What She Wore: White, long sleve henley; red zip-up hoodie; khaki pants; red snow boots.  Not much for glamour with the temperatures as low as they are.

The Hub and I have realized that we’ve been a little anti-social recently.  Actually, we’ve been antisocial for the last year.  We didn’t "click" as quickly with the people in Andre’s current squadron, so we just stayed to ourselves, and now it’s been a year, and we realize that this isn’t our usual way.  When we lived in Texas, we had people over to eat almost every month.  We’d spend weeks planning, we’d invite a bunch of people, and we’d spend three days cleaning up.  I love having people over, and the Hub loves cooking for people–a perfect combination in my opinion.

Some of it’s age–we’re both getting older, and I think I get more and more wary every time I have to make all new friends.  Also, for whatever reason, I am several years older than most of the women that I see socially.  Not that I mind younger people, but I wonder if that it making it harder somehow. 

Also, many of the women do stuff together during the day which isn’t an option for me since I work full-time.  I’m just not as available. 

All that being said, we’ve decided: we WILL be more sociable.  We will go when invited–even if we’re tired.  We will try to have people over.  Enough sitting around the house already!



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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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19 Responses to Trying

  1. g says:

    I like going out and hanging out with friends and family.  It always makes me feel good.  I don\’t have company here much…because I just like the quiet of home and when I get home, I put on my pj\’s right away.  I do however like going out with friends on the weekends.  I am a people person.  Have a good two days at work and thanks for the comments on my site.

  2. CJ says:

    I think that\’s a wonderful idea!  Sometimes just creating a new environment for socializing puts that spark back in your life.  I\’m finding I\’ve fallen into a similar lull and it\’s hard to shake it.  Maybe you\’ll inspire me to get off my (((coughs))) arse and get back out and about.  I just popped over from KC\’s space.  I\’m getting really perturbed that so many GOOD bloggers are losing their heart for blogging all because of a limited few.  Glad to see you\’ve been sticking this out!  Hope you, the hubby and the wee one are all doing great!

  3. Christine says:

    Going out?  Having people over?  What are those things?  Do you mean real, honest to goodness ADULTS?  Wow…couldn\’t tell you last time I had adults over…actually I can….New Year\’s Eve…..2004-2005…..
    And you think you\’re anti social?  LOL

  4. WINDOW LIVE says:

    Oh I do know what you mean.  I used to have people over all of the time.  I love to cook and entertain.  I also use to go out with my girlfriends all the time.  I am trying to get back in the swing of things.  Of course with my schedule it is tough.  Usually in the summer I have dinner at my house every Sunday.

  5. Tracy says:

    Ya, I go thru times like that too – in fact I am right now, I don\’t feel like going out and doing much for whatever reason (winter?) but I try to make myself go!  It is hard when you don\’t click with people.  Hey pretty soon you can be involved in all the playgroups and everything!  🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    I\’ve been wanting to have people over for a long time. The sucky thing is when you live by yourself, you have to do all the prep work and the cleanup by yourself. I hate cleaning, so that takes me a long time! Oh, well, sometime I will be a good hostess and invite all my friends over (who all happen to be married) and cook some dinner.
    Have fun making friends with people and getting to know them! It\’s exciting getting to know people.

  7. Wahzat says:

    I like having people over too… my husband is not too crazy about it. So I find that I only have people over on three occassions… the children\’s birthday–which is coming up next week, my birthday which is in August and I invite his family over for Christmas breakfast!! And I do all the work.. luckily I don\’t mind it 🙂
    Thanks for your comments. And I think you will be a great and fun Mom and you are right children bring out the fun in you 🙂

  8. Stacy says:

    Good for you.  I wish that we had a social life.  But right now, we really don\’t.
    BTW, that idea of just putting him in his room works for a little while and then he gets bored and comes down the hall to me.  I told him the last two night he can watch (1) 1/2 hour video in my room and then he has to go back to his room.  Worked so far.

  9. Sheryl-Ann says:

    I understand your concern about being a tad bit anti-social.  I chide myself everyday for being very anti-social, and I blame technology and the internet for that.  I spend hours on my computer, and it\’s like pulling teeth to get me to leave home and go anywhere, especially during football season:)  I just love chilling and watching sports, or being on my laptop.  I keep saying that I will become more sociable when I finish this degree, but I have not been able to convince myself of that:)  Enjoy the rest of the week!

  10. siobhan says:

    This is a problem I have.  I seem to only meet women 10 or more years younger than me.  Which is fine, but I would like to make a friend a little closer to my age.  But most of the women my age have kids that are teenagers.  I was a late bloomer!!! 
    Robert and I haven\’t been socializing a lot lately either.  And we miss it.  We just never seem to meet anyone that we like anymore.  Of sourse we hardly ever go out any more too, so that makes it hard to meet people!!!
    Good luck in getting out more

  11. Jaysey says:

    Good luck!  It\’s good not to get stuck in a rut–even though I think it happens to most of us at one time or another.

  12. K says:

    Sometimes I find that I get very comfortable in a situation and it becomes a little more challenging to be open to change… especially new people.  I can absolutely relate to your posting… absolutely!  I remember reading about you & your hubby\’s love of entertaining… that does sound like a great evening… and look forward to reading more about those night again!
    Have fun with being more social!!! LOL… sounds very silly thing to say!  Awh.. heard sillier things!
    Ciao bella… catch you when I get back!

  13. Nora says:

    We had guests over this weekend for two reasons, to get to know people who are our age with small kids, but also to clean the house good.  So far it\’s stayed clean.  Next time we slack off and get messy, I am inviting guests again!

  14. Tiffany says:

    We have been doing a better job at socializing with our friends.  Just makes it hard sometimes… when I was first prego I did nothing but lay on the couch after work and would fall asleep by 7.  I was just so worn out by the time I got home. 
    I hope that everything else is going okay!  Looks like another bat of ice/snow this weekend!  WOO HOO!
    Hugs – Tiffany

  15. David says:

    I think we all go through that….as a matter of face me and the wifey were talking about how we need to be more social and do more things with friends etc.

  16. Nadine says:

    You Goose!
     How old are you???
     55??? maybe 70 OLDER????
     When My brother lived with me, this stupid girlfriends he brought around….one of them actually peed in my yard!!!!! You should have seen her run with I flipped on the light! With her butt hangin\’ out and her pants around her ankles!!
     They thought I was so old!!!
     I had kids and a husband and super bossy so must ge sooooo old… least 40!!!
     I was only 22!!!!! Yes Twenty frickin\’ two!!!!

  17. Antonella says:

    I think it\’s a good idea, but let me warn you, you\’re picking a hard time to become more social. I have friends calling me to come over for a visit and all I want to do is sleep!!
    It\’s a shame they don\’t have Old Navy Mat. over there. But, the sizes are pretty easy, you\’re the same size as you are in their regular clothes, until the very end, then nothing fits! I can\’t believe how far along you are now! If you don\’t mind me asking, are you going to find out the sex??
    Have a great weekend,

  18. Elizabeth says:

    We just had friends over last night for homemade pizza… there was a total of 5 girls under 7 in my house.
    Next time I\’ll be passing out ear plugs… the squealing was on overdrive. 🙂
    It\’s good to be able to converse with other adults… trust me!!! :")

  19. Aimee says:

    i am the same way…just not enough hours in day…
    :o) smiles are contagious…so pass one to people that you love and those you don\’t…and soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

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