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You Know Those Kinds of Days

What She Wore: brown herringbone pants with a light blue and light orange stripe; white, long-sleeve tee; orange, button-down cardigan; brown, round-toe heels. Part of the deal I made with myself is that I will update here a little more … Continue reading

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Where Have You Been?

I try to update at least three times a week, but this past week wasn’t so good for me. . . what have I been doing?   Truthfully, I’m battling a few personal demons.  Like everyone, from time to time, … Continue reading

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You may not Know

What She Wore: Grey capris; black, long-sleeve tee; black, beaded mules with no heel.  I always get comments when I don’t wear heels. You may not know. . .   How many people cannot read, or read extremely poorly.  The … Continue reading

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What She Wore: Black capri/gaucho style pants; black, short-sleeve tee; gold button-down, hooded jacket with three-quarter-length sleeves; black leather boots. I usually talk about my own teaching experiences, but that’s not really the whole picture.  I have been lucky to … Continue reading

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Feeling better

What She Wore: flared denim skirt; white, button-down shirt with olive green flecks; my holy-grail cowboy boots.  The lady in the front office like my boots so much she made me tell her where I got them. I just wanted … Continue reading

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Ranting and Ravings of a Selfish Woman

What She Wore: royal blue courderoy jacket; white, long-sleeve tee; black pants; royal blue snow boots. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. . .   I promised that I wouldn’t blog about these types of things, and yet here I … Continue reading

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Co-workers can be strange

What She Wore: Skinny blue jeans; white tee; brown courderoy jacket; extremely awesome pair of leather cowboy boots with a two inch heel.  I felt like I’d found the holy grail when I discovered them at TJ Maxx the other … Continue reading

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