My Opening Scene

What She Wore: Skinny jeans, a black tank top with silver writing that reads "rock," mostly bare feet.  I’m a little under the weather, so I put on some nice clothes, but didn’t really go anywhere.

There are a lot of movies about teachers and schools: Dangerous Minds, Stand and Deliver, Lean on Me.  These are all really good movies and they are very inspiring.  For me, though, I don’t think they’re a very accurate picture of teaching.  First of all, teaching rarely fits the dramatic mold–is there a climax?  Not really.  It’s more like a winding road.  And for me, a movie about my teaching career would definitely me a comedy.  The single greatest thing about my job is the amount of laughing and smiling I get to do.  With this in mind, below I have written the opening scene of Teacher in Heels: The Movie.  A complete figment of my imagination, but I had a great time thinking it up. 
The screen is dark.  The credits begin to roll.  A jaunty tune fills the air.  Suddenly, there is light and it becomes apparent that the camera is in the back of a closet.  A wild-haired girl in pajamas appears, and begins rifling through the clothes in the closet.  The credits and song continue, and the camera follows the girl through the getting ready process: putting on a nice dress, blow-drying her hair, brushing her teeth, etc.  A large portion of this time, she is searching in her closet, her dresser, and anywhere else looking for something.  The room she’s in is small and cramped with a single bed (like a dorm room).  Finally, as the song wraps up, we see her most of the way under the bed (this is not a graceful moment), and then she emereges victoriously.  In her hand is a perfect black heel.  She smiles and puts on the shoe.  The camera pans out, and in the shot we see a cap and grown hanging hanging on her door. 
End Scene
This was mostly derived from a conversation I had with two of my co-workers while driving around and finding kid’s houses for home visits–we took six hours which is a lot of car time. 
What would be the name of your movie?  The opening scene?  Would it be a drama, a comedy, a tragedy, or an action adventure?  Who would play you?  

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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22 Responses to My Opening Scene

  1. Vonnie says:

    I love your movie idea!! You should expand on it and run with it!! I read your last entry too… now I even admire you ten times more than I did before!! Clearly, you have a heart the size of the Atlantic. You\’re just such a treasure!! I hope you\’re enjoying your weekend, and hats off to you, little missy!  =D

  2. Charlotte says:

    I love your car!!!!!  Bet you are really enjoying driving your new vehicle…  Have a great school year… I will have think about a movie title…  hugs, lottiemae

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Oooh, an assignment!!  I\’m going to need a few minutes on this one… 🙂

  4. Sheryl-Ann says:

    My movie would be called "Island Love" and it would be a romantic comedy.  I would be played by Julie Roberts (don\’t laugh), and the opening scene would be on a pink sand beach on one of the islands in the Caribbean.  I would be chilling in a boat not too far from shore and in the distance a cute guy would have his binoculars checking me out.  He would be so engrossed in what he was doing, that a bunch of crabs would encircle him and attack both feet!

  5. Darcy says:

    Hey girl…
    Funny that you should have this blog entry… I was thinking the other day that it is very \’cathartic\’ to do something like that… I was thinking that everyone should have to write their eulogy… either about how they want to be remembered, or how they will be remembered… not in a morbid way that thinks about dying, but just how you percieve yourself and what you want people to most remember about you…. now, the movie thing… I think mine would be called \’Bonk\’ and it would be me and my inate ability to do and say silly things that make people laugh and generally make me come off as a bit of a nutcase… it the cutest most princessy way of course 😉
    Thanks for coming by… life is sucking a bit right now, but I\’ll get through it!
    Have fun at school… School in BC, Canada doesn\’t start until the day after Labour Day… those lucky Canadian kids!

  6. Becca says:

    Mine would be "21 Days, 20 Nights"…Sun, surf, romance, and fine wine…I have to tell you!!! I got into a jumper that I have had in a drawer in my closet for more than 2 years! It is fine when I stand up, and just a wee bit snug when I sit down, so I fugure just another 10 pounds and it should be perfect! I was looking for something to wear to a restaurant in Hawaii that wasn\’t shorts since it is a lodge and that fits the bill perfectly! It makes me feel so good! I\’ll never be a fashion maven, but I will take the little things!

  7. Carol says:

    MIne would be as foreign film, Swedish, in the style of Ingmar Bergman.  Black and white.  There would be two me\’s, the young me played by Scarlett Johanssen and the older me by a Sigourney Weaver.  They would spend a week at the same beach house forty years apart with two different husbands.  The film would explore whether I am the same person with a different man at a different time of my life.
    Great exercize!!!     

  8. Cheryl says:

    Mine wold be a comedy about 9 months and not being PG. 

  9. Unknown says:

    most definitely a comedy…probably involving dirty diapers, a house FULL of toys, and a crazy pug dog…my daily life!  not sure who I would want to play me…have to think about that!  your opening scene is great!

  10. Nooner™ says:

    Noonie has a homework assignment!!  Woo hoo. lol.  I may have to blog this one.  Great opening scene of yours, KM. And, great title of course *wink*. Here\’\’s hoping you are feeling 100% again. When I\’m under the weather I just lounge around in boxer shorts and a golf shirt. That\’s kind of like my summer PJ clothes. Very comfy for me.

  11. Dennis says:

    Oh I love this!  First I really like your opening scene treatment ….it is so you.  And Carol\’s concept is totally cool and seductive … who knew? 
    My film would begin with a single b&w camera capturing a little boy around 9 having a very adult level conversation with his mother – its the early 50\’s.  She has just told him not to venture up to Broad Street which was three blocks from where he lived.  The little boy looking perplexed at his mother querried why and his mother responds because the white people don\’t want you up there.  Then the camera fades to black then fades to color and a slow zoom close up of the now grown man the little boy has become who is running a big time company in mid town Manhattan.

  12. Kelly says:

    My movie would be a dramedy…the highs and lows of a single mom/special ed teacher. Lots of smart, sarcastic humor and I would be played by Sandra Bullock (she\’s the only brown eyed brunette actress I can think of).

  13. Unknown says:

    Well I\’d definitely watch that movie.  Too cute!
    Hey – have you ever heard of Ron Clark?  TNT did a movie about him called "The Ron Clark Story" (real original, huh?).  They\’ve played it several times and I have yet to get the chance to watch it all the way through.  I saw him on Oprah once, and have thought about buying his book The Essential 55, since I do work with kids, after all. 
    Anyway, have a great week!  God bless : )

  14. K says:

    This homework assignment you\’ve given us all requires a little thought… I don\’t have a clue!  The creative juices were sucked out of my brain with all the wine and eating I did this weekend…. Take a bow Ms. Hottie Teacher… that would be a great movie… you should consider putting a screen play together….
    I\’m glad you looked good in front of your coworkers and company RE: Pluto.  As I learn more, I will be posting but it\’s been a topic of conversation in my social circles and rather interesting discussions too.  Sad to say its been the most excitting thing to happen in a while for me… yikes!
    Hope you feel better….
    Ciao bella,

  15. Tracy says:

    See, ya got me here, this is where it shows that I have no creativity, I have no idea what my scene would be.  Except that I\’d want it to be funny!
    I hope you are feeling better!

  16. CJ says:

    I like your philosophy and I agree!  Thanks for the thoughtful words, I appreciate them.

  17. Josh says:

    My movie would most likely be a comedy, although it would probably sneak some dramatic elements into it. But I try to keep a positive spin on most things, so viewer might be sad at some points, but never for long.
    The opening scene would probably be late at night…the last few minutes before I go to bed. There\’s nothing special about it, I just like the idea of opening with an ending.
    As far as who would play me…I have some ideas, but I don\’t like picking that sort of thing. I\’d rather someone tell me I look like this person, or that guy from the that one movie…than me telling people who I should remind them of. Call it an attempt at humilty. So I suppose you\’d just have to rifle through my pictures if you\’re curious.

  18. Nooner™ says:

    What a shocker if in Part 2 she\’s wearing turquoise slides with a kitten heel, eh? .. lol.

  19. bo says:

    It is interesting. Is here your students who leave comments?
    And I have a question: why do you say "I love seeing teachers outside of school. It\’s like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs." what is the meaning?

  20. Unknown says:

    I\’m just waiting for someone to say "Cheech and Chong".
    Another school year…wow…before you know it it\’ll be summer again. Ask Mr. K if he\’s ever going to show us that bum shot.
    I have to catch up…I\’m like 4 blogs behind everyone. Congrats on the CAR!! I had a Taurus once, it was a good car. Mine was green.

  21. Unknown says:

    You know, I really hate being a "no name" Grrrrr msn!!!!
    Have fun at that Bible study, I know you\’re going to love it.  And I know what you mean about being impatient.  I am too, no matter how hard I try not to be.  We\’re actually taking a break right now because I was getting waaaaaaaay too obsessed.  But I don\’t know how long that will last.  Because, like I said, I\’m obsessed.
    God bless : )

  22. Unknown says:

    Hi there!  I arrived here via Photonut\’s space and really like what I see.  I hope you won\’t mind if I nominate you to be featured. I really like to see intelligent, interesting spaces.

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