Nurse Meanie

What She Wore: you know what?  I’m not telling you.  It’s been kind of crazy around here, and I look like crap–just imagine me in something fabulous.

Ok, so everyone wants to know why the nurse yelled at my mother.  It takes a little explaining, but suffice to say it made an already stressful day a whole lot worse–and isn’t that what healthcare professionals are for?
I should back up and say that the nurse was a male ICU nurse.  Charlie was not in ICU; he was in a recovery unit.  For the uninitiated, ICU is for those in critical condition and recovery units are for people who should be healing nicely, but need to be monitored in some way.  Charlie was receiving mega-doses of intraveneous anti-biotics to help stave off any infections.  The other main difference between ICU and a recovery unit is the amount of responsibility placed on the nurses.  In ICU, the nurses are responsible for everything and parents are just visitors.  In recovery units, parents handle things like feedings and diaper changes, and sometimes even the administration of oral medications. 
Well, Charlie had an IV in his ankle of all places.  Every time he flexed his foot it would mess with the IV.  He had little pricks all over his hands, wrists, and feet, so I know they tried to find a better place, but it can be hard on a little guy like him. 
In the middle of the night Charlie started to fuss, so my mother got up to feed him.  I had BEGGED my mother to stay with me because I hate staying in the hospital by myself.  After she fed him, he began pumping his legs up and down like he had gas, so my mom picked him up to burp him.  At this point, she realizes that the bed is all wet.  She calls the nurse in to show him.  Apparently, the IV had come out and Charlie’s antibiotics were being pumped into the bed linens rather than his veins. 
He turns to my mother and says, "That’s why we don’t pick them up."
Never mind that the IV should be taped down to prevent that kind of crap.
Never mind that an IV in a baby’s ankle is a horrible idea.
Never mind that no one told me not to pick up MY OWN CHILD.
Never mind that we were already stressed out and last thing we need is some nurse yelling at us.
Never mind that yelling at her would not, in fact, magically get the IV back into his body.
My mom burst into tears and hid in the bathroom from the nurse until he left.  She then called my dad to pick her up at around three in the morning. 
Add to this the fact that the nurse shushed me when I was talking and I was hopping mad.  Lucky for the nurse, I was more tired than mad.
Still. . . the last thing I needed was all that drama.


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In one summer I had a baby who was hospitalized for five weeks, quit my job, and moved back to my hometown. This blog is about starting over.
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22 Responses to Nurse Meanie

  1. g says:

    Some Nurses are horrible.!   So sorry that your mom was so upset. I don\’t blame her. 

  2. Daisy says:

    To let you know, I do not know you or your precious little Charlie, but I do know the God that knows you both and I\’m putting you in HIS hands in my prayers.  My heart goes out to you….

  3. Unknown says:

    I wish that nurse would have had some compassion that night.  He must have had a bad day, week or year.  Maybe
    He should not be in nursing at all.  Whatever the case, I would write a compaint about him.  Noone with anyone
    esp. a baby should be yelled at at anytime right after having to go through something as traumatic as surgery.
    How is sweet Charlie doing?  I hope he is feeling a bit better.
    Take care,

  4. siobhan says:

    Lucky I wasn\’t there.  That jerk would have been picking himself up off the ground.  I know what they do can be very hard, but it is not as hard for them as it is for the family.  AND,  it was your mother\’s picking him up that discovered that the IV was loose and wetting the bed, not the cause of it!
    You\’re in my prayers!

  5. Jaysey says:

    I\’d have torn that nurse a new one!  What an @ss!  Charlie looks so happy and cute and wonderful in that last photo! 😉

  6. Karla says:

    Aw… poor baby. He\’s still like one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! I hope that I get to meet him soon. I am so ready to come home and see everyone. I miss y\’all and my fam and my Tigers and BR in general. And I still have little Charlie and little Michael to meet. I was so depressed all weekend because I was in VA instead of LA I was supose to be. And I am pretty sure Thanksgiving isn\’t going to happen either; it\’s so awfully expensive! SIGH. Y\’all are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your head up.

  7. Honor says:

    GREAT Charlie photos! I love that his gauze is tied, and not just taped – gives it a bit of character.  🙂
    I\’m so sorry you had a bad experience with the nurse. His behavior was childish and terribly inappropriate – there are SO many better ways he could have handled that. 
    Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

  8. Ann says:

    I remember when my little sis was in the hospital, and she was crying because a nurse had been mean to her… I went down the hall, caught up with that nurse and ripped her up one side and down the other.  If they can\’t behave decently, they have no right being in nursing…that\’s my opinion, anyhow!   Your little boy is such a doll… I do keep praying for all of you.

  9. Tracy says:

    Aw, your poor mom…what a mean nurse!! I probably would have been forced to ask for the supervisor so I could report what a jerk he was!!

  10. Sarah says:

    That\’s pretty ridiculous, especially since it was obvioulsy their fault for putting it in his ankle in the first place!! Charlie\’s looking good, I hope things continue to go smoothly.

  11. Nadine says:

    First, that is a beautiful smile!! No one would ever know that Charlie just had surgery! You should be beaming with pride!
     Secondly, I would complain to the nurses\’s supervisor. Whether he had a bad day or not, whether there is a S.O.P. or not he should always be a professional.
    Third and final. She wore a beautiful black Jill Saunder Skirt with a Ralph Lauren white silk blouse….no baby spit up…with a Red leather belt and Red JimmyChoo Pumps and she looked stunning!

  12. Gina says:

    wow, i was all set to rant about that nurse\’s insensitivity until I saw Charlie\’s beautiful smile! Aww, such a handsome boy!!

  13. Antonella says:

    What a jerk!! I\’ve had similar expericenes with nurses, but you\’d think when they\’re dealing with babies, they\’d know it\’s even more stressful than normal!
    The pics got me all teary! Charlie looks like a little angel! All that crap all over him and he has a smile on his face!! Seriously, he\’s a little angel Katy.
    I hope he\’s doing well,

  14. Wahzat says:

    Oh I am so sorry … what an awful experience I would have been steaming. I am sitting here feeling so frustrated for you and your Mom… what a doofus that nurse was.
    But on the bright side Charlie looks GORGEOUS in his pic. Absolutely adorable.
    Just so you know you guys are always on my prayer list.
    Keep strong

  15. Stacy says:

    What a great smile he has.  I am sorry that the nurse treated you guys like that.  Just know that they are all not like that and most of the time they are very caring.  I hope that from here on out all of your hospital experiences are so so much better.

  16. g says:

    Charlie is soooooooooooooooooo adorible!  OMG…i just love looking at him.  Thanks for sharing the pics.

  17. Joell says:

    Charlie smiling in the midst of it all…that\’s all you need to get you through.  Precious picture!! Why SOME people have to be dumb know-it-alls and rude to get their "I\’m the boss" fix is beyond me! UGH!  There is this thing called compassion????  Maybe they\’ll send you a little "how was your stay" survey and you can tell them.
    Glad it\’s over anyway and sorry about the meanie.

  18. c says:

    He\’s adorable!

  19. Siobhan says:

    That nurse sounds like a complete arsehole.

  20. Shelly says:

    Thanks for the update and the photos… I can\’t belive that baby has gone through what he has and turns to you and smiles that beautiful smile.  What an angel.  I\’m so sorry for that nurse.  I sure hope that you reported it to the head nurse.  AFTER you were released of course.  You are so right with the worrying.  I know how hard it can be for you as a mom, especially since your body is adjusting to the momma bear syndrome.   But it will all fall into place and you will be there to help him along the way. 
    Blessings to you and your family.
    take care,

  21. Christine says:

    Hi Katy!
    I think I would have then yelled at the nurse and asked for a nursing supervisor.  He was an insensitve lout.  I hope your mom got beyond it.  Just imagine what would have happened if your mom had not gotten up to feed him…antibiotics in the bed and saturating sensitive baby skin…..
    BTW…I am still mostly over at  I just needed a place to put my pictures.
    Be blessed!

  22. Leah says:

    Boo. He must have been a murse. I know all about that lately…
    HOW adorable is Charlie? Can\’t. Take. All. The. Cute. Babies. Around. lately….!

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