Company’s Coming

What She Wore: black running pants; long-sleeve, gray LSU t-shirt, tennis shoes.  Let me tell you, that LSU t-shirt received a chilly reception here in Arkansas this week.

Well, it’s happened again: MSN will be featuring my blog this week.  Usually this means in increase in traffic from complete strangers, and occasionally, people saying mean things.  No matter.  Just like when company comes to call, I’ve been trying to spruce the place up, and will be trying to type some decent stuff this week.  If you’re a regular, thanks for stopping by!  If you’ve never been here before, welcome!  The hub even helped me take pictures of my boots, so hopefully, we’ll even get some shoe pictures in this week. 

To start the week off, I’ll share a little story from the other day that’s had me laughing for days. 

Last week, Mr. K and I hosted a catch up day during our off period.  Any kids that wanted/needed to could come to our room and finish their homework, or take a quiz they’d missed.  We had about twenty-five kids come take advantage of the opportunity.  Mr. K and I were circulating around the room, checking on things, but mainly the kids were working independently.  Mr. K stopped at one student’s desk and noticed that he was working on top of his big puffy jacket.  Mr. K says, let me get that out of your way.  As he moves the jacket to another desk, onto the floor lands an entire McDonald’s cheese burger.  Not candy, not gum–a cheese burger.  Needless to say, we had to take a five minute giggle break after that happened. 

This is one of the unexpected perks of teaching–complete and utter hilarity in the middle of a Friday. 



About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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21 Responses to Company’s Coming

  1. Sheryl-Ann says:

    Congrats on being featured, KM!  That cheese burger story might make a good ad for McDonald\’s 🙂  Have an awesome week!

  2. Cheryl says:

    That is great and congrats for being selected again….

  3. THOMAS says:

    Congrats, I think. Talking about sprucing up, you can embed text in your pictures. I don\’t see many people do this with their pictures (now that you are using the live writer). If you don\’t know what I\’m talking about, check out some of the pictures in my entires, They have comments IN them.

  4. Nooner™ says:

    Hey, Great. I\’m guessing your saying "featured" is that you will be on the ol\’ Best of Spaces. If so, congrats! Actually, congrats even if it is something else. Your spaces is wonderful.
    I no longer visit Best of Spaces religiously each Monday as I use to. I stopped when they stopped the "voting" and just made it a page featuring four new spaces. Personally, I preferred seeing it when it was a voting format .. and then visiting it again at the end of the week to see who for who the majority voted. In my humble opinion, it lost its pizazz when they made that change. My simple mind has not been able to understand many of MSN\’s changes .. including its dropping the traditional MSN Games format in May and losing thousands of online followers. MSN needs to hire some young blood if they want to keep up with Yahoo and others. This week however I\’ll have to visit that Best Of site. If KM is up in in lights, then I\’m gonna be there for ya!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    What a cheesy story! LOL Sorry, I couldn\’t help myself. 😉  I would have preferred a Big & Tasty, minus pickles and tomatoes.  I\’ve been told that I\’m a communist for not liking tomatoes but to each his own, right?Congrats on the nod….AGAIN!  You should put more pics of shoes up…hehehe

  6. Becca says:

    Congrats KM, you deserve it! Enjoy your week!

  7. CJ says:

    Congratulations on being featured again!  It couldn\’t happen to a nicer person.

  8. Jaysey says:

    Congrats on the feature. 
    A McD\’s cheeseburger?  Oh, my!  I hope you let him have it back!  There\’s nothing like a flat cheeseburger to help quell your hunger! 🙂

  9. Stacy says:

    Congrats on being featured again.
    How & Why would you hide a McD\’s burger?  If he was that hungry, why didn\’t he go to the restroom and wolf it down?  How funny!  At least it was food and not alcohol or drugs.

  10. Tracy says:

    Wow congrats on being featured again!! I know I always look forward to coming to your site and reading.  And I also value the opinions you leave on my site!!
    LOL about the cheeseburger.  Kids!
    Oh ya and way to go LSU!  College football is so wacko this year!! I can\’t believe that West Virginia lost.  If Ohio State doesn\’t win it all, I think there will be an uproar.  I don\’t like USC at all, I wish Notre Dame had beaten them!
    Happy Monday!

  11. russ says:

    Long time no see! How are things down south? The cheesburger story was awesome!!
    Congrats to you!

  12. Aimee says:

    i bet this makes life interesting for sure…
    :o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don\’t… :o)

  13. Sarah says:

    Congrats on the feature!
    I\’m looking forward to the pictures of your shoes again. I kind of like getting a visual!
    That\’s really funny about the cheeseburger. I can honestly say I never thought "oh, I should bring this cheeseburger to school, just in case". Too funny!

  14. Unknown says:

    Mmmm….cheeeeeeeseburger.  Too funny!  Congrats on being featured by msn!  Hurry up and hide the dirty dishes!God bless 🙂

  15. WINDOW LIVE says:

    Okay, I am bad.  I was thinking a  This is not a shock to me since my 17 year old son and his friends have been eating me out of house and home since 14.  I can picture them having a quarter pounder:)

  16. Brenda says:

    Crazy!  A cheeseburger was the last thing everyone was expecting, I\’m sure. 🙂  BTW, thanks for stopping by and requesting the corn mush recipe.  I\’ll be posting it later today… right after I whip up a batch for myself.  (It really is good stuff.) 
    Happy Monday, you big featured blogger you–high fives!  Well deserved. 🙂

  17. Nadine says:

     I never get featured….wah wah wah!! Do you think it\’s my ass….does it make me look bawdy?
     "sniffle" I guess it is the price you pay for being awesome, "sniffle" and Baby, you are awesome!!!!
     And he didn\’t smell the burger….I have been on a barbaric diet and can smell a cheese burger for miles!!!!!
     Thanks for the tip about! and I can wait to see the boots!!!

  18. Big Dog Mom says:

    Congrats on being featured.  I was just featured a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful.  Luckily I didn\’t get any mean comments although I fully expected a few.  I\’ve been a reader of your blog for quite a while and I just love hearing your stories.  I would have never guessed that the kid had a cheeseburger under his coat . . .

  19. Sandy says:

    I was expecting someone\’s paper that he may have been copying.  But a cheeseburger,  now thats a new one. 

  20. Carol says:

    Those wacky kids……congrats on being featured again.  I hope the second time is a charm!

  21. Wahzat says:

    I can\’t think of a better person to be nominated you know I love you wit and your style!! So looking forward to the pics of the shoes. I live vicariously through you and my daughter. You both can surely choose a pair of shoe 🙂 LOL Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
    Do hope you have a great week!

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