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What She Wore: olive green wide-leg capris (I’d call ’em gauchos, but that word tends to get people all riled up); white, scoop-neck tee, black strappy sandals. I considered a lot of titles for this blog.   It could have … Continue reading

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Better Days

What She Wore: blue jean capris (I went and bought some new pants today, so maybe I can mix this up a little); yellow, polo-style shirt with purple stripes; black strappy sandals. I met with the early intervention coordinator on Monday … Continue reading

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What She Wore: Blue jean capris with a dark wash (I’m mixin it up); black, short sleeve top with a mandarin collar; black strappy sandals.  Dare I ask people to pray again?   Today I am fed up with hospitals, and medicine, … Continue reading

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Too Much Time

What She Wore:  Blue Jean capris (what else?); peach, scoop-neck tee, beaded gold flip flops.  Last night I couldn’t sleep, and somehow, I ended up on Myspace for about a million hours.  Seeing all those people whose names I can’t remember … Continue reading

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Buh Bye!

What She Wore: Grey t-shirt, blue jean capris, brown strappy wedges.  Charlie’s wearing this yellow outfit with monkeys on it.  The nurse complimented it.  I do NOT like going places with people who are dressed better than I am.  It’s official.  … Continue reading

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What She Wore: Purple LSU boxers, grey t-shirt.  I swear I get dressed up some days–I just don’t seem to blog on those days.  TMI stands for Too Much Information.  Consider yourself warned. . .       Well, I don’t … Continue reading

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The Blues

What She Wore: LSU t-shirt, blue jean capris, beaded gold sandals.   Well, Charlie was exmined by a doctor who specializes in kids with brain bleeds, and the Early interventionist came out and did an assesment as well.  The results were as … Continue reading

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 What She Wore: Blue jean capris, light blue t-shirt, flip flops.  I really shouldn’t blog on days where I’m wearing crap. Well, being home again is interesting.  I haven’t had a social life like this in ages–lunches, visitors, movies, phone … Continue reading

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