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Well, Charlie threw us through a loop, but his blood pressure ended up being a good thing.  The doctors suspect it’s due to increased kidney function, which is actually a good thing.  Once they got that established, they sat us … Continue reading

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Prayer Request

Charlie’s tube came out and he did great–they were quickly decreasing his oxygen and he was breathing great on his own.  Only one problem: his blood pressure has gone up again.  At first, they thought it was just from the … Continue reading

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Charlie Kicks

Charlie has been kicking complete butt this week.  Unfortunately, Dad is back to work and I’m exausted–midnight "feedings" with the Medela pump, and multiple visits to the hospital leave me with very little sleep time.   But I’m definitely over-due on … Continue reading

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The Game

There’s a dangerous game that we all play, and today I was reminded that it doesn’t do any good to play.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t stop, but I need to be reminded that  it doesn’t do any good.  … Continue reading

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Well, it’s two steps forward, one step back in intensive care.  Little Charlie continues to have heart arythmias that are easily fixed with a quick dose of medicine, but which bring the cavalry running every time he does it.  They’ve … Continue reading

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Learning Along the Way

Things are slow today since it’s a Saturday.  Charlie is making minute progress, but we’ll take any progress we can get.  My personal goal is to get him off the ventilator, but no one’s even mentioned that–it’s just my own … Continue reading

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Charlie Update

I’m a little blue today, but for no reason other than the obvious.  So far, Charlie seems to have established that he’s stable, and that’s a good thing.   The down side for me is that now nuerology is going … Continue reading

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