Kicking the habit

What She Wore: Red, short-sleeve tee; long, cuffed, navy blue shorts with a white pin stripe.  Red, white, and navy strappy wedges.

Well, you guys all know that I’ve had some trouble with my urinary tract.  AND I want to get pregnant (scary, when you type it out).  SO I realized that it was time to say good-bye to a dear friend of mine: Rum.  My weekday habit is to pour a rum and (caffeine-free) diet coke, and kick back and surf around blog land.  Well, I decided that enough was enough, and last Thursday I announced that booze was going by the wayside for the time being.  I made two mistakes, though: One, I told my husband about my plans, and second, I decided this on a Thursday.
The Hub is very supportive.  He took all of my alcohol and poured it down the drain.  OUCH!
And then on Saturday he poured himself a bourbon while taking in the Arkansas/USC game.  Bastard.
But, it’s been almost four days now.  This is much easier than giving caffeine.  Whew.


About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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39 Responses to Kicking the habit

  1. Karla says:

    You??? Give up the Bacardi???? Hmmmm….. very interesting. You must be ready to kick the trying to get pregnant effort into overdrive.


  2. Christine says:

    UTI\’s are never fun.  Drink cranberry juice regularly.  A splash of vodka with cranberry juice does not reduce the effectiveness of the cranberry juice.  🙂
    Rum and coke?  YUCK!
    Give me 100 proof Southern Comfort and ginger ale.  🙂

  3. Karla says:

    Ummm… yeah so that guy from the blog never called. Big suprise. BUT I did meet someone the NEXT night, someone I can\’t really have but god I wish I could. I don\’t really know all that much about him, but he makes me want to throw all lists/caution/rules out the window. (E\’s first question- is he married? The answer is no. I\’ll give you the scoop soon.)

  4. Unknown says:

    Go Katy GO!!! Hubby should be cheering you on…lol….go Katy go make those boobs grow!!!! Football…HA! HIM is not a fan…ah yes!!!! I\’m proud of you…caffine, rum…when preggo it\’s chocolate to….sigh. What\’s next?!?! Lots of oysters? hehehe
    Looks like the dog has a pending application…what a relief.

  5. Tracy says:

    Wow, you are on a roll!!!  That is tough to do it on a Thursday though, lol!  Actually alcohol is something I could probably easier than some things — like coffee and chocolate!!! I hope it at least does away with the UTI problem, I didn\’t know the two (alcohol and UTI\’s) were related.  Hope your week is going well so far!

  6. Sue says:

    OW!  Never actually say it out loud girl!  First rule.  Now you will have to sneak drink out of a paper bag.  Oh my.

  7. Unknown says:

    bye bye Rum eh?
    I like brandy on the rocks, have cut back my consumtion too. lol, laughed at the note passing entry, but its sad too, >shaking head<
    hugs, Kat

  8. Dennis says:

    Gave up Rum for the sake of developing offspring?  I"ll drink to that!
    Have you missed me?

  9. Becca says:

    I am proud of you, but dang give it up on a Thursday?? Woman that is a Monday morning committment! 🙂 But you are doing it for the right reasons! I don\’t drink, but I will raise my diet pepsi to ya in toast to quick fertility!

  10. Cheryl says:

    Being the drug addict that I am….I can relate to the trouble in giving up anything i like.  Last week I gave up potato chips and I am amazed that it was not hard at all.  When I like something i go overboard…Once an addict always an addict…Hope you are not an addict…

  11. Sheryl-Ann says:

    Way to go, KM!  Laying off the liquor while you are trying to get preggie can only be a good thing.  However, I think your husband should give it up too to show some kind of solidarity…….yeah right!  Hope things work out for you and the hubby soon.

  12. K says:

    The sacrifices ones make to create babies… heck… maybe you need to get drunk… it worked for me!  That\’s a whole other story… for another time… but do what you gotta… and good luck!
    Ciao bella,

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Oooh, that was so wrong!! I hope you pointed out the error of his ways (drinking in front of you) with him hopefully overlooking yours (telling him about your plans).  You know, if your really interested… I could tell you discretely (I\’d figure out a way!) how I got preggers with girls. hehehehe 😉

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Oh… and if your REALLY serious about getting preggers right now… start taking pre-nat vitamins now. And take them at night cause they did a NUMBER on me if I took them during the day… 🙂

  15. Betsy says:

    Does hubby know that\’s alcohol abuse?  Probably a good idea to wean your self off rather than go cold turkey when you do wind up preggers.  I have known people who plan when they will start trying around social occassions when they HAVE to be able to drinks…weddings, reunions, etc.  You\’ll be a cheap date once you\’ve had the baby and are back off the wagon (or is it on…I never really got that phrase anyway) and are drunk off 1 drink!

  16. Stacy says:

    Good for you.  Bad Hubby….Bad Hubby!  Tell him that you are getting pregnant together and he whould be more supportive and have to cut all bad things out also.   Yeah….didn\’t work with mine either.  LOL

  17. Christi says:

    You go girl!  It is hard to give up those lovely things like your evening drink (and sushi, for me), but it will be worth it now (with the UTI) and later (with a little one)!  Good luck!  Should you pour the bourbon down the drain . . . . ? 🙂

  18. Unknown says:

    Oh man UTI\’s are horrible!!!  Good luck kicking the habit…..I\’m glad to hear that it\’s easier for you than giving up caffeine.  I\’ve tried to give up caffeine several times and thought I\’d surely die.  So I\’m gradually weaning myself off now.  It\’s hard. 
    God bless : )

  19. Unknown says:

    How nice of hime to pour out yours but make sure his stayed in the bottle….lol

  20. KEL says:

    Thanks for stopping by…I just thought I would wish you a little "good luck" (not that you need it) but it can be a little difficult to give up something so enjoyable! hehe  I know I\’ve tried a few times to do something I thought would be better, but only some of those have succeeded…if my heart was really into it so here\’s to yours!

  21. Wahzat says:

    Good luck with it. And believe me when I say you would appreciate that ONE drink of rum a lot next year when you just try one. I gave up all things alcohol when I found out I was pregnant with my son. (was never a big drinker, but I did like rum and beer) And also I totally despise Jamaican rum 🙂 I don\’t miss it and on the rare occasion that I do drink the rum … boy is it good. So never fear you are doing it for a good cause.
    Good luck on getting pregnant too.
    And thanks I didn\’t think of the upside of being shy. That is cool 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week

  22. Nadine says:

     It takes a bit but you can do it!! I have faith in you!!
     But I do think it is just the shits that the men can\’t sacrifice!!

  23. Sarah says:

    What a waste for him to pour it out! I sure hope it wasn\’t a very large bottle, or it was almost gone! Hopefully when you are actually pregnant he will support you with not drinking. My friend\’s husband did that – didn\’t drink the whole time she was preg. He even turned 21 during that time and didn\’t go out!
    But yeah, never, NEVER speak the words out loud of things you are "going to do". It always comes back to bite you!

  24. Kerri says:

    You know the next thing you will have to give up is the diet part of pop.  When my best friend was pregnant just a few years ago, her doctor advised here that regular pop in moderation was way better than diet.  But she also had a high risk pregnancy.  It can also wait until you have a positive pee stick.

  25. David says:

    Hehehehehe…Caffeine is a nasty one to kick, isn\’t it?  🙂
    Hope you\’re doing well, K!  You keep "practicing", I\’m sure you\’ll be "in a motherly way…" in no time!  *lol*
    -David  //BootJockey

  26. Gina says:

    Rum and Coke who? The end result will far out weight Rum! Good luck!

  27. Carol says:

    What fortitude!  You gave up rum and you\’re not even pregnant yet.  I stopped drinking as soon as I found out that I was pregnant with my first daughter.  Unfortunately, there is no time that I would rather be drinking!  I was hot and uncomfortable, with swollen ankles and belly, moody, nothing fit, sick of my maternity clothes.  Oh, I needed a glass of Merlot!  But my kids are perfect and it was all wort it.  Maybe it\’s better that you\’re quitting now.  It\’ll give you time to get used to it.

  28. Dawn says:

    good for you….and hey if it helps with UTI even better….

  29. Toni says:

    oh lord–i am going through the same darn thing right now. giving up that nightly 2 beers–ug. i switched it for cold chocolate milk–i\’ll probably gain 30 pounds before i\’m even pregnant! i\’ll never give up my precious caffeine. btw–love the outfits you\’ve been wearing to school! ~toni

  30. Marcie says:

    1st…love the shoes!  I love shoes…love love love….love…shoes.  Those are adorable and adore the perfect heel. 🙂
    2nd….I LOVE rum and give you  props for taking the pass.  I\’m currently trying to give up Coke. 😦  It sucks!

  31. Alicia says:

    I commend you for trying to kick the habit, Katy.  ANY habit can become addictive if we let it…my best friend just fell off the wagon after a year and a half and bought a pack of cigarettes!!  Now hse feels guilty and is supposedly going to throw them away…
    HUGS!!  🙂

  32. THOMAS says:

    Let\’s see, I haven\’t read about poop or pee or UTIs for awhile I think I\’ll go over to the Barnyard and see what\’s up. Hey! Somethings never change! 🙂
    I hope hubby did something better than pour your booze down the drain to try and help you get pregnant.
    I thought I read somewhere that alcohol makes sperm swim slow or something like that. Maybe you should do him the same favor?

  33. Sue says:

    Hey girl, just checking in on you.  I think I agree with MalathionMan.  You should pour hubby\’s out also *wink*.  And then, practice, practice, practice!Hope your well!Sue

  34. David says:

    Hey, how you doing, holding off from the caffeine and booze?  🙂
    I\’ll toast one in your honor tonight!  🙂
    -David  //BootJockey

  35. Tiffany says:

    Hi there! I\’m just stopping in from Mud Treasure\’s space!  I see you are from LR.  My husband and I and our daughter live in NW AR.  My husband is from Cabot and we seem to visit there about once a month.  I have been catching up with your entries and I love how you put what outfit you wear each day!  I love your style!  I\’m adding you to my site!
    Talk to you soon!T

  36. Sheryl-Ann says:

    Hey KM, just checking on you.  Hope everything is okay.  Have a fun weekend!

  37. David says:

    Hi KM!
    Hey, 8 days, that\’s great!  🙂  hehehehehe..good luck…it\’s not easy giving up stuff you love, like that evening drink, is it?
    Thanks so much for the great comment you left yesterday, about how practically mandating everyone to have a college education reduces the value of it…I\’ve often thought that myself, and have gone round-and-round myself more than once with a friend of mine in California who just thinks that every can, and should be, a doctor or a scientist, regardless.  I\’ve said myself, like you said, the world needs all kinds, everything from scientists to car-wash employees. 
    Great entry, thanks so much!  🙂  Have a great weekend, and keep "working" at that goal of yours!
    -David  //BootJockey

  38. Jaysey says:

    Best of luck.  Hope you don\’t have any of those good, ole SOuthern weddings coming up! 😉

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