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When World’s Collide

What She Wore: peach, hooded shirt with a v-neck; white tee; khaki pants; brown sandals. This week eighth-grade cheerleader tryouts started.  It was also the week that our students did presentations in English on the Rosa Parks Story.  The result?  Girls … Continue reading

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If given the choice

What She Wore: Khaki pants; peach-colored hoodie; black beaded mules (like the ones in this picture, but black). Recently Sherry Sherry posed an interesting question to me, and my response would have been so long that I decided to make … Continue reading

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What She Wore: Khaki capris; green, long-sleeve shirt; brown, leather boots. We’re teaching probability in class.  Right now we’re focusing on the big concepts: 100% means it will definitely happen, 0% means it’s impossible, everything in between represents degrees of … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras, baby!

Happy Mardi Gras, Blog World!     Now, do it like a native: keep yourself covered, and enjoy your family and maybe an alcoholic beverage (if you do have one of those, have another in my stead–I’m currently off the … Continue reading

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Your Turn

What She Wore: striped PJ pants, LSU t-shirt, bare feet.  Don’t you just love three day weekends? Today I’m wondering what the general public thinks.  I don’t know if people who read my blog count, but this is as close … Continue reading

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Laying in on the Line

What She Wore: Jeans; black and white polka-dot, button-down shirt with a peter pan collar; black snow boots. Having a child was not a decision that I took lightly–it was only after four years of marriage that I seriously began … Continue reading

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Ummm. . . yeah

What She Wore: Red henley with a hood and a deep v-neck; white undershirt; olive green cargos; red snow boots.  I’m sorry I don’t put up picutres of my snow boots–they’re just too boring to photograph. Today my husband came … Continue reading

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