Too Tired

What She Wore: Blue jeans; long-sleeve pink tee; pink Ugg boots.

I’m am so sorry that I haven’t been around much lately.  I’ve been struck by the sudden urge to sleep and sleep–it started last Thursday.  I will do my best to post tomorrow–if not that, then I’ll at least come around and visit.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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15 Responses to Too Tired

  1. Hilary says:

    Ooh, I hope you\’re not getting sick!  Enjoy your sleep! 🙂

  2. Kathleen says:

    I think God gives us that time during pregnancy when we sleep all the time because once the baby is born, we wish we could sleep!  Enjoy your naps!

  3. Nadine says:

     Rest up! You know where to find me!

  4. Tracy says:

    Hope you got in lots of sleep over the weekend and you are feeling better!! 
    I never commented on your below post – thank you for that — for those of us not too familiar with the area, and who don\’t personally know anyone affected, we have to rely on the media which we all know the media doesn\’t always do the most accurate portrayals!

  5. Carol says:

    You have so earned the right to sleep as much as you want.  I always loved being pregnant because I could eat whatever I vanted, I could sleep in, I could get my husband to do pretty much anything I wanted.  That pretty much made up for the morning sickness and the swollen ankles.  I hope everything is going well with you and your baby.

  6. Jaysey says:

    Sleep well!

  7. Unknown says:

    Ah part of the joy of pregnancy.  Being tired.  Sleep is good for baby so rest all you can now.  Believe me that final month sleep is hard because you are so big you can never find a comfortable spot or the baby kicks you endlessly.

  8. Becca says:

    Sleep and dream well, mom to be…
    Stop by and visit me sometime..

  9. K says:

    Sleep … you need some sleep!!
    I read your posting on who were the people affected by Katrina… how very true!  Most people think it was only the "lower class", the poor and destitute citizens of NO that were affected but how far from the truth.  Katrina\’s destruction hit everyone… regardless of race, social status and religious beliefs.  Thank you for reminding us of such things.
    Ciao bella,

  10. Cindy says:

    All I did while I was pregnant was sleep! Do it while you can….and enjoy it!!

  11. g says:

    When I was pregnant all i would do was eat and sleep; eat and sleep.  Once baby comes, no more sleep.  Good luck and rest well.

  12. Hollie says:

    sleep and sleep some more wishing I could tonight….

  13. Toni says:

    You have a legitimate excuse–enjoy it. ~Toni

  14. Gina says:

    Well rest up as much as possible! 
    Re your last entry:  the news skew things to fit their own agenda which really is tragic because we get these false impressions and wrong ideas all the time.  Your husband is right about your grandfather.

  15. Leighann says:

    I slept from the eighth to the twelfth week every moment I could.  I would wake up at 6 and be ready for a nap at 9.  I even had a really excellent class that year, so they were not difficult or overly taxing.  I agree with the other ladies, the last month is hard to sleep.  Wait until your belly gets a little bigger and you can watch it wave while you watch TV in bed.  I loved that the best.
    Oh, and Sam is a really good sleeper.  He always has been.  Well, except for last week and this week…but I think it is a phase.  I think it\’s a control issue "because I\’m two and I don\’t have to go to bed because I can reach the light switch!" or maybe teething, or maybe I\’ve been working late, going to the gym, and we are not doing quality time.  My hubbie used duct tape on the light switch tonight.  Tormentor!!!!!!

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