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Earning My Badge

What She Wore:  I’m stuck in the house today waiting for the microwave repairman, so I’m wearing a white t-shirt, grey yoga pants, and my feet are bare. Before I explain my camping trip, I should describe the two other … Continue reading

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Best Laid Plans

What She Wore: baggy jean capris; t-shirt that reads, "New Orleans: Rebuild, Renew"; grey slip on tennis shoes.  It’s so hard to get yourself dressed in something cute when it’s raining outside. You know how sometimes you have this great … Continue reading

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So many thoughts. . .so little time

What She Wore: White t-shirt that reads “New Orleans, Rebuild, Renew;” jean capris, black leather thong sandals. I realize that they don’t look that great in the picture, but they go perfectly with my everyday purse!   I’d really like … Continue reading

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