s the important part. I like the nice local pizzerias, but the best I\’ve ever had was in New York. It was a small place called Famous Joe\’s. If you\’ve seen Spidey 2, yeah, it\’s that one. No 29 minute guarantee visible, but they give good service nonetheless. As I was walking away with pizza, this guy walks into me and sends my pizza to the floor. The guys then gave me a slice for free. It was so good, I went back and got more.

  9. Gracia says:

    Oh no!!! I had a tract infection some years ago, but some antibiotics later and I was good to go.  Hope this clears up soon for you!
    You had good pizza at least :))

  10. . says:

    Cranberry juice. Buy liters of it! Chug chug chug.
    I can\’t believe that you got one that you bleed! EEEK! I went through a long few months where I would get them every few weeks. It was horrible. And I had to keep medicating the hubs (men can get it from us, show no symptoms and then pass it over to us again…) But I would usually notice a little tingle when peeing. Never got that bad that I was bleeding. When I was in the US if, AND IF we would get one we would just drink liters and liters of cranberry juice. There is something in it that kills the bacteria. We would not even need meds. But here in Tanzania – the cranberry juice (ocean Spray imported) is actually way more expensive than the antibiotics, so I only took it once. It did clear up. I ended up drinking about 5 liters in 2 days.
    aak (TMI I know…)

  11. K says:

    Yuk!  That could explain some of the dreams!!
    Not sure what the over the counter product is – other than pure Cranberrie juice is – but I\’m glad its working.  You get lots of rest because you\’re body obviously needs it.  Let Mr. Nightingale take care of you…. although that would be hilarious to see!
    Get well soon… listen to your doctor… and it\’s sooo hard to find damn good pizza!
    Ciao bella,

  12. Tracy says:

    Ohhh I feel your pain, I had one of those the end of last year and it was horrible!!!  I am glad the hub is taking care of you!  If you are lucky like I was (haha) the doc will give you something that will turn your pee green — talk about weird!! LOL!  YAY for the pizza, now you have me totally craving some!!

  13. Christi says:

    Holy cow!  That blog freaked me out!  I should have just read to the bottom first to know everything was ok.  Those UTI\’s suck!  But in my experience, once they are treated, they pass pretty fast.  I hope you feel better soon!

  14. Stacy says:

    I hope that they caught it in time.  I let something like that go for a while and ended up in the hospital with a huge kidney stone that blocked and shut down my left kidney.  I ended up having surgery to remove it – not fun.

  15. Big Dog Mom says:

    Take all the medication.  Drink lots of fluids.  And eat lots of yogurt.  The antibiotics kill all the bad bacteria and the good bacteria that\’s supposed to be in your system.  Eating the yogurt replaces the good bacteria and keeps you from getting a yeast infection.  Yea, I know, TMI . . . but it was TMI that someone shared with me and it was very helpful.  Hope hubby takes good care of you.  And the best places to eat are always a hole in the wall.  My Hubby was a truck driver and I would get to go with him sometimes.  The best food I ever had was in some of the scariest places.  I prefer the scary places over the chain places. 

  16. Sarah says:

    Ouch. That would be really scary! I really can\’t believe you stayed so calm. I would have been freaking out for sure. Hope it all turns out okay, which I\’m sure it will. But, look on the bright side…great pizza! I bet it will be even better when you are not preoccupied with peeing blood!

  17. WINDOW LIVE says:

    They gave you an over the counter drug for urinary tract.  Go to the doctor, those have to be treated with antibotics.  That is why they are called Urinary Tract INFECTIONS.  OMG…hope you feel better soon!

  18. Unknown says:

    I\’ll have the Greek Pizza with extra feta and a side of UTI please.  ouch. hope you\’re feeling better.

  19. Betsy says:

    I thought you were going to say you were pregnant too but I decided that it would be too soon probably and even if you were you wouldn\’t tell the whole cyber world already.  UTI- yucky!  I\’ve never had one but sounds not too fun.
    So last time you went for pizza you were barfed on and now this….I know you love pizza but is it really worth it???

  20. Mrsbrown2k1 says:

    Wow, how scary for you. I have UTI\’s often but never one with blood.  I\’d be freaking out.  I hope that the drugs help and that it is nothing more then an UTI. 
    Glad you found a good pizza place…they are hard to find.  We haven\’t found one yet since our move last year. 
    Tam in Texas

  21. Sandy says:

    Ok, I know that you do not want to hear this, but you might want to cut down on the sodas.  At least until you are better.  Try some 100% cranberry juice.  I know that it is very tart. If you can not stand to drink it by itself, try this; mix it with some 7-up or Sprite. Very good that way.  Make sure to pout the juice in the glass first, about 3/4 of a glass. Then add the 7-up.  Otherwise you\’ll lose most of the bubbles. 
    Hope you get better soon! I\’ve had UTI and it really sucks! So, I feel for you.

  22. Unknown says:

    I would have freaked out, there is no way I could have been calm enough to get my pizza order to go. Hope you start to feel better soon. At least you find you some good pizza!

  23. Cindy says:

    Oooohhh……hope you feel better soon!
    Take care,

  24. Darcy says:

    Hey girl!
    Wow… that sucks!  Good pizza though? 😉
    Anyway, when you go on the antibiotics take Acidophilus.  You can find it in any health food store and higher end grocery/drug store… it\’s the same idea as the yogurt that that girl below me was talkin\’ about…  Ask the pharmacist or someone… it needs to be refrigerated once opened, but def take it because how yucky would that be to have the YI when you\’ve got the UTI… gross!

  25. Unknown says:

    Hey you!    Ouch!  I\’ve only had one of those and it wasn\’t fun. 
    Glad the pizza was great.  We are the same way with Mexican.  So far we haven\’t found anything here w/in a 45 min. drive.  Sad, huh?
    Feel better soon.

  26. Nooner™ says:

    Popped in to look around. I\’ve missed prior blogs, I see. Hmmm. I wonder what Louisiana Sausage is all about.

  27. Josh says:

    OH! It\’s a good thing I don\’t like Cherry-Tapioca pudding…because if I did…this post would make things quite difficult for me.

  28. Nadine says:

    Been there done that…..NO FUN!!! Take care, it will get better.
    The pizza? Was it a mom and pop?? Becuz Pizza is an art and even some chain pizza joints haven\’t figured it out!
    Geez I was holding my breath, hoping you were going to tell us you were pregnant….only a UTI!!

  29. Andrea says:

    1st You need to try Sam & Ella\’s Chicken Palace.  The best pizza I have ever had.  And they are working on a Franchise Deal……
    Yes I also have been trough this and I was not so lucky as to have a good doc.  I fainted twice the pain was so bad and I was covered in sweat.  So hubby takes me to the ER.  We tell them what is up and they do not believe us.  I give them a sample.  He says it has to be menstrual.  Finally they put in a catheter.  What a reief!  After a bunch of tests.  it is A UTI! 
    So believe me I feel for you dearheart.  I would not wish that on any one.  Well maybe one or ten but not you…….
    Get to feeling better soon.  And congrats on finding a good piece….  uhh pizza that is.

  30. Gina says:

    Hope the UTI passes (no pun intended) quickly! 
    As for the best pizza, go to NY.  Good Pizza-a-plenty. 

  31. Christine says:

    Bummer about the UTI.  I hope your body heals quickly.  At least you found decent pizza.  Decent pizza is indeed hard to find.

  32. Laura says:

    Oh yeah. Same thing has happened to me about two years ago. We had just moved to Orlando, and because of the new jobs, I did not have insurance yet. So… it got to the point of me having such a high fever that Mark started calling hospitals ( it was very late at night). I bought the over the counter stuff, and have to fork over a total of $500 for doctor visits, tests, and medicine. Ugh. They warned me to not wait so long next time since it can spread up into your liver, etc…
    Glad to hear you are doing better, and that you found some great pizza!

  33. Christine says:

    I just noticed your commet about moving to a cute old neighborhood.  I recently read a book by Rod Dreher called Crunchy Cons.  He and his family moved into a neighborhood like that.  You might like the book.  It was definitely an interesting perspective.

  34. CJ says:

    Did he suggest IZO?  I recommend tonic water or ginger ale for muscle spasms….Bad Girl is right on the cranberry juice too!  Wow, how scary and how casually the doctor treated you. Hope you get to feeling better and it\’s great Hubby is taking care of you!  Make sure he gives you lots of hugs, those help alot!

  35. K says:

    I hope you are feeling better and things are improving.  Take care…
    Ciao bella

  36. Alicia says:

    Why is it the best damn pizza you had in years???

  37. THOMAS says:

    Ya know, the first time I stopped by you were having some other kind of bathroom problem. I think you were running around the house with your pants around your ankles looking for T.P. 🙂 Talbot\’s (my wife is the manager of one) is having a sale this weekend. Go spend some money, it\’ll make you feel better.

  38. Leah says:

    hey, I found your blog on the Spaces homepage, I\’m a bit of an addict. I just had to comment because I get the EXACT same thing–interminable UTI\’s. I\’ve had HEINOUS AWFUL SEARINGLY PAINFUL ones but the past year they\’ve sort of tapered off. The worst? Stoopid stoopid medical NEVER has enough doctors to see me and aside from going to urgent care (hate them, last resort) my only options are to self-treat with cranberry pills and loads of water. If you\’d ever like someone to moan to, I know ALL about it!

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