My plans

What Whe Wore: black, pin-tucked, short-sleeve shirt with some kind of collar (I’m going to have to look it up); olive green, wide-leg capris; black, strappy sandals.

Well, someone asked a while ago, so I thought I’d share my plans with regards to my career/school/etc.
I’ve decided that in the long-run I definitely want to be in-charge in a school setting.  I have specific ideas about what makes a school work, and I’d love a chance to share them with others or use them myself.  This is, however, a long-term goal.  Short-term, I think that being a regular classroom teacher would be better for a girl with a family.  In a dream world, I’d get my Master’s Degree at the University of New Orleans in Urban Studies.  The degree as listed is very flexible, and I’d love to focus on urban schools, specifically what works with regards to discipline, leadership, and whether certain types of Charter schools are more successful in the urban enviroment.  I have no idea whether or they’d actually let me do this–right now it’s just a pipe dream.
Pipe dream or no, it’s my dream, but one that I’d like to devote myself to completely.  Right now, I’m not quite ready to do that, so I’m sticking it on the shelf for the time being.
In it’s place, I’m inserting a more frivilous interest.  I’m taking a drawing class.  Me.  Drawing. 
I haven’t done it since high school, so this will be interesting.  I’m going to have to enroll at the local community college, and quite frankly, the entrace requirement have got me giggling a bit.  Since I have not taken an English or Math class in the last three years, I will be required to take an aptitude test in English, Reading, and Math.   I’ve taught Reading, Math, and English in the last three years, so I’m not really worried about it–just entertained, really.
I’m also hatching another plot to make a little pocket change and keep teaching is a sense. . .but I’ll save that for my next blog.

About takedeux

In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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16 Responses to My plans

  1. Unknown says:

    Hi barnyard mama.. i like your space. your baby is sooo cute.. I hope you don\’t mind that your space is on my blog list.
    I am Jane. Hope that I could be your friend in space. Take care.
    Warm regards from Indonesia,

  2. Jaysey says:

    You\’ll probably score so far off the charts, they won\’t know what to do with your aptitude tests… 😉
    I think your long-term "pipe dream" sounds fabulous!
    And ths shrt-term plan should work out nicely for now.
    Good luck!

  3. Nadine says:

    I have a friend that went back to get the Masters….she was pregnant with the 3rd at the time.
     You are a smart capable modern woman.
     You can do anything you set your mind to do!
     No pipe dream…go for it!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Drawing class sounds fun! Just a little something to do to get you out of the house for awhile. Have fun with it!

  5. Gina says:

    Def not a pipe dream.  I can totally see you doing all that when you\’re ready.  The drawing class sounds like a great idea! I\’m surprised you have to take an aptitude test just to take one class.  They are probably going to feel bad for wasting your time when you rock that test! Good luck! :o)

  6. Dawn says:

    Ok…so I\’m a little behind…but better late then never….
    a comment on the mean nurse…I HATE being shushed…I find it incredibly rude…in fact if my hubby is trying to get into an all out brawl with me…that\’s how he\’ll poke the bear…he\’ll shush me….ahhhhhh…
    I love all the pics you\’ve been adding…I\’m a picture person.  I\’m addicted to my digital camera and I love to look at other peoples pics as well.
    I think your "pipe dream" sounds great, and I think you\’re just the woman who could pull it off.  I can\’t wait to hear what your money making idea is.

  7. Unknown says:

    Sounds like some good plans to me!  🙂  Good luck with that entrance exam…sounds tricky ;)God bless 🙂

  8. Wahzat says:

    This is so funny imagine taking an aptitude test to draw really ticklish. Teehee! oh well Drawing is good it will give a release and break from your stressfilled life. Your baby is getting so nice and full as we West Indian( people from the Caribbean) say " big and thick like a dumpling!" Too cute!
    As to your previous entry there will be days that you will rejoice and then there will be days that you will dwell only on the negatives and struggle to find the silver lining, but it is there keep looking. My son is going on 7 years and he is doing great but I still have days of what ifs and whys. What I tell my parents who are in a support group that I started it is best to focus of the positives and keep them to the forefront and I am always pleased to see that you are doing that.

  9. Joell says:

    Pipe dream or no–it\’s YOUR dream.  Hang on to it and make it happen.  It sounds exciting.  Meanwhile, enjoy the drawing and the dreaming!

  10. Unknown says:

    I\’m hoping we\’ll be some of the first to view your drawing!  So funny you\’re taking a drawing class, my mother asked me yesterday since I now had "time", even though it doesn\’t seem like it, why didn\’t I start doing my art again….I\’ve been thinking on a pottery class….then I could make stuff for my kitchen!!!Have fun at your class…and as for putting your dream on a shelf for awhile….don\’t we all do that sometime or another?My new SAHM motto: I will take a shower every day…I will at least put on lip gloss every day…I will only wear sweat pants when no-one is around……OHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM…..Mercy

  11. Christine says:

    I am sorry I have not been around. I am glad to read that Charlie is doing well.  I hope you got the house.  My life has been crazy again…..or still, as the case may be.
    Be blessed.  God is listening.

  12. Aimee says:

    sounds like a great idea…drawing is very relaxing….
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  13. Unknown says:

    I think you will have a great time taking drawing class!  Charlie sure is adorable, just remember doctors do not
    know his potential and with you two as parents the sky is the limit for him.
    Have a great weekend.
    Gwen in Florida

  14. Unknown says:

    Go for what ever you think will make you happier. I am a firm believer that happyness is not what happens to you it is how you manage what happens to you. Your blogs are really interesting and you have a honey of a baby.

  15. Toni says:

    Oh….good for you! I took drawing in college for 3 years and yes, it\’s relaxing but it could be so challenging, from beginning to end. I think it\’s great you are taking something up. Although, really, an entrance exam? Maybe they have a program for people who are not majors that doesn\’t require testing your math and english skills? Not that it\’d be hard for you, though. I toyed with the idea of tap dancing or trumpet playing.
    I am just as excited about your long term goal. Someone\’s got to do it–kids need you!

  16. Hollie says:

    dreans are very good things! As for going with what will be will be, you are so right, raising a special girl I know that I know not what tomorrow will bring so enjoy today as much as we can…
    oh and you can find me now blogging at

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